Dish Networkas a former employee let me tell you

I Review updated:

As a former employee of this godforsaken company, let me tell you for certain that they don't give a damn about either their customers or their employees. Permit me to elaborate:

1) Employees were told during the interviews that the company would work with their schedule. Soon as we're hired on, we're told "You work around Dish Network, not the other way around." Several employees turned in their gear because of that...we didn't want to spend the rest of our lives working for some miserable piece of ### company who thought that they were the center of the universe!

2) Agents are basically told that we have no power. That if we give more than a $5 adjustment, we're going to get lit up like a Christmas tree. We basically have to do a giant circle jerk just to get the right adjustments in!

3) We're not even allowed to set up for a technician to come out! That ability was removed from us...we now have to go through other channels- so much for cutting out the middleman.

4) They expect us to rearrange our lives for the company. For instance, anytime there's a fight/UFC event, they expect us to give up our Saturday nights. I know I for one jumped up my supervisor's ### about it, then I had to hear about it in stereo. Guess what? My days off are worth their weight in gold. I'm not going to give it up for these crack piping, asswiping, motherless lowlifes.

5) Who in their right mind expects their employees to work a regular schedule on Christmas ###ing Day?!! I've been in the workforce since 2003, and never once until this past Christmas Day did I have to work that particular day. Not only was my Christmas ruined, but I didn't get to spend some much deserved time with my family. If we called in, we would be automatically fired...even if our records and our numbers were flawless. We lost 15 people in my shift alone...and they have the nerve to say they're a family company?!

6) They also force their employees into nasty shifts without any sort of option...let me be clear. I worked the day shift for them, and then without any warning, I got thrown to nights. Not evenings...graveyard, as in 1:00am to 12:00pm. No chance to acclimate myself, no chance to try for another shift, just thrown onto graveyards. I get 5 times the workload and only 1 dollar upped in pay. Now correct me if I'm wrong, if I'm doing the work of several departments then the pay should be adjusted accordingly. Never mind that my supervisor said I had the pick of the litter for what shift I got thrown to...never mind that I was told "Graveyard is optional, never mandatory."

7) Their response to 99.99% of employee complaints? "Call centers aren't for everyone. If you don't like it, there's the door." No chance to rectify, no chance to elaborate or explain.

Let me make something perfectly clear folks: Before I worked for this band of thieves and liars, I was at an acceptable weight (220, a little pudgy but not to where I'd be considered a super heavyweight), I seldom drank, I never smoked and I wasn't on any prescriptions for depression...nor did I have suicidal thoughts.

After 1 year...
My weight ballooned to 300...
I nearly killed myself three times...
I ended up being put on two antidepressants (Paxil and Trazadone)...
I smoked 2 packs a day...
Every Friday I would drink myself into a, wine, liquor, whatever it took to dull the pain...

Basically, I became a wreck. And rather than Dish trying to offer compassion and support? All I get is told "You need to see a doctor if you want to keep your job." When I took a second round of leave due to depression issues, despite the fact that I had a note from my doctor, I was told the leave was never I racked up absences, they claimed a ### issue and kicked me to the curb.

Where am I going with this? Simple...

Dish Network doesn't give a damn about anybody but themselves. Trying to get them to understand this is a living, breathing nightmare.

Dish Network will ### their old customers...not giving them any incentive to stay and trying to charge them out the nose if they leave.

Dish Network will ### their new customers...they have no problem lying to them.

Dish Network will ### their employees...period. Because all we are is numbers on a grid to them. They get their 30 pieces of silver, their blood money, and we in turn get crucified.

Guess what Dish? This time, we fight back.

"If you do nothing to dissuade the wicked from their path, they will die for their guilt...but the blood will be on your hands. If you attempt to dissuade the wicked from their path, and they refuse to change, they will die for their guilt but you will be saved." Paraphrasing from Ezekiel 3:18-19.

The Iron Maverick


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    MikeD1535 Oct 13, 2010

    Let me ask you this, does the fact that I have my phone line hooked up to the DVR box allow my local dish network installer the capability to listen through my phone to what is being said in my home????? I suspect that during the day my phone while hung up displays "line in use" Although I can not hear anything can he hear everything????

