eDreamsunauthorized credit card charge

Booking reference [protected], email: [protected]

I made this booking on Jetstar JQ791/JQ786 TQ Booking Reference VFG8UC, via Kayak to your website which quoted the price in AUD, which was competitive (you were even quoting that this price was 22% cheaper than regularly charged for this route). I made this booking today, December 4, 2018. Going further through your booking process, prices were quoted in $$ but no currency. Received your booking confirmation and under "Payment" section, quoted total cost $502.28 (Jetstar $378.85, eDreams: $123.43) with remarks that this was converted to local currency. Local means where I live, right? I gave you my address, its in Australia. So AUD right? Wrong. You charged my credit card for this amount in USD! Total in AUD was AUD 781.68. JQ charges normally AUD 512 return for these flights! So AUD168 more expensive! Phoned your help line (took about 45 minutes to connect)and they mentioned they could not do anything because I went through the US website and I should have noticed that the amount was in USD! At no time did I notice that I suddenly went through a US website with amount mysteriously going from AUD (as quoted on website) to USD. I am assuming that this was an error because I don't see you doing this on purpose so I'm asking you to cancel this charge of AUD168.96. I invite you also to go through the booking process via Kayak and your own site yourself, and even try Jetstar directly. You will then see how far out of line this charge is. I would appreciate your immediate attention.

Dec 03, 2018

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