Dillard's / about a manager named jamie

This is regarding a manager named Jamie who works in Dillards in Greensboro NC four seasons mall center. I was shopping and saw him shouting at employee who works there.

I shop often there and this new manager Jamie make is racist towards employees and very disrespectful. I really wanted to stop him and ask him why is he so hateful and rude.

This Dillards store has thousands of issues with race and employees here work under pressure and since there is no HR or higher management to support employees or address their concerns.

Every time I go to this store I see new employees and when I ask somebody about that employee he or she says employee don't work no more. I am a retail store manager and I can't even raise my voice with my associates and In this store Managers shout and disrespect employees in front of customers.

I saw same employee in another store in same mall telling me how terrible management they have. I am sure you guys will not do anything since I see hundreds of complaints already about your stores. But let me tell you that Greensboro Dillards needs new management and that manager Jamie absolutely needs to be fired. I am so sorry for all employees who work under such a management who based on race and like take care of employees and if they didn't have same race or interest then they will be rude and disrespectful to them.

Need time I will in purpose go when that manager is there so I can take his photo or video because I feel so upset still for employees who work here under a such a terrible people. They had a very high management couple of years ago and now customers have to see drama happening every time in store this is such a shameful act for whole Dillards as a company. Because you guys can't fix small issues like this and can't change management or send a HR team to talk to these hard working employees to address their concerns. Remember again Jamie is one of their managers who is one reason we as a customer don't want to shop there anymore.

Nov 21, 2017

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