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Affordable Toursbeware fully refundable deposits are not refunded

Affordable Tours Booking Ref # 612910

Affordable Tours duped me into paying a deposit which would have been fully refundable if the tour was not confirmed. While on the phone with them the debit was processed against my card. When the refund had to be made, I battled for three days to finally obtain a payment confirmation that the funds would be reflected on my card within 5 to 7 days. Three weeks later, there is no sign of this refund or any documentation that it was in fact made. Today Affordable Tours is distancing them from this refund. All I get from Affordable Tours is "don't speak to us, speak to the tour operator" while being unable to provide a specific contact who allegedly processed the payment and refund. Be very careful of handing your credit card details to this company. When things go well Affordable Tours provide some service but when things go wrong, the people who took your money will blame your bank and the operator but will in no way assist.

Affordable Tours — customer service

Do not book with affordable tours. They never return phone calls or answer emails when have your money for a vacation. I have contacted them numerous times to receive my... — complete disconnect, chaos and anti-customer service

I've saved for 5 years to take a trip for my 50th birthday. I chose a 'reputable'' company that apparently uses to book the trip detail...

Affordable Tours — Tour to Western Australia

I booked the Western Australia Adventure back in Oct, on the 6th.the price stated, in Oct. at $3799.00 with a discount, bringing the price down to $3609.05. Today I was on...

Affordable Tours — Incompetent

This is to express my disappointment and frustration with, office located on Stafford, TX, and specifically with Lee Barefield, a so-called travel consultant...

Affordabletours.comReview of Affordable Tours

We booked a 19-day Insight Vacations "Treasures of Spain, Portugal and Morocco " tour through because we were lured by the discount they offered. Everything went smoothly until we had completed the booking and made a down payment. At that point, Affordable Tours revealed its true nature, and customer service came to a virtual standstill. Our problem arose from the fact that one of the travelers was a non-US/non-EU national who required tourist visas for all the countries to be visited. It turned out that Affordable Tours will offer no advice or assistance on visa-related questions. We were referred to their preferred "visa processing service, " which failed to respond to our inquiry. In preparing for this tour, we needed specific details for the tourist visa applications that should have been immediately available as part of the online booking information, but wasn’t and getting it proved to be like “pulling teeth” and required multiple e-mail exchanges. In one case, we were left dangling without the required hotel details only to find out that Rick Contreras, our so-called "travel consultant, " had gone on vacation without informing us, so we had to generate a separate e-mail request to another staffer who then provided it. Subsequently, we asked two very basic, simple, but specific, additional questions regarding our booking, and in each case, ran into the proverbial brick wall with Affordable Tours. Here are these two instances:

1. Once it became clear that we would be unable to obtain a Gibraltar visitor’s visa in a timely fashion for the non-US citizen traveler because his visa application had to be sent to the Gibraltar authorities for review, which might have required up to two months, we asked a direct and simple question: Can he wait at the Spanish border (and where) for the return of the group from Gibraltar? We quickly got the brush-off from Affordable Tours ... "we don’t know, you can’t alter the tour itinerary” (something we never asked for!!!), it’s up to the tour director, don’t bother us!" At our insistence, Rick Contreras finally contacted Insight Vacations and got a very forthcoming, satisfactory answer: "No problem, there are a number of options, the tour director will take good care of you." Problem solved!

2. Later, we asked for the scheduled return time to the hotel from the morning tour in Fes, Morocco, on 12 August, to enable us intelligently to schedule an independent excursion to Volubilis and Meknes, two UNESCO World Heritage sites, for that afternoon. Same stone wall: "We don’t know; it’s up to the tour director, don’t bother us." We then escalated the request to the "travel consultant's" supervisor, Marilyn Minke. Ms. Minke took no additional action. Rather than contacting the our operator, Insight Vacations, for an answer, she provided a brush-off, generic response, stating essentially "... we cannot tell you the exact start and end times of the tour (something we had never asked for; we needed merely the scheduled times); it's up to the tour director." We then contacted Insight Vacations directly ourselves and promptly received a very satisfactory response which allowed us to book the desired excursion. Prior to our departure on the tour, I expressed my anger and disappointment about the customer service we had received form the Affordable Tours staff to the company CEO/Chairman, Jaime Fernandez, via direct e-mail. Mr. Fernandez dit not deem my complaint worthy of a response.

