Direct TVlying #

Called on June 26th to make a payment on my bill was told Ok sir no problem charge to the same card as last month? Yeah sure Mr. non english speaking customer service rep. Ohh ok sir . I need to speak to a supervisor as well about some services that I cancelled over 5 months ago that I keep getting billed for. Ohh ok sir I have him call you . Wake up the following monday and pow bank account over drawn some 1700 dollars because ol pedro totally cancelled my service and they decided that 2 days was more than enough time for me to return the equipment. Call them and get placed on hold waiting for a stupervisor, finally get the pleasure of listening to Suzette rant and rave at me and be told if I acted like an adult and paid my bill this would have never happened. Ok thanks for the oral disertation on how to be an adult and thanks for the wonderful skills you displayed, but I'm sorry I do not speak ebonics, and please do not yell at me this time. I am nicely hung up on, called back and low and behold I get the pleasure of speaking to suzette yet again who does everything but call me a cracker. Tells me the full amount will continue to be withdrawn from my account until the total of 2900.00 has been paid to them or until I return the equipment at which time I will receive my money back in 6-10 weeks after the receivers have been verified which normally takes about 6-8 weeks after they are returned, so basically it will take me about 4 months to get my money back that was stolen in the first place, but ohh no sir you authorized us the first time you piad by debit card, ohh really wheres teh signed contract that I understand that ? Its apparently on this non existant contract that the non existant installer had me sign, sorry got tired of waiting and did the hard work myself, just can pay for a service i cant use for 3 weeks from now because they only have 1 installer in my area. Call the office of the VP same day get told oops we are sorry here let me fast track your refund you should have it in 3 days . 3 days later no money and call back told whoops that request didnt get handled here let me do it it will be there by July 10th, opps July 14th arrives tired of the run around and told by the office of the President wow it was never processed and oh man our system just went down I can't reveiw your account, sorry but i will get that handled, hmm amazing doesnt have my account number phone number or name but going to handle that. Its cool filed a complaint with att general office, and seeing a lawyer at 3 today to file a lawsuit against them

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