Empire Today LLC / sold us contaminated carpet/pad thatvis destroying our home & health

Milwaukee, WI, United States

May 2014 we purchased & had installed carpet in our new reckroom. Got a 50/50/50 sale for Memorial Day. The salesman came showed us samples. Said we were getting free pad upgrade with our 25 year warranty carpet that is waterproof and stain resistant. We were excited!! ( Until we Weren't) The installers were to arrive the next morning & didn't show. I called Empire and the installers were being rescheduled.( Not very Professional!) When they did come, the men went about their install. I tried asking a couple questions but quickly found out that this crew speaks little to no English. To their credit?, the job was done quickly and they vaccumed upon completion. BUT, The installers left a pile of carpet & padding in our basement & the only one that spoke just Broken English said they'd be back. We asked about the smell and he said it was fumes from the carpet and it would go away in a couple days. By June, I called about the garbage left behind & the smell. I was told someone would call back. NOTHING! By July & August, the smell is getting worse. I called and was told that we need to hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean odor. $129 and Still it stinks! I realize that the smell was coming from the ENTIRE perimeter having what appears to be male cat spray which is drawing my cats to the spots. Believing my carpet was waterproof & stain resistant, and because its not recommended, we did not have the ckeaners saturate the carpet. We have spent Months on Carpet cleaning, enzymes to destroy, even had other carpet installers pull up areas, for Viewing ONLY!) To find entire perimeter as well as Enclosed Closet ALL have Urine/Spray & also that they used Cheap wood tack strips as well. I have spoken with numerous people at Empire Today who have either said someone would return our call or finally, that we can PAY THEM $400.00 for Labor to have this Toxic Carpet removed and replaced. ( We aren't sure seeing as we were told carpet was waterproof). I argued that why only remove carpet when the pad may have been the issue & that BOTH need to be removed Immediately from my home. Helen at Empire became the contact person after vickey. She has held our home hostage by lying. First insisting on the $400.00 labor fee, then saying I need to sign an agreement form. The form turned out to be a Full and Final agreement stating all releases to from everything and everybody including that I can't post reviews, comments etc. I called Helen and disputed the Hold HARMLESS CONTRACT after filing my complaint. It is now January 2015 and they have not removed them Stinky carpet & pad from my home. We have not been able to finish our "New" Reckroom, our drywall has been damaged, I have spent close to $600 on carpet cleaning and enzymes and countless hours of my life cleaning, waiting for cleaning, on the phone with them talking, arguing, have had LUNA Carpet come to give quotes, all the time spent writing back and forth and have even had 2 hospital visits because of illness that flared up due to Empires Poor quality Products & Service. I requested they remove these products, pay for the costs incured, and at one point, I was going to trust them to replace. They have offered NOTHING but the Cost we paid minus the deposit. This business sells you a product using salesmen full of lies, in hopes that you'll be so excited by the price that you won't notice the lack of quality, the fact you've been lied to, that you actually have overpaid and that once they have installed your flooring, that Empires Warranty and Customer Service is pretty much Absent! Almost 8 months and I am still being held hostage by Helen at Empire! I have NEVER, in my Life, done business with such a Shady Company! And the Fact that they have SO Many BBB listings and are ALL the Same company Nationwide... Over 1100 complaints on just one Listings in Northern IL.; and they have an A? Really? You'd be better off doing it yourself from a Big Box store, at least their would be a Real human that Cares and is Local instead of trying to find a Lawyer from Whatever State You're in that is Licensed to Practice in Illinois. Good Luck! This is how Empire gets away with ALL of this! You think they're local and they Don't even have their own crews! Everybody is Subbed out so you don't even know what type if person will show up at your home. Had I known this I would NEVER had Allowed Empire Today into my home for ANY reason! I want this Crap out of my home and I want my money back!! BUYER BEWARE!! This Company not only Bait & Switches, they Lie, Scam & they dont care because NOBODY can stop them. They deserve an F on their rating!!

Jan 2, 2015

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