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I subscribed to Dish Network for my apt on 05/21/2012 and I was offered a reward card of $75 for my 24 months agreement. I received my reward card after payment of 2-3 months of fee, by the end of July. I planned to used my $75 reward card for the holidays and finally when I tried to use it, it did not work as it had validity for only 4 months.
I fail to understand that why would I get a reward card with only 4 months validity, which was already delivered late to me. My agreement is valid for 24 months then why can't I get my reward card renewed? $75 is my own money which Dish Network committed to return if I took subscription from them instead of any other providers.
When I tried to ask same from customer care, they were adamant on not giving me my $75 back and when I said I feel cheated and I want to cancel this fraud network TV provider, they asked for cancellation fee, so I do not understand why being into 24 months agreement with Dish, my own $75 reward card was valid only for 4 months and there is no policy of re-validating it?
I feel totally cheated, would never suggest anyone to use this Dish network.

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  • I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this has caused you. I would be happy to look into options that are available for you. Please send me an email at becki.[protected] Thank you!

    Becki Barned
    DISH Internet Response Team

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  • Pe
      Nov 17, 2017

    I received a letter from Dish Network telling that I would receive a 200 dollar prepaid card after my service was installed. My service was installed Sept. 22, 2017 and it is now Nov.17, 2017. I have called customer service 3 times and each time I just get the run around. I called the rebate center and was told they do not have a record of a rebate for me. He said it should have been there weeks ago. I regret having Dish installed now. I am keeping up with all of my correspondence to and from them. I will turn it in to the BBB if this is not resolved soon.

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  • Je
      Jun 06, 2018

    I signed up with DISH and promised a 200 rewards card and was sent a email that it was mailed. 8 weeks later I am still waiting and get the run around every time I contact them as well. I am starting to wonder if its just a ploy to get people to sign up and wait until too late to cancel if they choose. I have enjoyed dish but would cancel just for shady service.

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  • Fo
      Mar 04, 2019

    Same here..was promised a 100.00 rewards card..just activated it and there is ONLY 26.00 on it!..These guys hire a sub to handle the cards.. it still falls on dish to oversee what companies they hire.. it's a sham.. not to mention.. I wanted HBO.. and now it is not available on dish.. very pissed.. I even have the email form the dish rep. stating I would receive the 100. card.. will try one more time.. we need to do a class action suit on this!

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