Direct TV / “unathorized” direct tv payment withdrawal from checking account

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I have had Direct TV’s satellite programming service since 2003 and have kept their service even after the contract expired years ago. Last month (October 2011), I cancelled their service due to bad economic times. Their agent told me not to make any payments until I received the final prorated bill in the mail. I had been using their internet-based system to make payments which required “my authorization for any transaction”. The final bill was going to be paid when I received it. The final bill was for $100.08 which was reasonable.

Direct TV did not wait until they received my payment; instead, they entered into my checking account and withdrew the money without my authorization – this is an outright action of theft! I am the only one with the authority to make payments from my checking account (whether online or via hardcopy check). This is a breach of trust and actions of a company that will steal from anyone the first chance that they get when it suits their purpose.

This cannot be allowed to happen. It is a legal issue which the government needs to take action to prevent. If a company advertises a service option to pay via their internet connection, this does not allow them the right to enter and take your money anytime that they want without your authorization just because you have paid in the past using their internet service.

It demonstrates that when a corporation is given access to privy information from their own loyal clientele, they will use that information to steal from the client. Did they think that after 8 years of paying their programming service, all of a sudden they were not going to get paid the last $100.08? I run my own business. If I disrespected my clients the same way, I would have been out of business along time way. If I took the same actions as Direct TV, I would be in jail!!!

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      26th of Apr, 2012

    I absolutely agree. There needs to be legislation about companies helping themselves to your money just because they have a sentence buried in their terms that says they can. DirecTV is about as sleezy as companies come. That is why people advise you change your debit card number before cancelling with DirecTV because they will help themselves to whatever they "feel" you owe, whether you do or not.

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