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Lumber Liquidators reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 3, 2006. The latest review HD Flooring was posted on Jun 2, 2021. The latest complaint unfair and deceptive practices was resolved on Feb 14, 2014. Lumber Liquidators has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 76 reviews. Lumber Liquidators has resolved 25 complaints.

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Lumber LiquidatorsHD Flooring

Good Morning,

I am writing to you because I have several issues with my experience with Lumber Liquidators. One problem was the lack of knowledge your staff has regarding products, secondly the website functions and lastly is the product. I realize that there are many products and without exact examples it is difficult for you to understand; which brings me to my first issue.

The customer login from your site is wonderful. Stores information, ease of use to check out, etc. NO. IT's. NOT. I have logged in several times to review the order history to be able to identify the specific product I purchased and the entire "order history" section is blank. Well, I have ordered from LL twice. Once for a home in Florence, KY and another time for a home in Owenton, KY, there should be information available for those two purchases.

This email is regarding the experience with my second LL purchase. I was purchasing flooring for an entire (small) home. I walked into the store and looked around. I then asked the salesman for some assistance. You see, about 8 years ago I rescued a dog which led to my philanthropy cause - animal rescue. I explained to the salesman that I foster many dogs, puppies, seniors, etc. I have crates, toys, bones, dog accidents, and anything else that comes along with animal rescue/ownership. I emphasized that I needed flooring that could handle this type of activity. He referred me to a product - I was confident that he knew his job, was educated, and would lead me to a good purchase. I was also reassured that this flooring came with a 30 year warranty (which is ever so misleading), and the wear and tear wouldn't be an issue.

Bringing me to my final issue of complaint. The quality of this product is subpar. From about 8 months on I started noticing buckling, followed by peeling, and now divots. The floors were beautiful, complemented by everyone who walked through the door, but now...they look like trash. Initially, I would tell everyone the make (after I found it on the receipt) and encourage them to give it a look. Now, I am embarrassed that anyone would take my advice on this flooring.

If I remember right I purchased over 900 sq. ft. of this flooring. The bedrooms are still decent, only because they don't get much traffic ( the spare room is only used for visitors and my grandson) but the flooring in the main living areas and the hallway are impossible to clean and look terrible. Some of the boards are so bowed that they seem to create a pocket.

I would appreciate some assistance in rectifying this matter. I would like to continue to be a customer, but cannot if this is the way that business is done at LL. I have sent one previous email some time ago and never received a response. I would appreciate a response to this inquiry.

Thank you,
Christine Vickers
2445 Jonesville Road
Owenton, KY 40359

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    May 04, 2021

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    First, the floor was installed by LL Flooring in August 2020. Second, I told the salesperson I have dogs and...

    Dec 02, 2020

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    My flooring was in for less than a year when it started to buckle in at least three different places, in...

    Oct 22, 2020 — Solid wood flooring

    Hi, I purchased 143sq. ft. or solid hardwood flooring (unfinished) from your store in Van Nuys #259. The...

    Oct 08, 2020

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    I would like to file an official complaint with your office due to Lumber Liquidator's faulty...

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    Lumber LiquidatorsCoretec rigid core vinyl plank flooring not refinish, and warranty is a scam

    The warranty is a scam, I bought core vinyl plank flooring, and after 2 weeks the tile starts to plank out of the floor, the finishing around the tile it is to short and not click very good. we notified lumber liquidator and I dint know they give the same story to everyone who called (send 10 pictures or more and we will call after 48 well
    After 48 h they email me that they don't receive the pictures etccc... just give you heads up my floor is only 30 day old, and I know already their answer... no warranty apply on that, because they do the same with every customer that complain 1-week pass and nothing yet... keep you posted, thank you... and yes we bought a vinyl plank that was advertised as a highest quality product with life warranty.