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  • Re
    REll5856 Oct 14, 2010

    I Couldn't agree more with you @ MIKED 1535 no that would be illegal for the company to do that the only reason they require us to connect your phone line as they say is to keep the software on your receiver up to date and also theres a rumor going around that with 10 years at the least cable will be obsolete do to the internet because now we have other site and company's to subscribe to such as Net flicks, HULU, USTRAEM & ETC. website & company's such as those if not now we be a threat to the cable industry for example if u subscribe to net-flicks one of the advantage could be that its only 9.99 a month verses what ever premium package that u would subscribe to with a cable company the other is instead of paying and watching the same show time & time Again on net flicks u would be able to control what ever it is u would want to watch hulu enables you to watch TV shows online free and if u have antenna tv or converter box you can watch your local channels on there free. basically TV's now days are gearing torwards internet they even have now the FLat screens with a Ethernet connection so DIsh is only try to stay relevant with the future which is not going to work *SAD TO SAY*

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  • Mi
    MikeD1535 Nov 23, 2010

    I would like to talk to or write to Iron MaverickX the former Dish network person. I would like your help. It would be well worth your time. [email protected]

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  • Miked1535: Hello, my name is Dan Busa I am a current employee with Dish Network's customer service. We would be happy to offer assistance on anything you need, you can follow dish on facebook or twitter.

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  • Mi
    MikeD1535 Dec 24, 2010

    No thank you, It is my intention (with Proof) to sue my local dish network installer for invasion of privacy for listening into my home and on my phone.

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  • Un
    unfortunatetoworkfordish Dec 25, 2010

    hey MikeD1535 ive been a tech with this god forsaken company for 6 years and can confirm with 100% certainty that connecting a phone line to a reciever does not give the ability to monitor conversations. the truth behind the phone lines is just another way for dish to milk every customer for every dollar they can. if your reciever is connected to a phone line more people would be inclined to order a ppv in turn generating more revenue for dish. aswell as to monitor the recievers location via the phone number it dials out from, so that they know you are not sharing recievers with your neighbors or something.

    and as far as the true colors of dish that IronMaverickX speeks of its literally just the tip of an ever growing iceberg, through out the entire company.

    but not to defend dish in anyway, most major companies of dish's size are becoming like this. its unfortunate that corps have lost touch with what truly matters, the customer and thier customer facing employees. happy employees are good employees and it will show in cust relations. but unfortunealty dish really doesnt give a ### point blank.
    mr charley ergen the companies founder and ceo cares about one thing and one thing only HIS OWN POCKET BOOK.

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  • Sa
    Sadeiko Jan 29, 2011

    Also a former dish network employee

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  • Sa
    Sadeiko Jan 29, 2011

    Sorry about double post couldn't find the register button and was attempting to force it.

    Anyway, also as a former dish network employee I can completely concur and add to it quite a bit.

    In regards to not caring its all true. As soon as they would get the "customer service award" from acsi their prices went up for the 2nd time in a single year for the first time in 10 years.

    I can take the forced crap work shift a bit further. I was forced into 7:00am-11:30am and 3:30pm to 7:30pm, 5 days a week, 6 days during football season. This would have been optimal if I maybe lived across the street and could spend my 4 hour lunch at home, but no I had a 35 mile commute every day. Yet people who DID live next door were given a 9-5 shift with weekend off. On top of this there was no split shift differential because I had wednesday and saturday off and due to company policy, if you have a "premium" day off(fri-sun) you don't get a shift differential reguardless of how painful your shift is.

    On top of that I was demoted from those guys mentioned that send out techs. Why was I demoted? My handle time was too high, why was my handle time too high? Because I refused to take my supervisor's advice and "just send a tech" when I could fix it on the phone. 10 more minutes with me and you're problem is fixed 2-3 days faster and at no cost to you, rather than 29-99$ depending on if you give into their "service plan" 5.99 monthly. Mind you, it does cost any company roughly $150 to roll a truck to your house so count your blessings in that regard.

    Dish network has 115% of their customers call in EVERY MONTH. due to the combination of the "just send a tech" and "get the hell off the phone" mentality. The center I was working at is in a city that is ripe will call center employment opportunities. and I have worked for some of the best for 5 years. 115% call in rate is insane and yet dish network feels it is inevitable. I sincerely disagree with todays technology allowing you to pay your bill from your mobile phone without calling anyone.

    Dish runs off a cost per minute business model which from a call center veteran I can say is an atrocious way to do business, whats even worse is I have seen the form data sent to all the upper management with this information. and nothing on there has any data linking to weather or not the customer called back. In essence, if it didn't cause dishnetwork to lose their customer satisfaction awards, their top performing employee would be the one who answers the phone "oh you have a remote issue? tune to channel 101 and learn how to use your remote. Thank you and have a wonderful day"

    I was at an age when I started taking my employment very seriously when I worked for them, and I tried to bring this up. I even came up with a fully automated system that calculates what I called "real handle time" it basically calculated an employees call back ratio(wether their customer called back or not) and multiplied that % by the average handle time of the enterprise and assumed that that customer spent that much time on the phone. Not with you but because of you.
    The reason I did this was the agents at my center were getting the book thown at them for being 7 seconds over their target handle time. Having a lot of pride for my work and the work of others I have worked with at multiple locations I looked into the real data. If your interested in my findings read on, if not this is the end of the post for you.

