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Direct TV / unauthorized billing

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direct tv
After canceling service in jan of 08, they somehow unknowingly to myself how, they decided to turn their terrible service back on. Also along with stealing money out of my bank account.($501.35 to be exact.) because this is an account i dont use frequently, i didnt notice the deductions from my account for 3 months. Once i discovered this i immediately called them to fix the issue. So immediately they shut the service off and wanted me to send back the receiver which i did and they said they would issue me a refund. Which 4 months later, still never received. So again i called them and come to find out, they took out another months service even after cancelling my service. Go figure that one out. So we called and called and called some more. And my wife found, yep, you guessed it the president to direct tv's phone line. [protected]. So if anyone wants to call and complain directly, maybe something can eventually be done about their terrible service with direct tv. If anyone has a solution that not anyone else may know, could ya please let me know what else i may be able to do. As of now i will probably be contacting a lawyer so if anyone else wants to join in on a civil case please respond back to this site. Thanks and good luck.


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N  8th of Oct, 2007 by 
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Direc TV - Unauthorized billing!
United States

Directv took 399.00 dollars out of my account without my authorization. I pay my daughter-n-law bill for her only three times and her services were disconnected and she must have left owing them a balanced. I only was helping her because she didn't have a debit card. I have never did any business with that tv company and never will. That should not have no right to go into my money and take it. My name could not have been on her account. We live at separate residence. My husband has already contacted BBB and we are waiting to here from them. I am going to contact me a lawyer on Tuesday to see what he says. This can't be legal. They were always telling me they were going to refund my money back and all of a sudden they have changed their mind.
N  9th of Feb, 2008 by 
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Between 08/30/04 and 01/07/07 I was a customer of DIRECTV in the District of Columbia. I canceled service in January 2007. DIRECTV continued direct billing on the account for a period of ten months until November 2007. I have requested reimbursement from DIRECTV in the amount of said billing, equal to one-thousand, three hundred and five dollars and 20/100 ($1,305.20). This request has been rejected by DIRECTV.
A  3rd of May, 2008 by 
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I have some ummm issues, they include attantion deficite disorder and dyslexia among several other things. I have always believed i was no different from anyone else no matter how normal they are. I also suffer from something called dysthimia. Most people will see this as my fault. I am not in disagreement with them entirely. What needs to be understood though, is that having these disabilities, if you are born with them... *can* be though isn't always debilitating. I couldnt' keep track of anything before. Organization issues depressive issues focus and concentration problems. If one is born blind and never sees blue, they never really know what it looks like and they assume they can't be all that different than other people. Recently, i met a doctor who in a 3 hour period gave me my life. For the first time i am highly functional not low functional. I am very capable and able started studying again and have been going through stuff that before i was too disabled to keep proper track of. It's like, being asleep in an upstairs sound proofed bedroom, and waking up to the sunlight and the alarm clock totally oblivious to the fact that downstairs, a bunch of teenagers have been partying, destroying your house, and robbing you blind of all your stuff, long after you had requested they leave and take all their crap with them, and even gave them gas money to pay for their drive home 5 times over, and payed for any snacks they might want to pick up along the way along with softdrinks a stop for a big lunch at an expensive restaurant and a movie. For me, this state was very bad for over 15 years. In that time, as i have been looking into my affairs and cleaning the trashed robbed house... I am finding alot of interesting terrifying things... I found this post interesting. I have been billed every month for about the last... 2 years 4 months falling somewhere around 2 years and 4 monthsish, but 2 and a half is a nice round number. Also, I made a mistake i should have caught it much sooner. I am happy to eat some of this.) After, cancelling by phone with DirecTV, They apparently continued all this time to withdraw money from my account, auto pay, for a place i was not living and was not receiving services. I have been paying to a tune of $65 a month all this time. I am not looking for all of it back. I would even be happy to split the difference with them. I made a mistake. I should not have been responsible for my affairs till now. I messed up. Mistakes have a price. At the same time, companies that have had someone cancel should not be continueing to charge. I shouldn't have had to even worry about it to begin with. There is enough fault in my case to go around. So, since this discovery, i have looked into things... I have been away from the USA alot lately... But i access my account online. Anyway, i found the charge and started to trace it back in time. I only had DTV at one addy. So i know what the charge is related to and i know i cancelled. I distinctly remember being told their system updates periodically and sometimes it takes an extra month or two for the account to be romally cancelled. Well, i was in the process of moving and stuff just got... complicated and i am fairly disabled... I missed it those 'two' months. And ofcourse then i assumed i must have been out of their system by then. Only to discover all these years later... I have been billed monthly all this time!!! I just am so shocked i can't get past it... WOW...

