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Maharaj ki Jai ho

Star plus show Maharaj ki Jai ho should be banned as soon as possible bcoz it is making fun of Hindu epic Mahabharat.
In this difficult time when world is fighting with a pandemic and everyone is praying to God for the well being, these stupid people made fun of the great epic Mahabharat as well as the Hindu religion. This show simply trying to make fun of each and every character of that time for laughter which can't be tolerated.
This show should be banned as soon as possible.

Mahabharat on star plus

Dear sir,

Sir, why telecast always on mahabharat any time..why repeating repeating bar bar aap repeat karte jaa rahe ho raat me 8 baje subah 11 baje aur din me 4 baje. Aapke pass aur koi serial nahi hai dikhane ke liye pehle se hi DD national par B.r chopra ji ki mahabharat aa raha hai and aap bhi ye dikha ke ghar me mahabharat start karwa di.

Please only one time fixed in this show.
Yaa ho sake to mahabharat ka telecast band kar do to behtar hai.

Thanks & regards
New delhi

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    Nimesh Kumar May 22, 2020
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    Verified customer

    Why are you telecasting repeatedly.
    Why you are telecasting Yesterday's episode again and again.
    You wested our full half episode.

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Bas bahu baby

Why don't know telecast bas bahut aur baby serial in star utsav instead of sathiya saath ni banana and pratigya again and again..

savadhan india fir

The acting of the main stars is below par. Their mannerism, reactions all the episodes are the same. Some characters overact like the Lady constable in Delhi Police!! Same is the case with Sardarji SHO. The SHO of Bhopal Police is always grim faced and show no reactions to incidents. Are the stories based on Real incidents or imaginary - they are unbelievable. Suggest you discontinue this and show regular Savadhan India episodes.


Hi I normally don't like to complain I am a big fan of dance plus sometimes I find it very annoying watching it now this comedy by the presenter raghiv I find it very unprofessional his presentation it's really doesn't suit your TV channel I live in UK I have seen much better presentation by your competitor channels I think you should change this presenter Raghiv any future production

This is my personal opinion I don't find him professional

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jag janani maa vaishno devi - star bharat serial

Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi ki Katha is too much confusing...
1 Nov 2019 ko jo episode dikhaya tha... Us episode k hisaab se Treta Yug k Vaman and Parsuram kaa hi janm hua tha...
Ram janm baaki tha par
3 Dec 2019 k episode me Ravan and Ahiravan ka janm ho chuka hai... Itna confusing kyu...
Pl explain to me.. Want to know about it...
Why these episodes are different

kulfi - the singing star

I would like to share my view about the show. This show was introduced to us and we started watching with my entire family. I must say in the begining the show was interesting but now the moral of the teachings are so wrong. I have a 9 year old daughter who loves watching the show bit nowadays all we see is Kulfi crying and all bad things happening to her. What are you trying to teach our children. In this modern society kids learn from TV and if we continue to watch Kulfi...this will teach our kids that it is ok to accept happiness and if your parents do not care about you it is ok
Please change the story and make Kulfi the winner. She is ALWAYS losing.

I am complain sufiyana pyaar mera in star bharath show.

Madhav only loves saltanat.Saltanat always love zaroon only.krish called saltanat as a to Krish love saltanat and zaroon daughter?what message you give to the society?I love sufiyana pyaar mera show.Don't spoil this show meaning.This show based on a true love story of zaroon and saltanat only.please don't make the love story of Krish and saltanat daughter.

nimki vidhyak

This serial started as Nimki Mukhiya was excellent liked by me and my family and friends. Now this present program is so pathetic the
Storyline is so childish. Some of my friends watch it because they like the actors. Nothing happens in the storyline all they do pass time
By showing what happened so far. The director of this serial looks lost and don't know what he is doing and where he is with out a story
He is just managing to pass the 20 minutes by making fool of viewers.

the wrong spelling of hindi

मैं अपनी मातृभाषा हिंदी का अत्यन्त सम्मान करती हूँ और आपके शोज़ में भी जगह जगह बैनर्स में हिंदी भाषा का प्रयोग किया जाता है। आपके एक शो निमकी विधायक में हिंदी का बिल्कुल ध्यान नहीं दिया जाता है उसके एक 17 अक्टूबर2019 के एपिसोड में "नवरात्रि" की सही वर्तनी के स्थान और "नवरात्री" की गलत वर्तनी का प्रयोग किया गया। इस शो को वे छोटे बच्चे भी देखते हैं जिनको हिंदी का सही ज्ञान नहीं होता और वो गलत ज्ञान से परिचित होकर उसे ही सही मान लेते हैं। अतः आपसे अनुरोध है कि आप उनको सही, गलत से परिचित करवाएँ और उनको चेतावनी भी दें कि या तो वो सही हिंदी लिखें या हिंदी लिखें ही न।

Vaagshrei Tripathi

kasauti zindagi kii

Prerna has been pregnant for many months but it doesnt seem to show in any way throughout the programme I think this is something that should have been shown. This is making prernas character look bad and doesnt make sense as part of the story line. This is something g that should have been thought off prior to extending the story line with mr bajaj.