    Now callbacks at dish are monitored on a 3 day, 7 day and 28 day scale. and how many customers call back within that alloted time frame. and it turned out that our center that was getting threatened to be shut down for being 7 seconds behind. had a 28 day callback ratio that beat every other centers 3 day resolution. for those who have a hard time keeping track of numbers...if you called our center you were happy with dish for that month. If your call got routed anywhere else(only speaking of state wide this is not an anti-outsourcing post) you called back within 3 days, likely because if you called in for customer service reasons, you were lied to. or if you called in for technical support the issue was far from resolved. I further worked it out to see, on average, how long the customers calling in to other centers were actually on the phone in a 3 day period. as it turns out, on average, customers spent nearly 5 minutes longer on the phone with other centers. Yet the managers at my center were running around with a cold sweat, yelling at all of us.

    I had a 4 hour lunch after all, so I complied this information in a professional format, and portrayed this to management that I felt I was on good terms with. only to receive a holier than thou attitude as if I wasn't privileged enough to speak with them, despite the fact they drilled "this is an open door facility" into our brains.

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  • Ir
    IronMaverickRevenge Feb 03, 2011

    Due to a hack on my account, I have had to re-register.

    In regards to the so-called Dish Network customer service person, Dan Busa or whatever the hell your name is, I have news for you- we are your enemy. You have wandered into unfriendly territory, and if I were you I'd just walk the ### away.

    Sadeiko- Yeah, I know the feeling. Add this to the fact that they did all their building to expand their warehouse while we had to take calls, and when customers would get irritated, supervisors would just tell us to apologize. Well, I've never had to utter "Sorry" so many times...I apologized more than a medieval housewife. Plus I also got hit with the split shift (first 7:30 to 11:30 then 1:30 to 5:30, and then 9:30 to 1:30 and 3:30 to 7:30) and no differential. Plus when they gave the forced crap work shift, I caught a peek at one of the inter-office instant messages going to the supervisors- you know what their first question was?

    "Is anyone resigning?"

    They ### and moan and whine and cry and complain because their turnover rate is through the roof, yet for some reason it's perfectly acceptable to treat employees like ###. I'm in one of the areas hit hard by the snow storm, and I can only imagine if I had been working there they would have said I either had to come in or I'd be fired (at which point I would have called my attorney.) I work for a much better outfit now, one that actually gives a damn about their employees, and when the weather started getting nasty, they immediately started sending their personnel home.

    Miked-I'll be in contact with you at some point.

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  • Di
    Dish Network sucks Feb 12, 2011

    I totally agree, Dish Network does treat their employees like ###. The techs receive little training and are supposed to automatically do the job on their own. Total ###ing ###. It takes time to learn a new skill. They don't see it that way though. You better learn quick or they will can you. ###!

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  • Fl
    florida1111 Mar 25, 2011

    I have been a sprint customer for over 13 years now, i feel like we are married since it has been so long. I purchased out of my pocket a crappy Blackberry Tour. Shortly after about 4 months from the day i bought the phone, i started having problems... I have followed the proper procedures to get my phone fixed (i have insurance)... I have had to drive 24 miles back and forth (four times to fix the phone) and continue to have the same problem... I have worked with Tech Support... in fact i have done everything needed to get the phone fixed... well im ###ing fed up with the rude, unprofessional mother###ers from Sprint... well i called "RETENTION dept"... those mother###ers were no help either... I get a supervisor named BENJAMIN 407-475-6989 whom told me he couldnt do anything... the next day i received a refurbished phone thru the mail as i refused to spend my gas money to go to McCall Communications for the same ###... According to this incompetent supervisor "refurbished phones" are "certified".. yea certified my ###... cause i have had the phone charging all night and it still doesnt work... so i call again today and get another idiotic supervisor named Dean and he said he released me from contract on the "TOUR"...or better yet he can reset the system and i can use the upgrade.. HUH????... was he kidding? no... my answer was are u stupid, u cant resolve my problem but you want me to upgrade and give you another year????... duh mother###a and dont you see i have four phones on the account, releasing my contract on one phone does not do it... so i called the District Manager from the repair center and he is sending me another refurbished phone via the mail and i dont have to spend my gas... what a bunch of losers... 2 phones are up in June 2011, one in January 2012 and the other June 2012... I will not keep this company once December is here i will disconnect all services and be more than happy to pay $50 disconnect fee that its going to cost me as i would be 6 months out from cancelling the last phone... So i am submitting my case to divorce SPRINT for good.. you bunch of losers... OH and by the way DAN HESSEY (CEO) he is a ###ing loser and dont care about customers...

