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Direct TV / false advertising

1 FL, United States Review updated:

A representative from American Satellite Company explained that Dish and Direct were now working in conjunction with each other but if I signed with him, I would be treated as a new customer and therefore eligible for the package deals only available to new customers. I was quoted $34.99 and because of that, I agreed to switch to Directv. I was told that the total price would be $34.99 for 12 months which would revert to the normal price after that time. I was NEVER told that I would be stuck with this for 24 months and it is written nowhere on the paper I signed. It was NOT mentioned that there was an extra charge for the 2nd receiver. It was NOT mentioned that there was an extra charge for the DVR because it was included. My first bill arrived for $81.19. This is more than double what I was quoted. I tried many times to contact the American Satellite Company but they are unwilling to return my calls. I finally DID manage to get a person once but I was told that they don't deal with billing so I'd have to work this out with Directv myself. I called and e-mailed Directv and was met with stock answers of "this is our price" etc. It was almost a "bait and switch" technique that was used to sign me up, but that is child's play compared to being told the outright lies that I was fed. Had I been told the actual price, I wouldn't have switched.

I want nothing more than to be rid of Directv as my carrier. I signed no agreement saying that I would stay for any period of time nor did I agree to pay $460 if I decided that Directv was not for me. A contract indicates that there was "a meeting of the minds". This is not so here. I agreed to nothing regarding time. I was hoping that Directv would just let me go peacefully and be done with it. But even with a complaint with the BBB, they are unwilling to do anything.

I cannot wait for this 2 year sentence to be over. Their product is inferior to the one I had before, their customer service is a joke and they really do not care if their customers are happy with their product. All in all, Directv is one of the worst companies I've haad the displeasure of dealing with.

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  • Ca
      12th of May, 2008
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    I ordered DirecTV in March 2007 as a result of receiving numerous advertisements in the mail. One of the free offers was a portable dvd player worth $129.00. Since I had always wanted a portable dvd player, I decided to order the satellite tv (I was fed up with camcast cable tv). I followed all instructions as required, received everything I was supposed to except the portable dvd player. When I contacted DirecTV, I was told I was not eligible for the portable dvd offer and was given no explanation as to why. I sent a letter of complaint to DirecTV in October 2007, received a phone call that indicated my complaint was being sent to a resolution specialist. After that, nothing at all. However, I did receive in the mail a "consolation gift" of a standard dvd player, which could not have been worth more than $20.00. I contacted the attorney general's office in my state, Maryland, and submitted a written complaint to the consumer division. The responses received from DirecTV were ridiculous. I was told that since I did not call the phone number listed in the ad, I was not eligible for the GWA (gift with activation). I had called the well known number 1-800-directv. In fact, each of the two advertisements I kept from that period, had different phone numbers, but showed the exact same free gifts, one of which was the PORTABLE dvd player. There is nothing in the ads that say you must call that particualr phone number. I would never have guessed that a phone number is used as the criteria for being eligible for a gift when activating a service. I was never told otherwise from the first time I called to order the service until I received the letters through the AG''s office in MD. I guess my next step is to write a letter directly to the President of DirecTV expressing my dismay. I will gladly return the standard dvd player and would like a rebate of $129.00, a credit on my bill or the actual portable dvd player which I feel I should have received in the beginning. I wonder if anyone else had this same problem. I have not seen any of the same complaints after surfing the net about it. I appreciate any help someone can give me. Thanks.

  • Ba
      20th of Jan, 2009
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    Why not take them to small claims court?

  • Mi
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    As a former employee of American Satellite a retailer of Directv, I can tell you that yes your first bill came without the "promotional" price, that is because Directv uses a rebate process. This is stated on your first bill, along with how to go about filing your rebate. It can take as long as the 3rd billing cycle to show up, but will last an entire 12 months. As for not knowing you were bound to a 2 year contract, I will call BS on that, you said the paper that you signed said nothing about it? I know for a fact that the paperwork does. It clearly states that the contract is 24 months and if you cancel you will be charged a pro rated amount of 20.00 a month for the length of the contract that was not satisfied. American Satellite will also charge a termination fee if you terminate service prior to the end of the contract, that fee is a hefty 500.00 and it is not prorated. Your filing with the BBB should have been against American Satellite, as their sales person is who quoted you prices, not Directv. The price of 34.99 was correct for the Plus DVR package, DVR service is included in that price, the only extra charges you should see are for additional receivers at 5.00 a pop. The only other thing I would advise you of is that if you are not going to keep the HBO SHOWTIME AND STARZ directv gave you for 3 months make sure you call 30 days in advance to cancel thoses services. I'm sorry you feel that you have been wronged, but hopefully this info will help?

  • Re
      30th of May, 2009
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    I contacted Direct TV via phone and e-mail about about adding My Network TV to subscribers who live in a city that don't carry a My Network TV affiliate in their town.Direct TV kept giving me lame excuses about They don't have no plans to carry My Network TV if cities don't carry a My Network TV signal.Get Dish Network because Dish Network carries My Network TV and the CW Network if cities don't carry CW and My Network TV.Buy Dish Network, Don't buy Direct TV.

  • St
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    DirecTV SUCKS! We were led to believe that we were getting an HD DVR but months later realized it's not HD at all. I was asked what sort of TV we had upon ordering and replied HDTV only to ASSUME we were getting that type of DVR Receiver. Upon calling DirecTV about this was told by the rep after pleading my case that I can easily just upgrade to the real HD DVR I was supposed to get and basically pay the difference of $99. I said fine, that I would "give in" and do that. I was "transfered" to the order dept and the woman I spoke to told me that there "were no promotions of that kind" and if I wanted to get an HD DVR, I would need to buy a whole new one for $199! What?!?!? That was NOT what I was told by the woman who so conveniently transferred. Then she transferred me to a supervisor who apparantly gets a kick out of the fact that I cannot do anything about the fact that I was screwed over and tells me it's $400 to cancel the contract! I am roped into this service for 2 yrs or it's $400 to cancel. I was conveniently never told that either. What a load of BULL this company is!!!

  • Bo
      1st of Jul, 2011
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    Beware of "FREE" DirecTV receiver. "Free" to them means "leased." When you discontinue your service, they require that you return your "free" receiver. I got a call from DTV saying that I could get a free new DVR receiver, and I asked if I could replace one that I was leasing. "Yes" was the answer. Actually I decided to replace an older receiver that I owned. Now instead of two leased ones and an owned receiver, I have three leased receivers. Great, eh? When I complained, the woman said that "free" to DTV means "no upfront charges." Can you believe that crap??? I'm going with Comcast as soon as they hook up my neighborhood.

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