Mistakes happen, we are all human. The gods know i have made my fair share. But i am disturbed by the response i have had from DirecTV so far. First thing i did was write an email that had to be under 4 hundred words (Rediculous) then they emailed me back what seemed like an automatic response offering me a phone number that their didn't function or was not good in the country i am presently in. I don't know which. So i emailed them again to tell them it didn't work and restated my complaint. And got an answer, another number to call and pin number, which again didn't work and again the reason why is unclear, and could relate to my location (to be fair and to give the benefit of the doubt till i have harder evidence one way or another.) So i emailed again. And once again they gave me a number (didn't work possibly my location to blame.) And they said they were sending my mails to a specialist who would get back to me in no more than 5 business days. They never got back to me. (Go figure) So i sent another email. to ask what doin?! I have remained very polite. I have remained strong in stating the facts of wrongful charges. I have also told them i am happy to be responsible for some of this also as if i were not disabled, i would have been on top of it all this time. As i was not... And as no one in my family wanted to hurt me by saying i was unfit to manage my own finances, (my fault and their fault, and in NO way DirecTV's fault.) I have made a massive error! Again when we make a mistake, being held accountable fiancially is entirely legitimate. However, when there is more than 1 party in a situation which has made a gross error... Neither should benefit from the mistake. Both should take a hit. I should not get everything back. I however, should get back some large amount of what i gave them total, half, a little more than half... Sounds about right to me. I think too, that to continue billing people after termination of services, and removing money from their account for almost 3 years monthly, if they don't wise up soon and stop putting me off (As now the 5 days are up and 48 hours is the new time frame for which to rwait for a phone call response, ) I may file a criminal complaint and have them charged with theft. They have removed... $65 a month for 2 years and 4 months while providing me with nothing and after i called and cancelled.That comes to... It sttarted as a charge of abbout $55 a month, at a certain point it was raised $10, ofcourse no notification ever came. No one told me the charge for the service i was not receiving and had cancelled was going up. Ultimately the ammount i have dished out (pardon the pun) to them in this time comes to... $17000. And for all that, they can't even call me when they say they will. I was curious if anything like this happened to anyone else. So i started looking, and i found you.

I feel for your situation and i feel for mine. Hopefully, i will have a better result than you do. I am saddened and worried in hearing how bad your result was. I will update this possibly in 48 hours if the company does not respond. I may even publish the actual emails back and forth should this situation carry on and get dragged out. I am also considering hiring a lawyer, or trying to find someone who is payed to keep these compoanies honest and report to them about this situation. I am not sure what the process is. In a way maybe it is better all this is happening by email as this way i have names dates and actual quotes of both sides saved and archived. It will make it much easier to nail them for their dishonest statements as many of them have thus far been made on paper. Though, i am as of yet uncertain how deliberate they are in their misleading statements. Again, people make mistakes. I will wait and see a bit longer and watch carefully as things develop and unfold... And then see where to go from there and look for more help as i have no idea what the process for these things is.
N  8th of May, 2008 by 
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DIRECTV kept charging my credit card even though I was no longer a customer, even though I repeatedly asked to have my credit card data removed from their files, (and was told it had been).
No matter who you talk with, they do not give straightforward answers to simple questions like, "Please tell me all charges to my account over the past 3 months." - and these 3 months were AFTER I had moved out-of-state and was NO LONGER a CUSTOMER.
All I've been trying to do is get a refund for the money they charged to my account after they shut down my account - - and they won't do it.
At this point, I have no idea what recourse is available to me.

