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Resolved dish network pay per view fraudulent charges

Didn't notice the charges because of electronic statemet delivery. (Changed that to regular mail) Spent most...

Resolved lies and steals

Dish Network is all about bait and switch, stealing your credit card number and using it unauthorized, promising to fix problems and then having the original problem pop up a couple months later ...causing you to waste your time to TRY to fix it again! I originally got Dish with a "Gold HD" package, "free activation" and a package that would "cost me $42.99/mo for the first six months" then "$77.95/mo for the remainer of the two-year contract." I verified with "Daniel, " the salesman, THREE times by repeating my query that that was the price. Well, that didn't happen. They billed me a $50 activation fee ..and then they used my credit card number to sign me up for other services that had nothing to do with Dish network, repeatedly charging me $19 every month. I had to cancel the card to stop them from stealing from me. It didn't stop there: After a couple months, my $42.99 was up around $90 and then drifted above $100 per month. When I did the online chat and then called them, I wasted SEVERAL hours attempting to get them to abide by the contract. Their "excuse?" They aren't bound by any price they quoted ...but *I* am bound by a 2 year contract to pay them "whatever" they want me to pay. Homey don't play that! I made it a point to track down the corporate office in Colorado--their number is [protected]--and wound up talking to a high-level but just as incompetent "corporate customer service person" by the name of Shelley Cruz (when you call the above number, enter her extension, 53482, after you get the answering system. Shelley promised the world, offering to "fix" the problem and did--for ONE month. Now, the bill is back up to $95.98 (remember, I am supposed to be paying $77.95) and, of course, she won't call back! Her voicemail says her schedule is from 3:30PM central to midnight so, you'll just have to get her when she's in, I guess. So, let's review: 1. Do NOT give Dish a credit card number unless you are willing to cancel it--to stop them from stealing from you! 2. Do NOT expect them to maintain the contract of what they agreed to! 3. Expect the price to change--read that "go up"--every month without reason. 4. Expect to waste as much time as they can get out of you to NOT solve their ripoff billing practices. 5. Even when you THINK the problem is solved, do NOT think the "solution" will last more than a month. 6. Expect to waste more time in the future--could it be EVERY month for the rest of eternity?. 7. Don't expect Dish to work when there is even the slightest amount of rainfall. 7a. Snow or freezing rain? You'll need to get on the roof and clean off the Dish (no TV until you do!). 8. Know that you will do what I am doing now ...writing about Dish Network Bait and Switch--and credit card fraud--online. 9. Good luck with these low life's!

  • Updated by mikeh_dish network · Feb 07, 2011

    Hello Pam my name is Mike Houston of DISH Network and I am very sorry you had a bad customer service experience when you called in. We at DISH Network always want every customer to have a great experience when they finish talking to us. After reading your post I wanted to check and see where things are as of right now, I notice when you signed up you had the Gold HD package that would cost you $42.99 a month for the first 6 months and then go to $77.95 a month. There are times when prices are subject to change due to the programming we provide are owned by other companies, and our prices are based on what we must pay those companies. We also let every customer know if their adding or removing programming there may be a channel that has been taken down and Dish Network reserves the right to change prices, packages, and programming at any time that includes without limitation during any Programming Purchase Agreement. Every account is different and I would like to check the account history so I will leave my e-mail to assist further. [email protected]

  • De
    debray2010 Apr 18, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is happening to my father and us. It is horrible that this company is getting away with this Network Bait and Switch Pricing, Cat and Mouse Games ! It's so sad being the mouse while the cat slowly plays with the mouse until it decides to give it the final blow. My dad keep's apologizing for reccomending this company to us. They tell us we have to pay them $ 180.00 to get out of the 2 year contract with them. No matter what " they will control you and they will win is their moto." Well we will see about that, because as of today I will be doing more research on what we the consumers can do !!!

