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Enterprise Rent-A-Car / positive complaint

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I had a problem when I rented a car from the Enterprise in Farmington. I finally called the corporate office and spoke to a young lady named Amanda. She was very nice and pleasant. I started to get a little angry but she calmed me down and explained to me the situation. It was like she was trained to do so. I felt very comfortable listening to her talk. If every person that works for Enterprise is nice like her, they have a good thing going. When we got off the phone I felt so good about myself. Someone should tell that girl that she is doing a great job.

Richard H.

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  • My
      2nd of Jun, 2007
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    They may be nice but their prices are a rip! $635 for a week and four days in a compact! What a rip off!

  • Jo
      12th of Jul, 2007
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    I rented a car for a day to visit my brother as he was having open heart surgery about 200 miles from my home. The surgery was delayed so I informed them of it and asked if returned the car in the morning would their be any additional charges. she said there actually would be a 19.30 credit to my account after the question , her statement was true, but not the correct answer. I returned the car the following morning at 9am as she had specified and the "credit" was a actually what was left of a 100 deposit they charged me the previous day. had I known they were going to charge me another day for the rental, insurance and damage waiver. I would have returned it later in the day instead of rushing to get there at 9 am. I felt I was mislead because my question was specific. "will I be charged additional if I bring in the car later " I read the fine print and it says they can charge for that. They also charged me for a gallon or two of gas though I has filled the tank as well, AND when i gave back my sheet at check in, there was scribbled in something about a 100 detail charge for smoking, something that I never agreed to or even was aware of. These people will squeeze every dime from you that they can get. They were nice to me, but so what!

  • Bi
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    I rented a car on 11/15/07, with billing to be handled by my Insurance. When I retuned my vehicle on 11/27/07, I was informed that I had out of pocket costs totaling $280.15.

    Apparently, I was covered for a vehicle @ $27.99 per day and I was rented a car @ $47.99 per day. I was unaware that the insurance company did not cover the car I rented in full as I was told the vehicle rented was comparable to my personal vehicle.

    When I attempted to discuss this issue with Matt, the Rancho Santa Margarita Branch Manager, he became belligerent and argumentative.

    Matt had indicated that because he had circled the amounts on the right had side of the rental agreement that I understood I was renting a car that was not covered in full by the insurance company. I submit that the amounts in this column, to the consumer, are ambiguous at best. In any event, the amounts were not discussed as he claims. Furthermore, the amounts in the column do not clearly indicate what the charges are for. In fact, five out the six entries in that column, with the exception of the fuel cost line, mean nothing to the consumer.

    The verbal representation made to me at the time of rental did not indicate that I would be responsible for any rental charges. Furthermore, I signed or initialed seven items on the rental agreement indicating agreement to the terms. I would think that I would have been asked to initial or sign the daily rental amount when two different amounts appeared on the contract.

    Enterprise employs of a bunch of scam artists who engage in predatory practices and the parent company ought to be ashamed.

    I sent them a letter to their customer service address and what a surprise, no response.

  • Do
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    Enterprise is taking advantage of the consumers. Here's our deal. Our Insurance Agency arranged with Enterprise a rental car within the price amount to be paid by the Insurance, while our vehicle was getting repaired. Enterprise requested a card for file, which I can understand. They immediately withdrew $50 twice and credited us back that same day. Okay now they have $50 from us as a "down pmt" to be returned upon return of the vehicle. The rental was picked up at the Auto Collision place where the Enterprise representative met us and others with pre-prepared paperwork. When we returned the vehicle, the auto body shop indicated we leave the vehicle there. I asked that someone inspect the vehicle. The gentleman there did the inspection. I then immediately called Enterprise and told them we dropped the car off at the body shop where they told us to leave it and the guy there did the inspection and everything looked good. I asked about getting our $50 back; he said he would be on his way to pick up the car and once he got back to their place of business he would credit us back. Well low and behold, instead of crediting us back $50 - they charged an additional $285.97 without notice! When I found this out, I immediately called... took several phone calls, nonetheless they indicated we obtained additional insurance. We never requested additional insurance! and further more, the Insurance made the arrangements. I am fighting with them now to get our $335.97 back. Plus they didn't even notify us of the additional charge. Do they think because they have a card on file, they can charge whatever the hell they want!!! I think their outta be a class action lawsuit!!! (I will check into this, my daughter works for a good lawyer).

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