Atlantic Broadband Complaints & Reviews

Atlantic Broadband / unethical behaviour

Mar 31, 2019

I wish I could cancel my home and business account but not only are they are the most rude people to try and talk to but every time I call you are put on hold at least 30 minutes or longer only to be put on hold again when they say you got the wrong department. I specified when I called...

Atlantic Broadband / Services are very bad

Jan 07, 2013

The service is atrocious. Channels keep going out. And now they're increasing their rates again! ABB starting charging me $6.00 for a HD receiver upgrade that I do not have two months ago. I have had a HD TiVo for six years and a couple of months ago they started charging this fee for...

Atlantic Broadband / Poor service - no service


This USED to be a great cable tv more. For over a YEAR, many people have complained about several TV stations where the digital picture is constantly freezing up for as much as an hour or more, preventing people from watching those stations. The local tv stations has been...

Atlantic Broadband / Rip off artists


I have had them for two years as soon as I started having problems with my service and complained my bill went up each month till now they want $411 when theres no way in *** I owe that much I would most deff tell you not to use this company they rip you off over and over GOING WITH...