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Resolved Beware its rip off

Go DIsh network was contacted to install my dish network tv satellite, I referred my daughter and we were to...

deceptive sales practices

We signed on for Dish Network in November 2009. We have been very happy with the service until today. We received the most recent bill and it was 150 percent higher than the previous bills. Incidentally, the fee we have been paying since November was exactly what the sales representative told us it would be and he promised my husband that what our bill would be for the first twelve months. My husband spent over an hour and a half on the phone with various representatives and supervisors, even being disconnected (perhaps hung up on?) twice. They now say that the sales representative that sold us the package had no right to make the promises he did and "you know you are under a twenty four month contract". Absolutely horrible customer service. Next step the state Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection Agency, etc., etc.

  • Di
    dishplaintiff Mar 03, 2010

    I went through the same experience you did yesterday - signed up in Nov. 09 and charges increased 17% this month. They say I signed an contract basically allowing them to charge whatever the want, whenever they want.
    There is a strong case to be made that a clause in a contract that basically invalidates promises made is no contract at all.
    If we can all get together and win a class action suit against Dish Network, then maybe these bait and switch tactics can be stopped.

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  • Ve
    Venky G Mar 29, 2010

    I went through a very similar experience though I've been a customer for nearly two years. When my bill went up (after a 'guarantee' by the sales agent that it will not), I called them this morning to find out why. The 'filipino' sounding customer service rep told me that the contract says they can increase the rate whenever it is necessary. When asked to speak to a manager, she simply hung up on me. We need to stop this 'bait and switch' tactics as well as poor customer service practices. We can always take our business elsewhere but this practice needs to be stopped regardless of service provider.

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scam operation

On 12/19/09 we had Dish network installed due to the "Great Deal" over Direct TV.
Our contract was for free installation and $54 a month for 24 months. Our first bill came and was for $284. I called and was told it was for installation charges and after debating this for over an hour I just paid it.

Our second bill came three days later for $417, again I called and after the third operator I was informed that they had changed the original contract and was now required to purchase the HD/DVR receiver. Since I could not afford this I was eventually directed by some miracle of science to "Philip Operator #2N6. I was informed by him that they routinely change contracts and my only recourse was to have the service disconnected and due to being within the first 30 days the $284 would be refunded to us as soon as they received their equipment and it was tested.

However, they would not send us prepaid shipping papers. Wierd, but Okay, I thought. So service is disconnected at that time. The following day I shipped back their equipment and received verification of delivery from UPS on 1/25/10 along with the time and who signed for it.

After a week I called Dish to find out how things were going and was told that we would not receive the refund as told earlier. But wait it gets better. On 2/26/10 I received a letter from E.R. Solutions, a collection agency stating I owed Dish Network $258. So of course I called Dish network and once again weaved through the endless idiots, finally being transfered to a supervisor. He had no name nor an ID number, which was a red flag in itself. Anyway the charges was for the equipment I had? After the vulger response received when I confronted him with the information including the tracking number and who signed for it he set out to prove me wrong. He did in fact find I was right, in fact he did have the equipment.

For a normal, compitent person this would have made them think that maybe I did not owe this bill. Not Mr. No Name! He simply stated "You still owe for the equipment you have". I also found that directing him to Philip #2N6, was a waste of time since according to him there is no way to find out who this person is.

I have this morning filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection agency and the Federal Trade Commission. However, looking at all the issues filed against Dish Network I am thinking it may take a while.

Based on my experiences with Dish Network I have been able to know without a doubt that if ignorance is bliss there employees are in paradise!

  • Di
    dishplaintiff Mar 03, 2010

    While my experience of unexpected charges is slightly different from yours, the scam is just the same.
    In February billing from Dish, they changed everyone's equipment billing which resulted in increases of up to 200%. This is not programming or services which they say they can change billing on anytime.
    This is hardware. Electronic hardware depreciates rapidly over time.
    So why would their costs now be more expensive for older equipment? There is no reason.
    I am going to file a small claims action against Dish, but it would be better if we could all get these issues together for a class action lawsuit.