    Coretec rigid core vinyl plank flooring not refinish, and warranty is a scam
    Coretec rigid core vinyl plank flooring not refinish, and warranty is a scam

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      • Updated by Meghy · Aug 26, 2020

        after many phone call, i recived...this (I have received your photos and will be in contact with you in the next few days. 0


        Diane | Customer Engagement Specialist
        LL Flooring, Inc. | 5211 W. Broad Street Suite 200 | Richmond, VA 23230
        [protected] ext. 2340 | press option 5 and #2340 [email protected]| Fax: [protected]

      • Updated by Meghy · Aug 26, 2020

        well because no one answer ... that what she send me after >>>Attached is the recommended certified flooring inspectors. You can select other companies, but the inspector must be certified and the company registered with the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association).

        As mentioned, if the inspection should come back as any issues with the product itself, please reach out to me with a copy of their report. We will not only refund you the cost of the inspection, we will honor the warranty with a store credit.

        Thank you,

        Diane | Customer Engagement Specialist
        LL Flooring, Inc. | 5211 W. Broad Street Suite 200 | Richmond, VA 23230
        [protected] ext. 2340 | press option 5 and #2340
        [email protected]| Fax: [protected]
        always in the phone call she was ubset me and twest my words .. well i call the NWFA and this the answer

        The cost of your inspection will be $495.00 for a NON-NWFA certified inspector and $2, 200 for an NWFA certified inspector. Once the report is submitted to us, it will be REVIEWED by NWFA inspectors. [The quote is for approximately 500 sq. ft. of laminate floor in Utica, NY 13502.]

        We do require that the total amount is charged to your credit card prior to the inspection date. Should you decide to pay by cashier’s check or money order, we will need to receive the payment in full before the inspection is performed.

        Once the inspection is closed, we will send you a link to our website with login and password information. You can then print the full report along with pictures. You will also be able to access the evidence section, which may contain any necessary industry documentation.

        Attached you will find a request form and credit card authorization form. Please fill these out as completely as possible. If an item does not apply, please mark it NA.

        Please note that there may be a $25.00 cancellation fee applied to your credit card should you decide to cancel this inspection.

        If necessary A $75-$150 TRIP/NO-SHOW FEE will be applied to YOUR CREDIT CARD if no one is AT THE given ADDRESS FOR THE SCHEDULED INSPECTION DATE.

        This quote is valid for 30 days.

        We are available, toll-free at [protected] from 9:00 am until 5:30 pm (EST) to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
        sooo becarfull before you buy from Lumber liquidator

      Jul 06, 2020

      Lumber Liquidators — Bella wood flooring defective, lumber liquidators

      Purchased products for new house 5000 sq foot home we have just opened the last of the boxes for the final...


      Lumber Liquidatorsmost horrible customer care and online website failure

      I had made an online order and when I failed to get a confirmation order email from them, I called customer care. It seems they have a problem with online orders and you don't get to see charges in your account until later. I had to pay my contractor for wasting an entire day without understanding whether to make another purchase or not. Customer care was very unhelpful and she was so rude telling me she did not understand what inconveniences I had to go through. I had wasted 2 days with this wasted company and they did not offer to give any discount for all the trouble I had to go through only to deal with their existing online orders.

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        Lumber Liquidatorsfloor panels separated

        Client #5374148

        Liquid Liquidator installed floors in my mom's house in the hallway, closets, kitchen & laundry room on 9/23/2017.There are two areas one in the kitchen and in hallway where the floor panel is separate and need to be replaced. Called the company in March to report the problem. My sister that lives in another city paid for the work to be done & the company was supposed to put the account in my name because my mother is in hospice here at her house and I lived with my mother, found out the information was still in my sister name. Rep took my information & said my sister had to called to give permission for them to talked to me. This was done. On April 1, a representative(Anna) email my sister instead of me, the company had my email on on how to proceed with the claim. Information was sent on 4/9/19 & the email sent to my sister saying that once the information & pics sent someone will contact me with 48 hrs. I waited passed 48 one called, tried to get in touch with the rep that was assigned to my claim, never was able to talked to her, always talked to someone else that said they would send her message. Days passed never heard from her, called back & asked to speak to a supervisor, was told they were in a meeting, rep said they would forward the message, someone will contact me with 48 hrs. The next day the rep email my sister, not me & said they received my info & my case was forwarded to another rep, Aaron. Aaron called my sister and the questions he asked her she couldn't answer, she gave him my info and he called left a message. I called back and left a detail message, days passed and no one called. Called the company again, asked to speak to a supervisor and I was told they was
        in a meeting and will contact me. I told them that I would report them to the Better Business Bureau if no one contact me. No one as contact as of today or the Better Business Bureau. I just want my floor fixed. I am very disappointed on how this matter is being handle.