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  • Fi
    fishandroaches Apr 22, 2011

    good post. as far as the commenter claiming dish network cant listen to you with the phone line plugged in you are flat wrong. look at the text of the 1996 telecommunications act. read your user agreements for ipods and such. read googles press release telling you that a computer is using your mic and camera to record every thing seen and heard. read the countless articles about onstar calling in and listening to conversations in their cars. the ###ing local pigs are downloading illegally all info off your cellphone and they are planning to install the same nsa system google was caught using driving around stealing all of your wireless data, in postal vehicles. read about the law suits that were in progress when bush retroactively made it "legal" to wiretap americans phonecalls without a fisa warrant. whole floors at at&t that are nsa spy hubs with optical splitters duplicating and stealing all transmissions. it goes on and on. of course they are listening to you-who isn't?

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  • Jo
    joe bob 13 Jul 19, 2011

    The reason for a phone line is Dish sells the information of what you watch to marketing...So they know where to spend there money

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  • Ch
    chadt41 Mar 28, 2012

    The purpose of the phone line, BTW, is so a) if you want to order ppv, it is an option to do through your remote, rather than call in, and b) If you were ever to lose signal, or any other Dish related issue, it sends that data to our corporate office, and they do proactively send techs out, when this occurs. Everyone seems to be so Negative Nancy here, why not stop, chill, and look at it from all sides. At any job, I have never seen anyone fired just because they missed a little. Did you miss your metrics one month, or did you miss them repeatedly. As a CSR for a Call Center for an unnamed company, I do realize the value of a handle time. It shouldnt be to tight, but can not be loose either, this helps keep the sense of Urgency with the customer, so the customer can feel they have a reliable person helping them. If they wanted to take all day taking care of an issue, they might as well just go pull the manual out them selves. Handle times, are as much for a companies penny pocket, as they are for the customer though. Its a good business strategy and supported by most. So Stop, look at all sides, and then move forward. You might be singing a different tune after that.

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  • Ca
    catfishlars Jul 05, 2012

    My complaint is after being a loyal subscriber to dish network since their creation and always having the "everything " package they have crapped on me and decided not to cut a deal with AMC Channels, They proclaim that subscribers are not willing to except a increase of rates to keep these channels, yet I one of their top customers never received a poll or survey asking my opinion. Another problem is that they are giving me a 12 month monthly rebate of 15.00 to defer the cost of seeing my programs (Walking dead, Hell on Wheels etc) on other sources like but are only giving these rebates to members who complain and ask for them, and are not notifying the effected subscribers by Email, Phone, webpage article or other simple forms of free communication, not very fair or ethical to me, I believe this failure to negotiate is showing that DISH NETWORK IS NOT LIVING UP TO THEIR SERVICE CONTRACTS and all effected should inact a flood of protest to let them know we are not a happy.

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  • Jv
    jv2304 Sep 16, 2012

    As a former employee let me tell you. i was employed with Dish for almost 5 years i was a top agent. I had good attendance until my mother became ill. my mother just passed due to this illness and due to me having to miss work i was let go. this is insensitive and unmoral. dish not only lied to the state board agency bout the date of my mothers passing but they lied to there own human resource dept by giving wrong dates for bereavement dates as well trying to cover the own but to try not to pay a good employee fir wrongful discharge from the company. Dish doesn't care about their employees as well they don't care about their own customers. How does Dish expect to be number one in customer service if they cant make their own employees happy. most employees when u call to resolve issues don't care. Dish makes them that way. Good luck on trying to be number one. I don't think it will ever happen.

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  • Ba
    Bad Bob80220 Nov 08, 2012

    I too am a former employee with Echopuke. I completely understand your frustration so please let me tell you about mine. I hope that many former Echopuke employees will respond to these posts. I worked there some time ago but nothing changes as they treated their employees like absolute crap as well and have for years. Charley surrounds himself with sycophants and ### kissers at every level. I’ve talked to many current and former employees over the years and every single one of them expressed that same opinion that Echopuke treats everyone the same, like ### and it was their worst work experience!

    1) On my first day, a senior VP told me that I would hate that place within 6 months but it didn’t take that long.
    2) I was paid at least $5k to $10k under what I was worth but I needed the job. But I never forgot how they wouldn’t give me raise.
    3) They made everybody sign a waiver to work at 42.5 hrs per week without overtime.
    4) They held the green cards of all the illegal immigrants so they couldn’t leave or report the company of illegal work violations.
    5) I saved them over $100k in a shipping contract and asked for a raise of 10%. They just laughed at me when I asked for a raise.
    6) I had the displeasure of working about 20 ft from Charley’s office as he believes that he is the smartest guy in the room by quoting “outhouse logic”. He has a bunch of VP’s who kiss his ### like nobody else.
    7) When I had to ask the head lawyer to review and sign my major cost cutting contract, he was picking his nose and asked me what I wanted? What a major pig!
    8) I also had a VP make fun of me and belittled me every week as I had to give him a global report every Friday. I have over 25 yrs in corporate America and have never been treated this bad.
    9) A warehouse shipping mental midget took my idea and tried to make it his own.
    10) This same warehouse puke trashed me in front of other people that I was trying for a job with. This was after I left the company. I had to hire a lawyer to threaten to sue these idiots. I did have a good case at the time.
    11) Their marketing director was completely unqualified to be a director. He wasn’t qualified to be the janitor. However, this was the completed idiot that I had to report to.
    12) Echopuke only keeps the bottom feeders rather than the cream of the crop. These are the ones that rise into management.