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slow internet

After paying 50 a month for wildblue "satilite" from dishnet work started fine (better than dial up ..aka "wow")1 + years later i need faster speed ..suggested go tom our "platinum package"...80$ a month..i did..this si supose to be the max(ps now my bill is up to 200$ a month, yes as in two hundred!guess what it started fast at first now after only 3 weeks..pathetically slow...after reponse is"sorry we cant gaurantee speeds at particular peak times?..hell it 2 am right now and the speed still sucks(unless there is a whole bunch of nite folks...left email or reply...but of coarse...i want NO OUT SOURCED NON USA READING OFF SCRIPTS EITHER...possibily that 99.9% of work on dish when did you turn so nasty?

dish tv

Last time I am recharge my dish tv using online net banking
Many time amount is credited my acount but trancation is faild..
How can is get back my money?
Acount details

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05-feb-10 cn20100205076578073 0 merchant name:cc avenues otc:cca100213864

05-feb-10 cn20100205076578065 0 merchant name:cc avenues otc:cca100213863

  • Jc
    jcgupta Apr 15, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased Dish TV connection on 18.01.2008 from Madan Lal & Sons @ Rs.4999/- (one year subscription free). After 40-45 days (before 2nd Mar.2008) of purchasing I am noticing transmission of that various channels such as STAR, STAR ONE, SAHARA, ZEE ZAGARAN, SAHARA ONE, INDIATV, ETC are not proper as the screen is vibrating.
    We have lodged the complaint a number of times to Madan Lal & sons and also at your service center, Kota (Mr. ML Agrawal, Mangal Radio, Shopping Center). The Customer Service Center charging Rs.150 for every visit for checking the any type of problem and have said that there will be no responsibility if the problem sustains the next day and will again have to pay the sum of Rs.150/- for checking the problem.

    Problem regarding vibrating screenfor some channels is still being faced by me as it hasn’t be sort out as yet.

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  • Su
    susanta kumar das May 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sir my name is sanjay kumar maharana.i have purches a new dish tv setup box on date 29/03/2008 from telecare shop one way traffic road, berhampur-760001, orissa, std no-0680 2225182 now setup box was not working properly .setup box s/no 07B8ABF40DS30766 MODEL N0 CD-1004 IS
    VC NO 01505308970 DEALER CONTACT NO 9937185900 .Please solved the problem now some time coming the chenal up to 5 sec after coming call dish tv customer care on 1-860-180-3474 what is your problem. i have paying RS 2400 Rupees.pls solved the problem as soon as possible and how to pay dish tv or how to reacharge way send mail.i have no internate facility so i have send the massage through my friend mail id.

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  • Vi
    vijay kumar Nov 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    non-dishplay colors channel last 24 hours

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Resolved ppv porn unordered

I have looked at others complaints about Dish, and wish I had looked in here sooner. Some months ago, my...

no refund of their overcharge

I just got off the phone to India for the fourth time trying to get them to honor a deal I thought I had made in October 2008. I had switched from regular Dish to Hd-Tv Dish. I had talked to a young lady in Manilla, Philippines and She signed me up for what I thought was going to be free installation and free HBO, Starz, and Cinemax for three months and $24.99 a month for the 200 channel silver package/for 12and $5 for DVR rental each month. Imagine my surprise when they charged $57.99 for Dish/DVR package, $40.00 for the HBO-premium package. I have tried since October to have them honor the deal-they now say that there was never any such deal offered and they would (out of the kindness of their hearts) offer me the new deal-same as the one I thought I had brfore, for $22.99 a month for SIX months and no refund of their overcharge! If anyone has had this happen to them-please write here and to anyone you know who can call thses guys on their blatant breaking of a contract Also, to let me know I didn't just imagine this!

poor customer satisfaction

I have had dishnetwork for almost two years with numerous outatges which dishnetwork doesnt reimburse for even though that is not the customers fault. Until today any other time they (dishnetwork) have disconnected me they immediately reconnected me when they have done a soft disconnect, as they call it, as soon as I have paid my past due balance. Knowing i live in a blizzard area currently ravaged by bad snow storm after bad snow storm causing a state of emergency dishnetwork is unwilling to do as they have always done before and reconnet me with payment of my past due amount which is only $90.64. Instead dishnetwork wants me to pay almost double that amount just to reconnect my service. However dishnetwork falsely advertises saying they have award winning customer service satisfaction under whose standards their own? Because me being a paying customer I cant tell I am not a satisfied customer and appartenly with all of the complaints I am not the only customer who has been blaintly lied too. If dishnetwork wants a clue on good customer service follow the first rule of advise when it comes to customer satisfaction the customer, who helps make pay checks and various other bills for the company, is always right and the company should do everything it can to keep happy satisfied customers. One unsatisfied customer can cause alot of havoc for a company word of mouth spreads quickly. I for one am telling all of my friends and family about my negative experiences and they will tell all of their friends and family.