Once an account is cancelled, NO company should have the right to KEEP my credit card info HOSTAGE.
N  20th of Jul, 2008 by 
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Yolanda of Shrewsbury PA (06/22/08). Has anyone ever had PPV charges for movies you didn't order? Someone, I don't know how... Called in on the phone (Direct tv says it was MY PHONE number that used to call in the orders) to Direct TV everyday for 2 months and placed orders for PPV Porn running up charges of over $1000.00. We didn't do it! Anyway, after several attempts to contact them all the way to the Office of the President, we were told that we were liars and that there was no way that someone else could have done this and we were responsible for the bill.

Since then, credit agencies have attempt collections and we refuse to pay it. They have been so unreasonable and flat out calling us liars. They say that someone living here had to have called in these PORN movie orders. I didn't do it, my husband didn't do it, nor did my 2 young children! Some orders were placed at 5AM when no one was even awake or home. Some were supposedly downloaded to our living room receiver... now, why would we download porn movies to a living receiver where our children would see them?

So my credit is destroyed because of this. Can anyone explain how this could happen... could it have been a cruel joke and how did they do it? Direct TV says that their System is fullproof and un- Hackable. Why is Direct TV so unreasonable about these charges? They won't remove them.
N  23rd of Sep, 2008 by 
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I was a member of Direct TV for 5 years and moved, so I suspended service. For a year and a half they kept sending me letters wanting me back. So like an idiot I went back because they had a great rate, 39.00 with 4 free boxes! Got the first bill. 153.00!!! So I called to dicuss, LOL!!! Ended up cancling. The woman stated that I may be charged an early cancelation fee that I knew nothing about and I stated ABSOLUTLY not! YOU over charge me! Well low and behold, they charged my bank account 656.00!!! I have done quite a bit of research and I am not the only one they have done this to, lets get together guys and do something about their unfair practices!!
N  21st of Oct, 2008 by 
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When TV service ceased to work properly, Direct TV replaced a unit determined on the phone to be defective. The replacement box was shipped with no indication of add-on charges. System failed to work with new box. A subsequent service call by a service rep determined unit was not defective. After service rep rewired the setup, the original box determined to be OK. The Service rep told me "keep the box". When I moved to complex that did not permit dishes, in spite of the fact that replacement box returned to Direct TV, Direct TV charged me a $400 cancellation fee. Multiple calls and explanations did not prove helpful. It appears that they routinely ship new boxes to assure continued billing.
N  2nd of Dec, 2008 by 
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We have been customers of Direct TV for 9 years. All though they state there records show we have only been with them for 3 months. Today October 22nd, when I went to get Milk for my 2 kids my card was declined. I went home and noticed that direct TV had taken all of my funds out of my bank; as if they knew how much I had. I have been making monthly payments of $40.00 but not the original $69 a month. I never heard anything from them, they just decided that my payment wasn't enough and disconnected our TV and charged me $200.00 for our DVR box all together totaling $394.23. How can a company just take your funds without your knowledge. What is the extra $194.23 for. Last I knew my current bill was only $120.00. I asked them if they have a contract that I signed or a voice recording stating that they could steal my money and I was told they had nothing. I talked to 10 people today all stating different stories. A few said there was nothing that could be done, One person said I would get all my money back plus all the fee's my bank will charge. Another was extremely rude and was reading from a screen, so on and so on. I told them about complaintsboard and all the other innocent people that are being affected and they don't seem to care. How can a company do this to people that are paying on the these accounts? I can understand if it was someone that skipped town and Direct TV hadn't heard from them in months or years, but everyone getting frauded by Direct TV seems to be paying customers. This can't be legal, even if Direct TV stated that they have no binding contracts with anyone that was signed or voice recorded. I am up for a lawsuit!! WE should at least get a notice when our funds will be stolen. But then again, crimes to innocent people aren't announced.
N  15th of Dec, 2008 by 
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Direct tv stole $891.87 from our checking account without authorization. We called them and they claimed we authorized this theft when we signed a contract with them.

