Direct TVcharging my debit card

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On 12 / 13 / 14 i checked my account and found that direct tv had taken $522. 04 from my account. I immediately contacted my bank and disputed this unathuorized charge and closed that account. I contacted the nimrods in customer service and they have to send you from one dept. To the other before someone picks up the phone and gives you the direct line to customer billing and disputes. I was told i needed to prove to them that direct tv had taken money from my account by sending them my bank statement, , , wth! Did you prove to me that i owed you money for an account i have never had with you?! I have never nor will i ever have anything to do with this company in amy shape form or fashion!! These people are cons running scams on people with false allegations of contracts that do not exist, embezzeling from hard working american citizens bank accounts and then hiding behind made uo policies that a none customer would have absolutely no knowledge of!

Jan 07, 2015
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  • Ro
      Sep 12, 2013
    Direct Tv - Payment credit
    Direct TV
    United States

    Paid my june bill with my credit card was taken out of my account. Direct tv said that the payment was rejected, called credit card company and talked with their rep whereas he assured me that it was taken out and not rejected. Still have not received credit for that payment and has screwed up whole billing account. Just got shut off, called them to see if i could get it straightened out, no such luck.

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  • Sh
      Sep 21, 2013

    This is for all the cable companys this is not fair to the ones that pays therebill you cut off my tv when i already payed my bill stiil with out no tv for two weeks and i have kids to pl help

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  • Co
      Dec 11, 2014
    Direct Tv - Frozen picture
    Direct TV
    United States

    Feed freezes constantly. Takes an average of 4 sev to change channel.
    Nearing the end of 2 year misery contract.
    Going back to ATT which I heard bought Direct TV. Ugh

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