Why has nazar timeslot been constantly moved further back more and more and now its been moved to 12am?? Who the hell will stay upto 12am to watch the show? Why is old shows like mahakumbh being shown at 10pm for an hour and savhdhaan india following when it gets broadcasted in different channel as well? Why is the main new shows being pushed back by old shows umm I dont get it whats the logic? There is enough time for nazar to be put earlier in the evening or even after mahakumbh if yall wanna really show that serial.

nimki mukhiya

In Nimki mukhiya she won election and after a long time her husband babbu is ready to live with her .director have to do different in this serial like give punishment to GUNDEYS but recently writer and director keeps this serial too long and change Nimki vidhayak unnecessary but "Why" we all have bored from this and Dialogs and overacting so this is my request to stop this serial and launch a serail like Reality of Life of Middle class Family and their life style or Comedy

tv show

I hope you're well,
I have a complaint regarding the time slot of a show.
Divya Drishti used to air at 9:00 pm then it changed to 9:30 pm due to Nach Baliye 9 coming back.
Now last week, Star Plus changed it to 11 PM like why would they do that?
Not everyone can stay awake till that time to watch their favourite show.
Can you please put Divya Drishti back to their time slot which is 9:30 PM. This is wrong and disappointing.
You don't even promote the show properly, as a TV channel you should treat the channels equally when it comes to promotion.
I know Divya Drishti will go back to 9:00 PM when Nach Baliye 9 ends but this is frustrating. I just want to watch my favourite show at 9:30 PM not 11 PM since I find it difficult

radha krishna star bharat tv

Radhey radhey
In this show Radha Krishana serioul absolutely wrong story. Radha krishna marriage in 2yr in bhandir vaan
Radha h krishan h k sath mathura isliye nhi gyi kyuki jb sita rup m thi audhya vasi ko bhot dhuk hua tha. Krishn g k janye k baad radha g ru ru kr kaali ho gyi thi y tha unka pyaar.
Y nhi jo aap net sy intimation nikalty h or story bna kr tv pr dikha ty h
U going to vrindavan brasana thats 2 y know about radha g
Nd please humari sankriti ko krab mt krey
Radhey radhey


The star plus channel was not in good connection before 2 months can you please do it faster to provide a channel clear and by these we don't connect with your channel network please take action fast towards my problem and by this we can see the serial clear when you take the action in a few days and also I am so thankful to you when you suddenly take an action


  • Updated by Bhumika 12 · Jun 10, 2019

    The star plus channel was not in good connection before 2 months can you please do it faster to provide a channel clear and by these we don't connect with your channel network please take action fast towards my problem and by this we can see the serial clear when you take the action in a few days and also I am so thankful to you when you suddenly take an action


It's unbelievable how stupid the commercial director manage the channel.
My parents watch some serials on star Bharat and these idiots puts in every 5 minutes in the serial 10 minutes the same stupid commercial(????)
How stupid can someone be to put so much of the same stupid commercials.
My parents stop watching the serials, because of this stupid channel

complaint about your telecast

निमकी मुखिया सीरियल आजकल बहुत ही बकवास होता जा रहा है। TRP के चक्कर में कुछ भी दिखाकर टाइम पास करके एपिसोड निकाल देता है। अभी अभी कोर्ट वाला मैटर जिसमे बब्बू को 17 मई को सजा होगा ऐसा दिखाने वाला था अचानक से 20 मई कर दिया गाय। आपलोग व्यूअर को बेवकूफ बनाते है माना कि सीरियल लोकप्रिय हो गया है लेकिन इसका मतलब ये नहीं कुछ भी दिखाएंगे। जो मुद्दे पर बात चलते रहता बीच में कुछ और ही दिखाना शुरू कर देते हैं, और अगर रिस्पेक्ट की बात करे इस सीरियल को लेकर तो बिल्कुल ही नहीं है। सारे कलाकार एक दूसरे को तुम करके बात करता है एक तो चाची बोलते हैं और उसमे तुम लगा देते है। चाची तुम ऐसा करते हो। उधर एलिना निमकी तुम ऐसी हो तो ये सब बंद करे। कोर्ट का मैटर है तो उसमे जज भी बेवकूफ की तरह कुछ भी बोलता है जबकि जज को हमेशा अपने काम से काम होना चाहिए। अगर आपका एपिसोड तैयार नहीं रहता है तो टेलीकास्ट बंद कर दें लेकिन फालतू का चीज ना दिखाने का कृपा करे महोदय। कुछ सुधार करेंगे अगर आपके इस धारावाहिक में अति उत्तम होगा ।

descriptions of programs

Plz it seems like an insult to give all hindu belief programs the title mythological stories. It can be hurtful as your basically saying that the Hindu beliefs are not true. I believe you should most definitely call it hindu beliefs as it is being more respectful to Hindus as you are not just calling them rumours or stories but a true part of the religion. You are also saying they're are now not necessarily false. These are the reasons why you should do this and edit your descriptions plz Thank you.

kulfi kumar bajewala

Kindly end Kulfi Kumar Bajewala or make some changes otherwise our whole family and many people will unsubscribe Starplus. This show is so torture that you can't even see this for continuous 30 minutes. Amyra is dominating sikander way too much. Sikandar's whole family is so useless and, Kulfi she is getting just torture everyday. Your torture in show is increasing day by day. They all are just crying all the time. This show has become so negative that if you don't do something about this complaint then I'll surely unsubscribe the whole pack of Star. Totally irritated and disappointed with the writer and production team of KKBW.