We canceled our service with them because of the crappy service we were getting. Could not watch the tv most of the time due to no signal and when we would call it would take weeks to get it fixed.

We were 2 months short of our contract and when we signed up for their service we paid a 300 dollar deposit. They claim that was connection fees. We paid connection fees also. The $300 was specifically called a deposit!

Direct tv told us they would refund part of the money they stole when they receive their equipment back but not all of it. The deposit we paid is just theirs according to them so in all these charlatains stole 1191.87 from us.

Wow for some tv we couldn't watch for about 2 months out of the 10 we had their crap service!!!
N  15th of Dec, 2008 by 
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Take them to small claims court. If you have your documentation, it should be an easy win.

A  5th of Jan, 2009 by 
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I agree with you, do anyone know if we can sue this bad businees company? They stole $724.13, out of my checking account.
N  21st of Jan, 2009 by 
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DirecTV - Unauthorized billing!
United States

In July of 2008 we canceled our service with Directv after 10 years. Our equipment was returned and due to billing errors I sent Directv $250.00 dollars that they later reported was not due to them. Directv continues to send us a statement each money letting us know that we are due a refund of $301.80. We have repeatedly called Directv trying to get our money back. We are assured that they will be sending our refund but it is now January 2009 and we still don't have our money back.There is no reason why Directv should hold my money for 6 months.
N  21st of Jan, 2009 by 
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Take them to small claims court! That way it will cost them even more!
D  21st of Jan, 2009 by 
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i did a people finders search they bill me the first $1.99 which was ok that was 1/19/2009 but on 1/20/2009 they keep they take money from my card with no promission which iam verry upset because that mess all my other bills up iam not a rich person iam trying to make ends meet so i would like them to put my money back on my card please my child school fee is dew and i need that money please thank you .
N  23rd of Jan, 2009 by 
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I was a long time customer of Direct TV 4-6 years. About 2 years ago I had Direct TV installed at my mothers house for Christmas. Earlier this year, my mother took over the account and put it in their name and address. On 12/20/08 338.00 was withdrawn from my checking account unauthorized, and unlawfully, which as of today as so far resulted in 125.00 in overdraft/courtesy pay fees from my bank as my paid bills are rolling in with no funds in the account.

When I called today to find out what was going on, they said that my mother owed them money, and that they were allowed to withdraw that amount from me as they had my old account information on file. I told them I did not even have an account anymore, and it was in my mothers name and address, they said they should have never changed it over to her and that they, (thank goodness I used print screen and have the account information before the changed it) they had neglected to cancel my account, they then today put it back in my name!! I was not even given over to a supervisor upon request. After a google search I found out that this is happening to a lot of people, I am now seeking counsel and looking for any class action suit that may be out there. I am now out over $450.00 and climbing.
A  15th of Feb, 2009 by 
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class action lawsuit ? Same problem here. Alabama is fertile ground for this type legal complaint.
A  28th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I just got off the phone with George from DirectTV asking about 4 PPV movies ordered all on the same day in Dec. This is a bill for March!! He revealed to me that the movies were indeed porn, to which I responded, "No one was in my home on that date AND we don't even know how to use our PPV." Never mind the fact that we would NOT ORDER PORN!!! He informed me that someone indeed used our receiver for this activity and since our receiver was not hooked up to our phone, it stored the purchase in the receiver itself. Taking this as LAW, he could not remove the $42.00 charge. This is VERY scary as I have NO way to view what he is viewing. I asked him to review my billing history and explain how this bizarre day fits in with my purchasing habits. He could tell that my history shows that I've never ordered PPV movies before or since, least of all porn. The best he could do is offer a $10 discount. I insisted he put a block on all PPV channels for me.