Resolved wrongfully charged

I have been paying $10.00 a month for not having a phone line attached to my broadband receiver. I have tried and tried to dispute the charge with no luck so I gave in and had someone run phone lines to both my receivers and called Dish Network to tell them that the phone lines were in and to stop charging me. The representative told me that the phone line to the receiver did not work in doing what it was supposed to do and they would no longer be charging me for this service. I demanded that they reimburse me for the money they have been charging me for a service that I did not want to pay and a service that did not work. They refused me my money back. I feel that I should be reimbursed along with every other person they wrongfully charged! How can they get away with this type of criminal activity?

  • Updated by [email protected] Network · Jan 26, 2011

    Hi there dchalfant! I happened to read your post & I'm extremely sorry to hear about all these issues you have experienced with DISH Network. I'll introduce myself, my name is Michael Hurst & I work for DISH Network, in our Executive Resolutions Department & I would be more then happy to help you get this resolved. Sounds like you have more then 1 Duo receiver that was required to be plugged into a phone line since you were getting charged $10.00 additional a month. This fee would be removed if the receiver was plugged into a phone line and waived the cost for the second TV that each receiver has the ability to run. The customer service agent that you spoke to advised that this fee is no longer charged which is correct. You can still connect your receivers to a phone line or Ethernet cable to get added features like caller id, PPV movies, check your bill, and make changes to your services. If you are still having an issue with this please respond to this post. I will also leave my email if you have any additional information that you would like to provide. [email protected] Take care and hope to hear from you soon. - Michael

arbitrary fee increase

Dish Network has found a way to change the terms of service and increase the cost of their service through receiver charges. I have been a loyal customer for greater than 15 years. During that time I have been satisfied with the service and treated fairly. In these times of recession this company has chosen to arbitrarily change the terms of my contract with them by increasing (340% from $5 to $17 each) the fees for my receivers. I'm no lawyer and this seems like it should be illegal but with their big money I'm sure they have found a sleazy loophole they can exploit their customers. Shame on Dish Network! If this is illegal someone please HELP. I know I need to seek an alternative provider but I am a creature of habit and fear the unknown.

  • Me
    MeandMe2 Feb 11, 2010

    One onboard here...

    Been with dish over 11 years...
    This Dish New price increase adds $22 a month
    to my bill and in return I get nothing..literally
    nothing...Jan paying $85 Feb paying $107...for the same
    exact setup...there giving out 6 month credit to offset longtime customers
    but this is merely a pacifier to get you use to the new prices...and in 6 months..
    what then?...

    I do not believe it is illegal in that they have the right to change packaging
    pricing etc at there long as it nots some huge conspiracy between
    them and direct-tv/cable for price fixing...then no...

    I believe there argument goes...we are still cheaper than the competition
    for similar setups and this is true..but by how much..A Direct tv setu in my
    case is easily $15 more...and cable is about the same if you have all the channels...
    so there argument is "we can charge more and still be under the rest, so why not"...


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  • Ms
    mstanley Feb 11, 2010

    My bill is going to Increase $25.00 as I have three recievers..

    Been with Dishnetwork for 11 years, going to cancel and switch to Direct TV.

    I am glad that I'm no longer under a contract.

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  • Di
    divbyzero Apr 18, 2010

    I'm only 3 months into my 24 month contract and they doubled my receiver fees? They say they have the right to change the price at any time and I'm still bound by the contract.

    Is this really possible?

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lies, thieves, unethical

These guys will steal every penny from you they can, They will lie and cheat, and they definately prey upon the less educated. They try to lock you into long term contracts without telling you. It happens every single day. They teach these guys to be vague with you when having you sign contracts. The CSR lies to you to get you signed up and then the installer tells you sign here. Then you are stuck for 2-3 years with ridiculuos cancellation fees. Tell everyone you know to avoid these scam artists. If you would like to complain to the head of the legal dept. Here you go: stanton.[protected]

  • Ma
    Mama inAz Dec 15, 2012

    Santa won't be visiting my 7 & 10 year old because a Dish salesman opted to lie to put $10 in his pocket.