    I could go on with all kinds of stories of abuse and putrid experiences. However, why go on with nothing but bad memories. Leaving that company was the best thing I ever did as they helped me focus on a great career now. Bad Bob in Denver

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  • Ja
    Jackson Nebraska Feb 20, 2013

    Dish network treats their employees very unfairly. I wont meantion the big 'D' but they were. I should have stayed there. and filed charges, But I couldn't take another second there!!!.. They didn't give me a W-2 form. They didn't even tell me my wage rate, or my job discription. Just get to work. I felt like a fish out of water. Thank God, I was in a financial situation to quit. I quit the same day!!! .

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  • Ga
    Ganaa Feb 24, 2013

    Needs information about C h a r l e s E r g e n's son C h a r l e s E d w a r d E r g e n (aka C h a r l e s E d w a r d E r g e n K r a s n y). He is under investigation and his true identity is somehow very confusing. please contact mongolia (under score) [email protected] dot com.

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  • MikeL DISH Mar 28, 2013

    To all,

    I've reviewed your posts regarding employment situations and want to thank you all for bringing your concerns to our attention. I would like to look into this further for you. Can you please provide me with your contact information in a private message so I can have someone reach out to you?

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  • Bu
    butterfly82103 May 04, 2013

    this is a comment im just frustrated that i wanted someone to come out to see what was wrong with why i cant watch tv and thy are sending me a new box fine but now i have to do without 3 days of tv which i will miss certain showsbut it would have been nice to get even a couple bucks tooken off my account just for trouble both reps didnt want to listen to anything i was saying but when the box gets here i may have to wait a couple more days for a tech if that doesnt work cause i dont think its the box when it works in my daughters room if it was played out it wouldnt work in there grrrrrr most like a cord or something they have a big issue sending anyone out here at all to get it fixed ive been with them for over 2 years and have watched my everything package sky rocket but yet still her so when they receiver doesnt work i will most likely be done with dish no more contract at least yay and wont sign back up either so much for have the insurance and all the extras when you get treated like dirt and talked over not once but twice

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  • Ch
    ChickyRicky Aug 27, 2013

    I know this post is a few years old, but I will tell you this, Dish Network has not changed with the mistreatment of employees. I worked for the IT Service Desk for 16 months. I worked on a shift that no one wanted and devoted my time to Dish. Working a graveyard shift 9pm to 5:30 am, we were left with no communication with management and in case of emergency were told to "suck it up." We were classified as Salary non-exempt employees but paid "Chinese Overtime" on fixed schedules, which is against the law in Colorado. We are personally attacked by management and our IT Manager II, who is supposed ex special forces, would stand over us and attempt to intimidate us while telling us "I'm not here for you, I'm here for me and I will do what I see fit to make myself look good to upper management." We had a very weak minded IT Manager I, who loved to gossip about our IT Manager II, but turn around and back him up. She stated that it was a "Cover-Your-###" method of Dish and she hoped we didn't take it personally. HOW THE HELL CAN WE NOT? I sat and watched as an employee had trouble breathing and called, left messages, texts and emailed our manager before rushing to the ER. Our IT Manager I notified me that this employee was going to make up the hours and the employee came back with a doctors note stating that she was contagious. The day this employee came to work, the IT Manager I denied receiving any information about her departure to the ER and was terminated. Later the IT Manager I came to me and stated that I was not allowed to talk to this former employee, and it was company policy? SINCE WHEN? We had many employees terminated and never notified of such a policy. Guess what, it's not a policy. It's just this employee that was terminated is a fighter and has all the evidence to file a wrongful termination, defamation of character lawsuit as well as sue for overtime wages, hostile work environment and so much else...and guess what? She's got a lot of people, who still work for ITSD that are backing her up! Including me. I recently left ITSD, but still work for Dish. My new department is not anything like the former and I think it's just certain departments that treat their employees like ###! The company, as a whole, is very full of ### and things don't change because no one working there complains. I advise every employee and ex employee to file complaints with the DOL and EEOC if it applies to your situation. Have them investigate, and it's free! There is no way for change unless Executives are notified that there has been misconduct, from management...and it also places current employees protected under whistleblower laws!

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  • MikeL DISH Sep 04, 2013


    Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. We would like to look into this further for you. Can you please private message me with your contact information so we can have someone reach out to you?

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  • MikeL DISH Sep 04, 2013


    It would be my pleasure to help you with your issue if you could please send me your account number in a private message! I'll look forward to speaking with you further to get this all straightened out and resolved and appreciate your efforts!

