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Direct TV / terrible experience!

1 Crown Point, IN, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 219-241-8450

Find me a directv installer whose paycheck hasn't randomly been butchered (Aka, "charged back") without any explanation and i'll show you a phantom. They don"t exist! Imagine working 7 days a week sometimes 16 hours a day (Because folks will obviously die it they don't have tv and will take their complaint to the highest level if someone isn't at their house at 9:00 p. M. - cuz that's the only time they can be home... Ever); your work is labor intensive (Installers must have a 40' ladder) and potentially life-threatening (Electrocution, falls from ladders and/or roofs, dog attacks, etc.). After waiting up to four weeks for a paycheck, it arrives with hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars deducted from it. No explanation. No warning. You've just donated three weeks of your time to rupert murdoch! How long would you continue working for that company?

Here's what most folks don't know. If you call directv with a complaint or question about your programming, billing/charges, equipment, etc., things completely unrelated to the actual installation, they charge back the installer. These charges are completely random, ranging anywhere from $75 to $150 or more. If you cancel your service before the contract expires, guess who they charge? They charge you for early termination and the installer. Directv has certainly devised the perfect profit plan!

And you wonder why there seems to be a shortage of qualified technicians/installers. Only a complete # would continue to work for a company that may or may not pay them. And to all the crazy customers out there (You know who you are)... When your installer is finishing up your custom installation (Which, by the way, the directv sales rep assured would be performed completely free of charge) that took over three hours and now he's late for his next scheduled appointment, just remember this... You got if for free and he did it for free.

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