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I stopped in this Family Dollar in Exeter, PA this one day. I never go in there, but my friend lives over there and I was visiting her at the time. I needed lipstick cuz we were going out for awhile that night. I walk in and theres two men standing at the registers. They were literally obnoxious the way they both stopped talking simaltaneously and said hello, like so fake, like they really cared. NOT!!! Moving on, I couldnt find their makeup dept. and was getting annoyed at the fact that they saw me walking all over the damn place and never assisted, yet fell over saying hi when I walked in...WTF?? They were too busy talking the whole time. The one guy seemed ok, the other was a complete potty mouth. I couldn't believe he would talk like that with customers in the store. The phone rang, potty mouth answered, and he started yelling at whomever and cursing, then was nuts!!! After searching forever, I found the aisle I wanted, got my crap and proceeded to pay. Potty mouth waited on me while the other hovered behind. I was about level with his chest and, to my astonishment, OMG...on his nametag I see " Manager". I'm like, you so completely have to be shi**ing me??!! I am still in shock and, needless to say, will not go in there again. All I can say is, really Family Dollar?? These are your managers?? Seriously...sickening!!!

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      Aug 01, 2011

    You don't have to be a Harvard graduate to have respect for other people. And after all, Bert, this is a complaint website. If you don't want to view complaints, why are you here ??

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      Aug 09, 2011

    You say that you went into a Family Dollar and 2 male employees were talking, stopped talking and both had said hello to you and you are complaining because 1. 2 men did NOT watch you so closely that they did not notice you searching for lip stick yet if they had been watching you like a hawk you'd be complaining that they were watching you I suppose correct? 2. Did you ask them for help? 3. Like 2 men would kno anything at all about lip sticks and colors for your face. 4. You sound like a typical PITA customer who will look for the $1.50 lip stick them whine that it is not a dollar. I hope the cheap garbage smeared all over your face.
    Customer's like you make working retail a living hell. As far as they "fake" hello goes? Give me a break! At least they said hello! I've been to numerous dollar stores that do not give a crap that you are there or whether you buy anything. this number...1-800-kissmyass and ask for Mike Hunt!

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