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Dillon, MontanaDillon, United States

Hello my name is Cody province husband of Amanda province I have been a customer with you people for ten plus years. I called 9/2617 to see if I could get our revivers hooked up to our wifi. Before I could even ask that question the lady drilled me with about 20 questions and told me I was lying. She asked what my relationship was to my wife I told her she asked what the last four of the credit card were that I just used to pay you people two days ago. She told me that was wrong too. Then she asked if I got e mail or paper for bills??? I answered that one correctly as well but she said no your wrong. I have never been treated like that from you people in the ten years I've been a customer so I some one does not call me and fix this your loosing a 150 a month for good.

Cody province long term customer that was treated like a liar

Sep 26, 2017

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