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Why is it that companies believe they can treat their loyal customers the same as their new customers. If someone has been with a company for a period of time and in a contract to me the price should not change, I understand they have package deals for the first year but your base price should stay the same. Directv feels that it is a good idea to raise a contracted price after the first year deal almost a $10 increase to "everyone".

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  • So
      18th of Mar, 2012

    They do this because they can. They rope you into a one sided contract that gives you zero leverage. They know they have lawyers on their side and you don't.

    They also know that people are willing to be screwed over to watch Comedy Central and Cartoon Network. People have become fat and lazy. God only knows how many DirecTV subscribers out there willing to pay far out the ### to watch the idiot box. It doesn't matter the cost.

    Because of urban sprawl. no other carriers can even provide service. I live in a small town that spans a two hour drive from where I live to the other side of the city. The city only has a population of 316, 000 people. Just about everyone lives outside the area the cable TV providers are willing to service. The phone companies only makes high speed internet service available to a very small segment of the population that live in the outskirts of the city proper. A lot of residents are stuck with a choice of either DirecTV or Dish Network in the end.

    The answer to this problem is to stop paying for it. A boycott of pay TV providers who insist that contracts should benefit the company and screw the consumer is the only way. Why would a company like DirectTV change their operating model when they have people lined up to be treated like dogs?

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  • Ch
      26th of Mar, 2012

    Just so I understand correctly, you are asking the direct tv offer inconsistent customer service?... don't you think as a long time loyal customer you should apprecate gifts, not expect them? Isn't that tied hand in hand with loyalty? You sound like you want hand outs... why not just be happy with a product if its offered at a decent price? And don't get me started on price increases. They are mandatory for all companies. If you feel its too much and you are not getting your monies worth, its simple... just leave. This will change the value of television.

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