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customer abuse

On January 29th the receiver in my room stopped working. I called technical support. The girl told me that my account was flagged and to have my receiver turned on I would have to contact the "verifications department". That night, Friday, I tried to reach them but they were closed. On Saturday, I did not get home from work until 6:40PM. I called the verification department and got thru to a Chris. Finally we went thru the motions of verifying the receivers. The instructions that he gave me were as follows. "I will be asking you some questions about the information in the receivers and he would not be putting me on hold, in turn I would talk to nobody and not put him on hold". This was frankly a little offensive since he made no attempt to explain himself or give any apologies for this behavior. So we proceded to verify the receivers. When we were done he asked me to send him a copy of my utility bill. Chris had told me early in the conversation at 6:45PM that he was going to be there for another 25 minutes. I faxed him a copy of my electric bill and called him back at 7:00PM and they were closed. Sunday they were closed so I waited till Monday. Finally Monday, only after two hours on the phone, I was able to send the utility bill and get my services back on. On Thursday night, the same week, my receiver in my living room was turned off. I called the verifications department again and they said the address on the electric bill did not match the address they had on file. The address on my utility bill. The address on my utility bill says 733 ne 7th ave apt 8 and the address on file says 731 ne 7th ave. I tried to explain to the agent that my house is part of an apartment complex. I live on a sigle family home next to seven apartments. This is all part of the apartment comlex. The mail box is on the building next to me and that building is 733. This is were my mailbox is. My house is actually 731. For some reason when I set up set up service with Florida Power and Light they only recognized 733. The agent was very rude even after I explained this situation to him. I told him that if it would be good I could cancel the services at 731 and start new services at 733. He said that I could not do this because that would be promotional fraud. Additionally the ultumatum he gave me in order to maintain service was to pay $60 a month for this receiver in addition to the 60 some dollar I am paying now. In other words, pay double service. Basically he was calling me a lyer and a thief. Conclusion, today I am cancelling my services with Dish Network. I have never seen anything like this and dont wish this on my worst enemy. Additionally I will be contacting the FTC, the BBB and any blog I can upload this story on. Buyer be ware.

  • Dish Network is the worst. It reminds me of AOL years ago when they were being bullies to people that wanted to cancel their service. They are rude, agressive, intimidating and frankly very ignorant. My friend filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Dish Networks said they would NOT release him from his contract. They acted like they didn't have to abide by the Federal Bankruptcy laws and harassed him for $180 cancellation fee!

    I would NOT recommend Dish to anyone not even my worst enemy. HOPEFULLY there will be a class action lawsuit AGAINST them and all injured and treated badly, will be compensated!

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Resolved false advertising

I recently ordered Dish network. The installer came to my home and was very professional and courteous, thi...

cancellation of service

My daughter who is on ssi (Social security income) had subscribed to dish network and had to moved to another location. When she called to have them transfer her service to her new house 2 service tech's came to her new rental house and told her that they could not get a signal for her satilite dish. She was told by the installer that they would have to cancel her contact"due to lack of receiving a satilite signal". When the tech guy put her on the phone with dish network, they told her that they were going to have to charge her a $200. Cancellation fee. The service tech told her that that was not correct and said she did not have to pay because she was not terminating her service - they could not provide her with a satilite signal. She has called customer service and they still are telling her she is going to have to pay the $200. Cancellation fee. What is up with that!

pay in advance

I woke up this morning to no service, when I called about service I had to pay in advance over the phone for...

Resolved dish network receiver equipment scam!!!

I was a customer of Dish Network for almost 10 years. In August of 2009, I moved discontinuing my service...

Resolved left all their old equipment on rental units

We own 6 four-plex units in Alabama. Everytime a new tenant moves in and calls for Dish service, they come out and install a new satillite beside the old one running wires all around the buildings.

Tenants are supposed to have our authorization to install but the Dish serice providers just take their word for it. We now have a "graveyard" of old dishs on our units.

