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Direct TV is a total rip off. I had service with Direct TV back in 2005, I then moved and had to cancel my service in 2006. In 2007, I subscribed to the service again after moving yet again. Well, I was having some issues with the reciever last month Nov. 2008 and connected it to the dial-up and my bill has 3 pay per view movies from 2005 posted to my account in month. I have no bill to verify from 2005 that the movies where never paid for and I was told that they have been sitting ideally on the reciever since that time and puff now I need to pay up. (1) How in the heck could I have ordered a movie, without a record of the purchase being anywhere but on the reciever since 2005. (2) They have a record to verify I never paid for it but I was never billed until now for a 2005 charge that I can't see it or verify and I am expected to pay without proof that is isn't a billing error. The charge is about $16.00 not a make or break situation but it is the principle. I asked the customer service rep and the superivor "Is is not possible that is could be a billing error and I am being charged twice.." response "That is not possible..." give me a FREAKING BREAK... They just lost a loyal customer today...

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      Apr 27, 2009

    I signed up for service in June 08. The special offer I accepted was contingent on my not suspending my service during the first year.
    I called the company 4 times in 9 months in attempts to be removed from the marketing list, as I was being asked via marketing to 'come back to direct'.
    As a way to mollify me about the attempts to be removed from marketing, they offered me 3 months of free movies. I explained how I dont use the service for 6 months per year so this offer wasnt going to meet my needs.
    The CSR then told me that there was nothing in my original offer that would stop me from suspending for up to 6 months per year starting with the first year. I then requested transfer to a supervisor who agreed with the CSR that i could have cancelled had I asked to. I then immediately requested a $240 credit because had I not been told I couldnt suspend of course I would have and the retro credit should be approved based on the sales persons misrepresentation. I was told this would be investigated and that I would get a response in 2 weeks.
    I waited 3 weeks and having not received a response callled the company. After 1 hour of hold I was advised by a supervisor that my request had been denied based on the fact that they would not base a credit on the sales persons 'mistake' and that they did not have a recording of my sales transaction since it happened way back in 6-08. (funny but in another of these complaint posts the company was able to back bill a person for ordered movies 3 years after cancel)
    I really dont care about the $240. The sales guy made it quite clear that because of my contract offer I could not suspend in the first year. What I dont like is that he could misrepresent the contract to the point of fraud and the company, while agreeing that I should not have been treated that way, will do nothing for me.
    Consequently, I am now waiting 1 more hour until the closest thing to a corporate office will take calls at which time I am going to challenge the premise that they dont have a recording of my saels call. At that point, considering they will NEVER produce the call I will be SOL for legal relief and if I guess correctly they may even cancel me for being such a jerk.

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