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Direct TV / charges

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Direct TV offered me a free upgrade to a new box since I had my first year under my belt, the upgrade was worth $100.00 and that fee would waived since I met my yearly anniversary. Direct TV never gave me an upgrade for free, not only did they charge me for the $100.00 but they also charged me fro another $100.00 for installation and delivery. It took the tech about 10 minutes to hook up the box and get everything working...$100.00 for 10 that not a rip off? Also I was never told about the $100.00 for installation or delivery. They for some reason do not see any notes about a free upgrade but they do see where I called...why would I make something like that up, it is a scam and I will be calling the better business bureau.

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  • Ti
      14th of May, 2009
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    A few years back I purchased the brand new high definition TIVO Direct TV receiver - state of the art for around $1, 200.00. Worked perfectly and then late last year started getting automated messages to upgrade my receiver. Called them and told them it worked fine and I had no need to upgrade. After discussing a bit more they talked me into "swapping" my expensive working reciever with a new one that they told me would provide many additional features. I asked about TIVO and told them the reason I wouldnt switch to Cable is because they have their own DVR and the call center rep assured me TIVO would be on the new received. Also said I was swapping the box so I would not do this if I had to purchase another unit or sign up for any extended plan

    1. Problem one - i get the thing and guess what no TIVO - Absolute lie from the person on the phone

    2. After the box is installed I go to sign the papers and what do you know there is a paper in their signing me up for a 2 year committment. After an argument with the installer where I told him to swap the box back and leave, he finally walked out without my signature

    3. It has been 5 months and the new receiver is ok although I hate the DVR and done use any of the "new" features. This weekend the box freezes up. After multilpe calls to tech support they finally send out a guy to replace. The ### shows up without the box (another lie from the rep) tells me the box is fried (no kidding) and he has to ship me a new one. Charges my account $49 for the visit and $20 to ship me a new box. Also tells me that I need to sign up for two years to get it for free

    So now I am upset and call the ###S that answer the phone there. After 30 minutes of not being able to explain why I am upset and giving them a $1200 unit I paid for in exchange for a unit that I didnt own without a committment she transfers me to a supervisor. Had to fight with her to remove the $49 and the $20 and get a new box without a committment.

    Best part is everyone who answered the phone started with "wow you are a longtime and loyal customer"


  • Re
      15th of May, 2009
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    Sounds like you got a bad hd dvr, that sucks. I got the hd tivo too, it took me a long time to get used to the hd dvr when I switched over, and there are still some tivo features I miss. HOWEVER, its sad that no one told you the reason that you needed an upgrade was because the hd tivo was not combatable for you to be able to receive the new hd channels that directv sent out, thus the reason the upgrade was in fact needed, I HAD fios in my vacation home, and it sucks bad! I now have directv there as well.

  • Li
      1st of Mar, 2010
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    I signed up in sept for a 24.95 special, ( i'm on a fixed income) about 1 month later, I was called about the NFL Sunday sports package, I told her I don't watch sports and she it didn't matter I would save another $2.oo a month if I took the special. I asked her twice my payment is only 24.95 or you sure it will drop to $22.95 for 5 months, she said yes just to cancel it at the end of 5 months, Well instead of going down it went up to 39.95 a month, I called and was told they couldn't do anything because the NFL package could not be canceled, I paid the 39.95 the last four monthes even though it meant less propane and food each month. Today I got a bill for $68.44 I called and was told if I try to cancel now my bill will go up even more, I have to wait and cancel on March 17th, It has to be that day. I think it is terribe the way DIRECT TV gouges it customers, I rarely watch anything for the local chanels, but you can't even get them for free anymore.

  • Nm
      11th of Sep, 2011
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    direct TV will charge for service unrendered. They will take money without providing service. In 7/09 & 88/09 charged me while on was vacation. I did suspend service 6/09-9/09 the also did it 2010 6/01/10 direct debited my checking acct. $400.00 (I had 12 overdrafts) I was on vacation and suspended service 3/3/10 oh no rembursement on the overdrafts. 10/10 took $36 after terminating sevice 9/01/10.

  • Ca
      14th of Jun, 2013
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    URGENT, I make a one time payment for 57.14 for my directTV bill and it told me that it didn't go through and I hit the button 4 times because it keeps telling me that it didn't go through, but it went through 4 times and I don't have the money to pay for this bill 4 times. Can you please reissue my card back the three $57.14 payments ASAP, I have to pay my mortgage, I JUST DON'T HAVE IT. The online said that it didn't go through so that's why I kept sending it through. PLEASE, PLEASE reissue my money back to my account, please.

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