I have called Dish Network to send someone to take them off our property but to no avail. They tell me that I will need to call an installer and pay them to take them off!

  • Updated by mikeh_dish network · Feb 07, 2011

    Hi WalB78 my name is Mike Houston of DISH Network, when a customer is signing up for DISH Network service we do not require the Landlords permission for install. If permission is needed the tenant is responsible for getting permission. If the property owner does not want the Dish up or they want it in a certain place we will accommodate them. If there needs to be a Dish Removal there is a charge for this service of $95.00 and we will send out a tech to de-install for the equipment. If the customer is closing out the account we do ask they return the LNBF, switches, receivers and remotes so we can close out the account. We do not ask for the Dish back and most people will leave it up on the roof for the next renter. If you have any questions I will leave my e-mail so you can contact me directly. [email protected]

  • To
    Tom6860 Oct 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Take the dish units down yourself and cosmetically hide the wiring in some fashion. When Dish wants their units back, submit a labor charge to them that they have to pay before they can have them. Let them know the feeling of their own tactics.

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We own 6 four-plex units in Muscle Shoals, AL. Everytime a new tenant moves in and they call for Dish service, they come out and install a new satillite dish beside the old one and run wires all around the buildings. The tenants are supposed to have our authorization to install but the Dish serice providers just take their word for it. We now have a "graveyard" of old dishs all around our units. I have called Dish Network to send someone to take them off our property but to no avail. They are telling me that I will need to call an installer in the area and pay them to take them off!
First of all, it is very, very, very "un" green to just put a new dish up instead of using the exispting one or having the customers take it with them when they move. Second, Dish Network should be responsible for making sure they have the property owners authorization to install equipment on their buildings. If I have all of the old ones removed and have to pay for it, it could be in the hundreds of dollars. Then, I will have to dispose of them as e-waste. This is Dish's responsibility not mine. It is a huge eye sore if I just leave them there and as tenants come and go, we will continue to have a bigger "graveyard." I spoke with numerous people there and finally had to act like I was a new customer to get a live body on the line. After being swithed to three different departments, they told me someone would call me back in 48 hours. That was a week ago! Will cancel my Dish Network account at home and tell eveyone I know to beware!

  • Updated by KIMESCO · Jan 02, 2011

    Hello, this is Kimberly Escobar with Dish network customer support just ran across your post here and wanted to inform you I would be more than happy to further look into this for you. I apologize for any inconveniences you might have experienced with DISH Network. If at the moment you have an active account please feel free contact me directly at [email protected] I would like to look into this ongoing issue for you and provide you with the best solution possible.

  • Ka
    Karen Nov 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been moving since Tuesday, November 18, 2008. I scheduled appointment with Dish Network for installation in my new apartment on November 12, 2008. On the day of the installation I called thirty minutes before the was to expire to find out the location of the technican and how long before it will be before he arrived. The representative asked for confirmation of address and phone of the new address installation. I found out that the appointment was cancelled with no reason of why. I stated to the representative that I am in the military and deploying very soon as in next month. I asked to talk with one of the Supervisors, Scott, identification number M50 for help. He refused to give me any help in this matter only when I asked to talk with his Supervisor did he say he could get appointment for tomorrow on November 19, 2008. I asked him to please verify my information to ensure that the guy would here and if he had a problem that he could reach me at home. So now it is today and guess what there was no phone call with no installation of my service. So I have to go the rest of the week and weekend until Tuesday November 25 for any service on my home. I called Dish Network to find out the status of my appointment only to be told my address was entered incorrectly. I am being to think that this company should hire trained monkeys. Because if you have a Supervisor and representative who cannot enter a address or phone number correctly into a computer then what else is falling through the cracks over there. You have a company who makes a mistake and does nothing to help the customer. They are more worried about adding extra services to you then to help a customer who has geninue concerns. I think what if everytime they made a mistake their employees were docked pay as we the customers are for missing our hours at work. Would that open their minds to better help the customers?

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  • Tc
    tca Jan 12, 2010

    You should include a prevision in your lease concerning satellite dishes and any charges that are included. Personally, I would outlaw them as they are ugly and and the wiring job destroys the property. It's not Dishs' responsibility.

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