Our conclusion from this experience is that is a discount seller/clearinghouse for multiple tour operators, whose sole focus is on selling tours. Once the sale is closed, the customer is essentially on his/her own. The so-called "travel consultants" employed by Affordable Tours are untrained and unfamiliar with the tours they sell, show no interest in anticipating customer problems or questions, and treat queries with indifferent nonchalance; when pressed, they find it easier to make excuses for inaction than taking positive action in the spirit of providing service to the customer. We will never book anything through Affordable Tours. DO NOT BE LURED, AS WE WERE, BY THE DISCOUNT; IT IS NOT WORTH THE TIME AND AGGRAVATION EXPENDED IN DEALING WITH THIS COMPANY! The experience with Affordable Tours stands in stark contrast to the very excellent service and high quality provided by Insight Vacations, the tour operator.

  • Jo
    Joseph.Green Jul 24, 2012

    I have tried to submit my complaint on this website a couple times and I guess since I am saying this is a good company they do not want to post it. I have used this company 3 time in 5 years and it is a very well run and great place to find a good reasonably priced vacation. I have told all my family and friends to always check the affordabletours website prices before you travel. I am very happy and pleased with the service they have provided.

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  • Sa
    sammy cantruc Sep 10, 2013

    Bad news--of the several companies dba/Affordable Tours, the one in Stafford is the best. The others wouldn't have even responded when you had a problem.

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Affordable ToursOnboard credit not given

I booked a cruise on Carnival and was told by the travel agent at Affordable Tours that I would receive $75 onboard credit when I arrived at the ship. I never received it. When I returned from the cruise, the agent said I was supposed to bring a certificate with me. I told her I never received a certificate and I was promised the credit when I boarded the ship. She said she was on vacation and has no backup so couldn't advise me that I needed a certificate. When I called Carnival I was told that Affordable Travel never paid for the onboard credit. Affordable Tours has done nothing to resolve this situation. Don't use them. They are very unprofessional.

Affordabletours.comAffordable Tours review

When I first called and spoke to one of their customer service agents, they told me that all available vacation planners were busy, but would call me back. I received a call within 10 mins to my surprise. I had initially called about a cheap 3 day Caribbean cruise where I wanted nothing but the minimum inside cabin, but ended up taking a longer day 7 day cruise with a balcony thanks to Andy! Not only was the price of the cruise a steal, the service that he gave and knowledge that Andy had about the cruise line and the destination were outstanding.

I checked on the other 'pure' online sites and just wasn't completely comfortable with booking online, which is why I decided to call After talking to Andy, I was booked and immediately sent an email confirmation that broke down the price of the cruise, the savings that I received by booking through them, the itinerary and more. After we got back, Andy actually called and asked how the cruise went - I'm not sure if they are forced to make the call, or if he just remembered, but at any rate, I was pleasantly surprised!

Overall satisfaction with both Andy and is an A+. I take about 3 cruises a year, and from now on, they will all be with

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    Greg Henson Sep 05, 2012

    I also have used affordabletours twice in the past 18 months and I have never been as pleased with service as I was with them. They are very prompt and you dont feel PUSHED into the sale. You make the decisions they just offer you what you ask for and I really appreciate not being forced to buy something I dont want. I will continue to use affordable tours.

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  • Jo
    Joseph.Green Jun 03, 2016

    I was in charge of setting up our family reunion cruise. And when it comes to my family if its not cheap then it doesn't work. So I searched far and wide for over 4 months before I finally found Affordabletours. I read reviews I looked at over 30 travel websites and none gave me the great price and all the on-board credit that would make my thrifty family happy. Once the process started I really regretted doing this for my family because dealing with them trying to get everyone to pay on time was the hardest thing i have done in my Life. But thanks to Lida my travel agent at Affordable tours it was a lot easier than is COULD have been. She set it up where we ALL didn't have to pay at the same time which gave me the freedom to call in or send in a different payment everyday. And she always had a great since of humor while she was helping me. I was able to get all my family (64 people) on this cruise and happy. Which was not easy, and some still owe me money. But the cruise was awesome we had a blast and I can honestly say we are a stronger and happier family. I will not have to research as much to find great prices and superior service because I will always use

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    Greg Henson Jul 27, 2016

    I am new to cruising and I feel lucky because I have heard horror stories about getting to the dock and not being able to board because your travel agent messed up. I have used Affordabletours and I am glad because I havent had anything but a great experience with them. They are very professorial and they take care of you all the way down to putting you away from the elevators so you dont hear the drunk people coming on and off all night long .

