Direct TVwaste of time!

DirecTV is a complete waste of time and extremely unprofessional I had my date set up for installation on Wednesday after work…instead I get a call well I’m at work asking if I can meet the technicians’ at noon, so I say okay I can go home on my lunch break. I go home three guys show up and hang around for about an hour and then end up telling me they do not have the correct equipment for the job! And I will have to re-schedule, so at this point after missing 2 hours of work. I call DirecTV customer service, as I end up having a conference call with two representatives, to set up a manger to come in fix the problem the next day. I agree thinking I will have someone you are professional and know the correct equipment to bring.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Reno, NV
While the next day…about 9 O clock I start to receive random phone calls from the DirecTV tech guys, let me remind you that I’m at work and my service appointment is not scheduled till 4pm/8 after work…I will not waste time away from work for TV. So anyways I continue to receive these harassing phone calls asking when I will be home and then the tech guys start to get mad that I’m not being generous with my time and they get insulted that I will not leave work at that moment, so that they can hook up my TV at their convenience!! I ignore the phone calls…and later speak with a DirecTV scheduler who conforms that I will have someone at my house at the original scheduled time
Long story short…The manger GREG [protected] shows up 2 hours late walks into my home stares at my floor and then says he can’t do it! And then tries to charge me $50 dollars! In it’s close to nine O clock at this point! I’m completely discussed and infuriated with their lack of professional ism!!! Thank you for wasting my TIME!!!

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