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  • MikeL DISH Sep 04, 2013


    As I advised IronMaverickX, I thank you for making us aware of your concern you've posted and would appreciate your efforts if you could please private message me with your contact information so I can have someone reach out to you to look this further for you.

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  • Tu
    tucan Sep 08, 2013

    I worked at Dishnetwork for 5 yrs, I was an advance tech for most of that time . While I was at Dish i saw many people come and go, one time on a video chat played throughout the call center I saw management bragging that they got the employee turn over down to 140% and they were proud of that ! I was not fired so i have no bias or hurt feelings over my separation from Dish so you know I am telling the truth ! The company treats employees like expendable dogs almost everyone in Christiansburg va has worked for dish and left at one time . They fired a good friend of mine who was literally on her deathbed for missing 5 days after 10 yrs of perfect attendance this is the truth about Dish. Charlie Eargen the Ceo of Dish is either stupid or blind he has his Charlie chats and talks about how great they are but in truth his company is as evil as any place i have ever worked ! Every minute of the day is monitored by Dish 1 minute late from break = an point if you have to go to the bathroom you must use your break time they give 2 15 minute breaks per day most shifts are 10 hrs ! Bottom line horrible company I am amazed they stay in business ! I left because after 5 yrs of constant abuse i literally felt like i had no soul, no empathy, like a robot without feelings i left 8 yrs ago I quit smoking lost weight quit drinking came off meds and have been very happy best decision i ever made was leaving Dish !

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  • Tu
    tucan Sep 08, 2013

    Hey MikeL Dish Instead of trying to get people who are done with Dishnetworks abuse to contact you why don't you just give everyone the address of where you are ? Anyone living in virginia or the surrounding area can simply go to 400 technology drive Christiansburg Va. and tell Dishnetwork what you think ! Better yet see Mike at 9601 S Meridian Blvd
    · Englewood
    or he may be at 100 Inverness Ter E
    · Englewood
    Isn't that right Mike L Dish ?

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  • Da
    David.White2 May 02, 2014

    Hi this is David White out of Sanford NC I Totally feel the same way as everyone else, This company is ### they don't care about the customers, but were suppose to be customer orientated and they sure don't care about the employees, "even though we are the face of dish" HA HA what a joke I have used my sick time with my stomach been going to the docs. bringing notes cant find out what is wrong with me I got one more write up myself and im out of here... wow lil over 6 years you would think they would care a little bit right..JOKE all the way we are the least of there worries. Now they are talking about moving are branch to another location what does that mean for me...O yea wont suppose to know that... wow guess there not going to tell us till the last minute when we are all out of jobs but that just shows you how much they really care. I agree with everything, everyone else is saying, Its soo sad that dish only thinks about money when they got a good crew to take care of the job for them, I got pretty much the highest sales and numbers in my branch but that really does not matter. I think they are just looking to take people out one by one... So sad, Im really on my last straw and i really cant take no more of what they do to everyone. Im not a slave and I really think it is ### when i finish my route and have to take care of other SLOW peoples jobs, "especially when they know it will get done and they can just slow roll" but its hurting me I'm one of the fastest techs there and I feel like i get punished for getting done quick especially when it get my jobs done and theres, and the sad thing about it they always happen to beat me back to the shop. Just does not make since to me punish the good techs with more jobs and the ones that slow roll they get done and back to shop before anyone else. Something needs to change because my next step is going to the Better business breau and let the know how dish is.. Very sad yet when i need help or my stomach is acting up and i cant even get out of bed because of my cramps... its soooo bad sorry to vent it just hurts. Im tired of feeling like im being ran over all the time...I don't know how much longer I can hold out I'm 32 years old and I feel like a 50 year old man. Dish really needs to make changes or everyone will be doing something else, then what dish...And half the managers dont even know what we have to deal with out there, but once again do they really CARE?!!!?????

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  • Gm
    Gmukelster May 03, 2014

    I'm a customer & my husband is military. When had a military move in January all of our things were burned in a fire. We lost everything, even my 17 month olds footprints from when he was born. Dish network was kind enough to replace the box for free in January and now 5 months later are charging us for it. They are awful at customer service and not as kind as I once thought.

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  • MikeL DISH May 06, 2014


    I can see how that's frustrating and would love to help you if you could please private message me with your account number and PIN so I can have a look!