I don't understand how they can charge you for a product that usually requires you to call in and give an account number, but rather use the excuse that because the phone wasn't hooked up to the system, DirectTV had to charge me from an old receiver's information. It sounds like a scam to me. BEWARE.. those of you who are turning in your old receivers...make them (somehow) scan your receiver while you are watching. How else are we to protect ourselves against hidden charges. How can we know if these charges aren't a product of their poor book keeping...or the installer's malfunction...or a hacker's pride. We are told to pay it no matter what! It's crap...
A  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I am not currently a Direct TV customer but I was about to last Saturday, April 4, 2009. I had an appointment to have the equipment installed but the technician said he could not do it because I lived in a condo and he had to put the dish on the roof which the condo association does not allow. Anyway, I originally placed the order for my service on April 1, 2009, which at that time Direct TV placed a $200.00 hold on my bank account (which was not a problem) for the start-up costs . I also got an email right after I placed my order - email was thanking me for the order (blah, blah, blah). When the technician told me that he could not install my dish, I cancelled it with him and he told me that he would inform his supervisor about it and Direct TV will not charge me the $200.00. He did not tell me that I had to call Direct TV myself. That night, I checked my account on-line and the hold for $200.00 was gone. I was impressed. Since DIrect TV took off the $200.00 hold, I went ahead and used my debit card to purchase some items over the weekend because I knew I had the funds for them. I did not check my account yesterday, April 6, 2009 but when I checked it April 7, 2009 Direct TV charged me the $200.00 and my bank charged me an Overdraft fee of $175.00. I called Direct TV to find out why they still charged me for it when I the technician could not install my dish - - they said the installation was cancelled but not the start-up costs for the equipment. I told them how can I be charged for equipment that they CANNOT install. I mean it is common sense that if the installation was cancelled, there should be no start-up costs because there is nothing to start. I was also told by the Direct TV customer service representative that my phone call will cancel my order and that they will refund the money to my card within 2-5 business days. I asked why would it take that long for them to refund it when they put a hold on my account as soon as I pressed the SUBMIT ORDER button. I also asked if they can send me an email to confirm that I cancelled the order so that I can bring it to my bank and my bank can refund me my overdraft fees - - the same kind of email that they send you as soon as you place your order. The representative said they do not do that - - I just have to wait for Direct TV to refund the money to my account. Anyway, I wanted to get DirectTV because Cox Cable was getting pretty expensive but you know, Cox Cable never gave me this much stress for as long as I have been there customer. DIRECT TV YOU SUCK!!!
N  7th of May, 2009 by 
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Direct tv auto drafted money ($153.02) in Feb. After my service had been turned off and after I made a payment via a money gram to them, The statement they sent me did not have a "due date" on it. It was blank so, my service was turned off 3 days after I got that bill. I went to a money gram station and paid them the money, . When I got home the service was connected. I didn't know the draft had happened until a month later! In March the same thing happened even though the assured me that I was not signed up for the "promotional rate" (which requires them to sign you up for auto withdrawal payments). They drafted me again for $121.53 in March after I made ANOTHER money gram payment and my service had been disconnected! So, they stole money from my account twice! I had to cancel the service and they are charging me in access of $400 to do that! Even though I faxed them the money gram payment information and they had records of the withdrawal from my account, they still would not refund me my money but made sure to charge me for breaking the contract! I thought the purpose in paying in advance was so that we do not have to sign a contract! Direct tv is a rip off in my eyes!
D  8th of May, 2009 by 
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Paying in advance does not get you out of any commitment with any company. With directv if you dont want to be in a contract, you will pay the regular monthly rates for the programming, no discounts EVER and you have to pay for your installation and for all of the equipment upfront on a credit card, install is $99 a STANDARD RECEIVER IS $149, A DVR or STANDARD HD RECEIVER ARE BOTH $399 and a HD DVR IS $499 and this is for each. By the way you still have to pay the monthly additional receiver fee of $5 a month for each extra receiver, you still have to pay $6 montly for dvr services, thats one charge per account not per dvr, and you still have to pay $10 for hd services even if you own the equipment. All that owning the equipment does for you is A.) get you out of a commitment and B.) you get to keep the receivers if you disconnect.

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