    I also enjoy the fact that I get to deal with the same agent each time I have Todd's direct line and when I have a question I can call him directly I dont have to press 1 and press 7 and search for all this I can go directly to him and get my question answered. I will continue to refer affordabletours to all my friends and Family and I will use them from now on.

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Affordabletours.comcheering them up -GREAT SITE

As many of you most know, the winter months are difficult months to deal with. The weather is very cold, the icy roads are frightening and the sun is no longer warm and appealing. These things combine for the desire to make a great winter getaway. What better place to go than on a cruise!!

Recently, I coyly suggested a cruise to my hubby to go to some remote tropical place. He suggested that I "check it out on the internet". Being the money conscience one in the marriage, he was interested in price comparisons. Well, this was not going to be a problem for me. First stop, ResellerRatings, of course. Then I excitedly headed over to What impressed me first about this site is the very easy navigation. It was pretty quick and painless getting started. For those unfamiliar with website navigation, I highly recommend this site for that reason alone! Just a few clicks of the mouse, and boom, I had my prices and so much more unlike some sites I visited, I did not have to sign up or register to get the free price quotes.

There are several ways to get information from Affordable Tours Cruises in order to obtain the best price for my desired winter getaway. I decided to use the Search Cruises. Of course I needed to know beforehand what my destination would be, when I wanted to travel, if I desired a specific cruise line with any specific special interests.

I have never been to Tahiti, so that was my first choice. Departure month was easy...I picked January 2013!!! I decided that the longer the trip the better, so I clicked on an 11 night cruise!! Moments later, the Cruise Wizard showed me that there were 2 cruises on the Princess Cruise Lines and 2 cruises on the Oceania Cruise Lines departing in January for Tahiti!! Whoop Whoop!!! My four choices included a lovely picture of the cruise ship with many vivid details describing the ship. The total price was available including how much percent I would save.

Another thing that greatly impressed me about this site is the comparison table. Not only does it tell me what the differences are between cruises, as far as price, itinerary, and ports, it also showed me a little map of the route taken by each cruise ship! It also has information on nearly every port a ship stops during the route, with the weather, the things to do and description!!

If you are in the market for booking a cruise, whether for this blustery winter getaway or any time, I do highly recommend checking with this wonderful easy to use website.

I had no need to interact with customer service, but it is greatly comforting to know that there is round the clock support which is toll free!!
Seeing the bad reviews here, I was definitely going to write my experience. — Great Price

I am an avid traveler and I have never used an internet based company. I am a brick and mortar type guy I dont believe it til I see it. My daughter went to France for a week and a...

Affordable Tours - Globus ToursInefficiency

My husband and I booked the Globus Monogram Tour from June 4 to 14, 2011 through Affordable Tours.Com. While we were on the exploratory stage, the booking agent was very attentive. She would answer all our inquiries immediately. However, after we have made the full payment, she became scarce. We had told her that we wanted to get our documents at least two weeks before the tour because we were leaving for Barcelona on May 25. The agent, Teri Baxter, assured us this is possible. However, as the date of our departure to Barcelona approached, our documents were not sent. On the eve of our flight, I called her up long distance to request for the documents. She checked with Globus and said that she would send them immediately. The next morning, at 4 AM, the documents have not been sent. I had to call Globus directly and the person in charge immediately sent the documents and I was able to print them before our flight. We had also indicated that we wanted to book a post night in London for June 15. However, Globus booked us for June 14 because our instructions were not carried out correctly. Fortunately we were able to make the proper booking at the hotel in London when we got there. Because of my experience with Affordable Tours, I will not deal with them again.

  • Mi
    Miragretchen Nov 11, 2011

    I’m a college student that can never afford to go anywhere because tuition and school is so expensive. UNTIL I heard about! They are truly affordable. I was able to book a tour to Europe with a group of friends at a reasonable group price for all of us! The tour was on the go and you’re constantly going on new adventures and meeting new people, and some I would even call friends. There are people of all ages, but the best part is being able to go on your own and seeing the night life. After a wonderful day of sightseeing, we were able to go out and explore what it is to live the night life. Needless to say, it was awesome! Definitely an experience I will never forget and everyone should travel at least once in their life.

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  • Tr
    trust destroyed Jul 24, 2014

    DO NOT, DO NOT use Afforable Tours. They provide inaccurate information and then refuse to give refunds. They told me an optional tour existed that did not. POOR, POOR customer service. They conned me into a Cosmos tour with inaccurate information

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Affordable Tours — Scam , do not use!

My husband and I booked an Alaskan cruise through Affordable On August 14 my husband found when checking the Holland America website that our tour booking had been...