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Direct TV / practically anyone can start an incompetent satellite tv company like directv did

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Why am I happy? I was very tired of standard cable, so I read the direct tv propaganda and saw an answer to my prayers: so much service for so little money! But wait; I had better look for direct tv complaints, in the unlikely event there should be any such thing. I now realize than practically anyone can start an incompetent satellite tv company; direct tv did! I could even do this, but i'm an analyst who pays attention to the bottom line.

Still, direct tv could come after me. Some of their minions might even be competent. I stopped by best buy and looked at one of their receivers. There’s a $400 cancellation fee right there. I thought about getting a couple of hd dvr’s. There are endless more fees for intent there, and I should never be so stupid as to believe that & ldquo;free” really means at-no-charge. I have so far not paid these people one cent, but I am a sworn enemy. Are they going to take that lying down?

I once go scammed by & ldquo;the home business group” by paying home business start-up fees. I got my money back. & ldquo;the home business group” made all their money on these fees and nothing else.

Suspiciously, it looks like direct tv depends on a variety of fees to stay in business. If one has lousy service, the income has to come from somewhere. Raiding people’s accounts works even better.

I have been writing all sorts of government officials about this. I have urged government officials to pay close attention to the so-called direct tv contract and the danger of & ldquo;implied consent. & rdquo; implied consent is common on internet scam sites. Once one is caught up in an implied consent scam, the only way to stop it is to cancel one’s credit card. Direct tv takes this even further, by turning practically any account over to collections. Mass collections without cause ends up being another scam. All the government has to do here is tell the banks and credit bureaus to ignore direct tv.

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  • Mi
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    It is beyond me why the BBB, The Attorney General and the FTC cannot or will not do one thing to stop DirectTv's underhanded business practice. Why is DirectTV allowed to hide in fine print the truth of their2 year contracts and the upgrade horrors of which adds another 2 yrs to the existing contract without the customers knowledge and even if one buys the equipment they also have to pay to lease this same equipment. Also Directs contract can be verbal or just one's initials on a work order.Not to mention Directs ability to go into a customers bank account or credit card and take whatever they see fit when the customer cancels their service without informing the customer first often leaving the customer no money to live on and no way to pay their bills.
    The BBB gets thousands and thousands of complaints each year on Direct TV alone and it does not make sense why they continue to let Direct Tv get away with this devious practice surely DirecttV is not above the law. Has this country sunk so low that the very people we pay to help our citizens in situations like these with Direct TV simply turns a blindeye and allows it to happen over and over again??

  • Mr
      26th of Feb, 2010
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    I agree with Misty123 comments 200%! My experience has been very much an example of what she has described. After I decided to cancel services with DirectTV, because it was very unsatisfactory as well as being too costly for its poor service, I was told of the early cancellation clause in their microscopic fine print on contract. First I never signed a paper that had that that penalty fine included. Secondly, my main reason for cancellation was because I had extreme financial problems which forced me to cancel. I did promise to pay the penalty fines within the next 90 days, which was all I could possible afford with my limited retirement income and advanced medical problems/expenses. But they used my data from a Bank Debit card on my checking account, (I paid a few months service payments from it), to ROB funds from my account, which overdrafted my account, caused bank OD charges, and caused my pre-setup directions for mortgage payments to overdraft the account, leading to problems with my mortgage lender and furthered the banks penalty fees even more! Meanwhile I had no money to live on for the rest of the month.
    This is not right, it should be criminal for any business to use your Bank Debit card info without your knowledge or authorization. My bank would not resend the transaction, which I didn't think was fair either, because other previous auto withdrawals were in place, which they should have honored first, before allowing DirectTV to get their grubby dirty fingers on my personal funds. How are we the honest working American or in my case, a retired, widow living on fixed income, to protect ourselves, when Big Businesses like these crooked ones are allowed to use their unfair, aggressive rip-offs?
    Is there any actions we former customers of DirectTV can take to rectify our problems? I wish somebody would post some recourse for these. Thanks

  • Mi
      29th of Mar, 2010
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    The only way I can see to possibly turn this around is to write the BBB and file for arbitration this is where the case is decided by an independent person that is on neither side. Sorry I have not gotten back here in a while.. Go to this site and read and if you decide to file.. I wish you the Best of Luck :) copy and paste in your browser:

  • Mu
      1st of Mar, 2011
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    Having similar trouble here. I called to cancel in June 2010. Finally agreed to stay and even added receivers. I saw the notice, and dismissed it because, I had made new terms beginning with July 2010. I was surprised by the bill and was told that the increase did apply to my choice extra package and my receivers (four of which I purchased directly through Best Buy--I can not understand why I pay a lease fee for receivers I purchased). I finally downgraded to Choice and am sending back two receivers to save $17/month. I will cancel Direct TV in July 2012! Side Rant: Their invoice/statements are overly complicated.

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