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C Nov 16, 2017

Hi agree that they are cheats.
I was sold on 9/8/17 to sign up for direct TV for $50 per month guaranteed for two years. My first bill was for $60 which was $10 over. My next bill was for $105.00 and they added a service plan package that I never ordered or agreed to.
I called and spent hours on the phone being transferred several times and then they sent it to the escalation department and they said they would call within 7 to 10 business days. They called after 10 PM on Saturday night and I was asleep. I called them back on Monday and spent over 3 hours being transferred and retelling my story. Then they said they were sending it to an escalation department and would get back to me in 7 to 10 days again. The next day I received an email that they had cancelled my service.
I called again and was told that I also owe a $400 cancellation fee for early cancellation.
I told them I will not pay the fee and they could not charge me for cancelling when they are the ones who cancelled and they did not keep their agreement to charge me $5o per month for two years and I was not going to [pay them for baiting and switching their charges on me.
Roland H
Washington State

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