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  • Ds
    Dsnyder1423 May 07, 2014

    I signed up for a 2 year agreement with Dish Network, I fulfilled that agreement. I was happy with dish despite the fact that just like Directv and Time Warner, they too raise your rates after the first year of your 2 year agreement. It has been well over the 2 years so I started shopping and found that I could switch to Directv and get dvr for the entire house, the same programming I already have and free movie channels for 3 months for $87. I want to stay with Dish so I first contacted them via chat. I asked them about upgrading to the hopper and was told it would cost me over $200. So I filed a complaint with the company. I received an email apologizing for the inconvenience and that shortly someone would contact me. 2 weeks go by nothing. So I email them again to say nobody has contacted me. That is when I get Jennifer Huynh, Written Escalations. Customer service is not her thing. In one email she says she will upgrade me to the hopper but it will cost $95, then she says she waive the $95 but my bill with go up $17, close to $150 a month!!! I tell her I don't see why I can't get the new customer deals since I can leave and go with any company. She writes back that if I left I would be paying triple what Dish charges. I know that is not true because I have done the research. She offer free movie channels for 3 months and wants me to sign a 2 year agreement at the $150!!! Here I am trying to stay a Dish customer!!! I ask for her supervisor and her exact words are "I am equipped to handle this issue as I am in the Written Escalations Department: this dispute does not warrant my supervisor." Just to be clear this is all via email so I have it all in writing. Either I try to go above her head or Directv has just earned a new customer.

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  • MikeL DISH May 11, 2014


    I've reviewed your post and would like to assist you if you could please private message me with your account number and four-digit PIN so I can have a look! Thank you and I look forward to going over any and all options with you!

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  • Je
    Jewelsgone May 21, 2014

    I was wondering if someone can tell me if the service /installation techs are bonded and insured against thieft?

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  • MikeL DISH Sep 25, 2014


    If you've experienced an issue of that nature with our technician(s), I'm sorry to hear about that and can assure you we do have a Damages department that handles this issue. I would welcome your information if you'd like to private message me so we can discuss this further. Thanks!

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  • MikeL DISH Oct 06, 2014


    If you've experienced an incident of theft against you, I'm sorry to hear about that and would be happy to help you if you could please give our Damages department a call at (877) 772-4237.

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  • Le
    leor211 Oct 22, 2015

    Look at bish network trying to post comments here like they actually care please. My sister has been with them for over a decade, the kind of person who pays all her bills days in advance and has almost perfect credit. Yet you let her overpay for years while claiming that it's not your responsibility to remove your own satellite dishes...hello they got your name on it mo-rons! And the pooper(hopper) no wonder it doesn't work properly, as it was designed primarily to spy on it's customers. After all, those "1AM updates", aren't updates at all. They just send all the data the unit has collected for the day back to their servers. How do you think they get the statistics for "most viewed", for their on demand service? That would be their argument for spying, however the truth is it's not necessary to track ratings in this manner. Just ask cable

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  • Re
    Realist704 Dec 05, 2016

    I find it interesting "Iron Maverick", that YOU and only YOU, let these people walk all over you, especially with that epic name lol. And poor baby had to work on Christmas, wah... It's not like your a Christian anyway, especially using that expletive directly after the word Christmas. What's wrong? Didn't get all screwed up on alcohol while spending quality time with your family!? Pure comedy... Look up what the real meaning of Christmas is and how a Christian is supposed to act...your not it...And you quote scripture from Ezekiel ha! also...YOU let yourself get to 300 lbs... YOU smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day... Dish didn't make you... YOU tried to kill yourself... This pity party complaint is amazing when all you had to do is walk away... Glutton, look it up. That's you. Pick up your sorry rear end and take control of your life, don't let others control it for you.

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  • Im
    IMightBeSatan Apr 25, 2019

    @Realist704 Not to piss on your parade, but Christmas is not originally a Christaun holiday. It was a pagan holiday until the systematic rape and destructiin of other religions by the Catholic Church. Read a history book before you talk down to someonw. Thats why no one likws christians, you think you better than everyone else believing in your fake god and being a faje ass person.

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  • Di
    DidyMo Jan 03, 2017

    I'm 77. In May 2016 a Dish Technician came to hook up my new TV and forgot to hook up the other. I ended up with both a "Joey" and "Hopper". I thought I was signing a receipt for the installation but unbeknown to me it was a contract extending through May 2018. My monthly bill almost doubled overnight. I called several times to complain and renegotiate. They then read a letter to me telling me in effect I was a problem customer and if in the future I called more than once a week (or month...I'm not sure) they could unilaterally terminate my contract. I was so angry I told the phone person to F themselves and slammed down the phone. After several minutes I regained my composure and called back to cancel my contract. I told the young lady to offer my apology to the first young lady I cursed since I knew it was not her fault but managements. Long story short, I had to pay $20 a month for the remaining months in the contract for a total of $340 to void this bogus contract. Finally...I had been with Dish for 16 years and had never missed or been late on a payment. If this is the way they treat a long time customer, I can only imagine how they abuse those with less time. Now I am happy as a pig in slop with Time Warner. And...I cannot count the number of friends and family I have warned away from the greedy managers at Dish. Believe me...their reputation will soon catch up with them!

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  • Wo
    Wolfgang Damedaues Jan 27, 2017

    This company is one of the most awful places I have had the misfortune to work for.