        floor panels separated
        floor panels separated

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          Lumber Liquidatorslumber liquidators - salem, va = installation nightmare

          Materials not available as promised. Installers not given correct information. Tore up living room and bathroom and broken bathroom toilet valve, causing me to have to turn off water so they could work - they left after tearing up most of carpeting, leaving holes and no flooring in living room, hall and bathroom. I AM DISABLED and this put me in a dangerous situation. Took almost a week for them to return and then they didn't do the bathroom. Refund for undone work never received, though promised. Bathroom still not done. Repeated calls attempting to get work accomplished wasted my time, energy and frustration. NEED REFUND - AND APOLOGY. NOW. If I don't hear something within ten days, I will notify the local TV station.


          Kathleen M. Harvey
          1018 Brake Road
          Lot 41
          Elliston, VA

          Lumber Liquidators at 366 Apperson Drive, Salem, VA 24153

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            Lumber LiquidatorsI am complaining about the warranty and the installation of my vinyl plank flooring.

            The flooring and install of my flooring which cost nearly$9000 was not completed to my satisfaction. The first thing they did was put a transition in between the kitchen and living room which is an open concept. They never explained that we needed any transitions, which was the main reason I didn't go with laminate. There's a hump in the master bedroom floor that is completely noticable. I am still under my install warranty and I just received a call from Lumber liquidators and they informed me that I was responsible for the costs of the supplies which are more than$1000 to fix the floor that the installers messed up to begin with.

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              Lumber Liquidatorstranquility holsclaw hill beech flooring

              hello I just want to tell you that this product is garbage it has been down for about a year now and all the but ends ( seams ) are coming apart I have to go around and kick them back tighter I did 2 bed rooms / bathroom / closets / foyer /kitchen and living room with this flooring and I wish I did not what a bunch of crap cost me a few grand now I have to tear it up and put down a new floor

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                Lumber Liquidators — product that was never installed

                The Modesto CA store arranged to come out and have my house measured. We were told they would contact u...

                Lumber Liquidators — bamboo install

                15 Feb 2017 I purchased the flooring and installation from lumber Liquidators. The flooring was installed...

                Lumber Liquidators Trussville, AL — install contractor

                Buster, the contractor Lumber Liquodator put on our floor install is AWFUL! The floors were install May...

                Lumber Liquidators — customer service credit refund

                I have not received the credits noted below and I'm constantly going back and forth with your Customer care...

                Lumber Liquidators — hand scraped hickory wood

                My hubby & I purchased some rather pricey solid Hickory wood for our 2nd floor hallway in November 2015. BAD...

                Lumber Liquidators — wood floor in family room came up could not be fixed,

                In 2013 we had 3 rooms of wood flooring installed in our house. Two bed rooms and one large family room. The...

                Lumber Liquidators — laminate flooring

                Since hearing the dangers of laminate flooring from china, I've asked Lumber Liquidators for a letter stating...

                Lumber Liquidatorsbella wood cherry wood pre finished hard wood floor

                Finish has failed . Floor installed by an independent contractor recommended by LL in 2007. Complained to LL 1n 2010 . they offered to replace the floor boards but I would be responsible to remove old floor and install new floor. I asked LL to sand and refinish old floor with safe low emission urethane. They refused. I asked Bob Villa for help since it was his show that convinced my wife and I that the Bella Wood prefinished hardwood floor was much more durable and safe from off gassing. He and or his associates have not replied.

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                  • Ta
                    taken advantage of customer Apr 14, 2017

                    I totally agree I spent $8000 in 2006 on Brazilian Cherry - the planks were not even the same widths. It scratches with just a finger nail and LL will not stand behind their warranty - even though they still continue to advertise 2x more scratch resistant. To resolve any issues they want you to remove a few of the planks - which their installer glued and nailed in place - and send to them for further finish testing. A lot of BS and run around.

                    0 Votes

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