    When first starting they paid lip service to me, stating that they were concerned about my "career path". This is just one of many lies that have been place down like a layer of straw over a floor of complete refuse. The only goal of the call center I work in is to get people into the "Loyalty" department, and I think once I leave, I will leave a copy of that definition on my managers desk, as they truly do not understand that meaning.
    As a CSC agent you are pressured constantly to SELL SELL SELL, what ever current promotion you were to push upon the customer. Even customers that were struggling to pay the bill, or had some absurd costs forced upon them. On top of this you were required to help a customer, or pass them along to the customer retention department in an allotted amount of time, usually around 6 minutes. In reality this barely gave you enough time to resolve an issue let alone create a long term solution. You would have a coach badgering you if your handle time became excessive. The stats that you were graded on changed constantly, and up-sell was the one that "didn't count" yet weighed heaviest in the final stats you would be graded on in a period.

    Recently the entire call center was "converted" to loyalty. They changed everyone in the building to the retention department. They made this decision just before the holidays, at a time that they knew people would not resign. They upturned probably 300-400 peoples lives. They lied to employees on a daily basis. They withheld the new pay structure until after the 1st of the year. They refused promotions to people that had already been given the promotion, saying that they just didn't have class opening to train them yet. They eliminated entire departments of dedicated individuals and mashed the whole site into "retention".

    The next step in the Dish master plan was to introduce the new "pay" scale. This was the plan from the start in my opinion. As this was probably a ploy to get the tenured agents out of the company. The new pay structure involved cutting the pay of every agent in the site. People that had gotten raises the month before were getting pay cuts, and those were the small ones. Tenured people? ?Yeah they got the shaft. Some people are going to have as much as $10 a hour cut from their pay. The management just says "You're going to make it up in commission!". However they change the statistics you need to reach every week. This is NEVER consistent. When they first rolled out the new payment structure they used a salesman; and I am sorry the director of the sales portion of the company is a sales man; to pitch a structure that although somewhat convoluted seem to make sense. The numbers were realistic, and obtainable. Three weeks into the new structure and the stats have been changed as many times, making it impossible to set an actual goal to meet. The newest step was to remove pay differentials for those that work nights and weekends.
    The crown jewel to this nightmare is the way management treats its employees.

    Unless you are part of the Clique you are basically doomed to work the worst shifts and have no choice on a permanent schedule. In my short time there I have had my schedule changed no less than 6 times, not counting the temporary changes to accommodate the "training" schedule. During that time you get minimal days off and often have to switch into a completely opposite shift for a week, then have less than a single day to switch back, or use your PTO to give yourself a day to recover. Shift changes come at random times and they are arbitrary, with no room for change.
    If you do not meet your stats you are put on a review, and then you are "coached" and given a certain set time to improve. If you do not out the door you go. If you make one mistake with a manager in the site you are forever barred from advancement in the site. They lie and change their stories constantly and make the agents the ones that are unreasonable. When they made the change we were told there would not be any transfers allowed at all. You are becoming a loyalty agent, no if's and's or but's. Their only concern was to keep heads in the site. Two weeks later it's "Well you can't transfer now because of performance appraisals, and that no one gets to transfer at this time". Then weeks later the story is that you always had the option to transfer and that I have not seen anything and that opportunity was always open to you.

    The company talks constantly of "ownership". Own the mistake of the Tech/agent/supervisor that screwed up the relationship with a customer. Take "ownership" of the changes, take "ownership" of everything, until it is time to take "ownership" of the employees that have worked awful shifts, or given decades if their life, or forcing people into positions they are either ill suited for, or just burnt out on. Force employees to put up with abuse from customers, you are expected to take the abuse, always. "Just let them vent" they say, or you're not tough enough, or it only happens sometimes. You are not allows to ask a customer to please refrain from profanity, or to keep the call professional. Only once the customer gets person can you get someone involved.

    This company and Mr. Ergen are some of the most unscrupulous band of sociopaths that I have ever seen. Needless to say that I would not wish this place upon anyone. I think that they have realized that pay TV service if a diminishing market and they are just trying to squeeze as much money from it as possible. The newest price increases also seem to back this up, as they have introduced an across the board $5 increase, and have raised the rates of receiver fees as well.

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  • St
    Stephen Goddard Apr 07, 2017

    I worked for a contractor in Boca named Infinity as Tier II. Everything you said I will relate to as factual. Sorry about your upsets. I have moved on after being ###*** by this DishTV affiliate. I would tell you that quoting the Old Testament has no effect on these schmucks. I personally ripped their masuza off their pious doorway to the call center before leaving there. It made me feel alive again to leave DishTV/Infinity in Boca Raton even though I had no other financial support and a family to feed. They are the worst of any call centers I ever worked in (5 in 5 years). Yes, damn their dealings.

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