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managers selling

Dillards is the worst company i have ever worked for. I have seen good employees get fired because of low sales where it was impossible to make sales and others get raises in departments such as polo where sales are usually good. Employees are not rotated in departments anymore to give everyone a chance. Now the departments managers are required to sale on the weekends thus taking sales away from some employees that really need them. I really hate dillards!

  • Dl
    dlakers Jul 11, 2009

    No what you hate is the economy.

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  • An
    anonymous25 Jul 12, 2009

    Wow, managers selling? I work for Dillard's in Florida. In our store, managers never sell, and if they need to help you, they will enter your ain so you get credit for the sale.

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  • Mz
    mzbozzy101 Aug 04, 2009

    This started before the problems with economy, i work there in Hou. Tex in 2000 and it was bad .

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I tried to register for the $2500 Shopping Spree following the instructions on my receipt, but could not. First, I was shown the "Page Not Found" error when I typed the url.

I then searched the internet and found finally the url to follow. Then I was asked to confirm my registration number and after I hit the submit I was told it wasn't a valid number.

To Dillards: If you are offering something, make sure it works. Great waste of time!

unauthorized charges

Two years ago we went to this company (Dillard's) to buy a cologne for my husband (back then boyfriend). The lady at the counter offered us to apply for credit (like they usually do) and my husband did, thought it was a good idea at the time. A couple of weeks later, we recieved a statement stating we owed almost 800 dollards worth of clothing and other stuff that was bought the same day and the day after my husband had applied for their credit card (which we never bought of course!). We tried talking to Dillard's about it, but we recieved several calls stating that if we didn't pay they would ruin my husband's credit! Is that unbelievable or what?! We had banned Dillard's from our current shopping stores and believe it or not now we received another statement saying that we owe about 300 dollars, again!! Man, watchout with this company... is not what it seems!

cannot access website for shopping spree

I went shopping at dillards in buford, georgia while on holiday. I live in indiana and upon returning home I...


i am a previous customers, i say previous because after this i stop going their.i been a loyal customer since jan.08 until now 4/15/09.first of all i had a 100.00 dollar credit limit it jumped to 250.00 right.well at the time i had 210.00 in available credit left plus i paid another 15.00 dollars so that should have uped my available credit tell me why when i went to make a purchase using my credit they said i only had 68 dollars in credit left.when i never used the 210.00 i had available and they couldn't tell me why i might of had two late payments but when i paid it i always paid more. now how are you going to up someone's credit then take it back.i looked stupid when i went to purchase something and found out i didn't have enough credit when i knew i had over 210.00 dollars in credit. i could have paid it with cash but i had credit at least i thought i did .so if you want to buy perfume for someone special go to victoria's secret the have good perfume to i been shoping their even when i was a dillards customers. at victoria's secret you can get perfume, panties lotion and lingerie.and you won't get no hassle. in you need men's stuff i would go anywhere but dillards.don't play yourself they do have good stuff but it's not worth the hassle and can just go somewhere else pretty soon businessess will be fighting for customers so you don't have to sell yourself short. in the end they need our business and if you can't find clothes, lingerie, perfume, colgone i'll be their pretty soon get ready freeman interlube is coming.a new era is hear and this is the owner and designer you are talking to .so i want to thank you for this experience, now i know one thing i can do better when it's my turn .trully your ex dillards customer, p.s. your products are high anyway and you got the nerve to clown in fact don't even e-mail me i just wanted to let ya'll know how i feel oh just to let u know the store i went to was not the problem most of the time it's those morrans in the office sitten back and getting all their answers from a book and really don't know what's going on and while we at it pay your employees.they work hard for ya'll and all you can give them is peanuts.that ain't right my friend.some of them work their and still can't afford to shop their that ain't right .so tell me whose getting over who.

  • Ni
    Nita Jul 10, 2008

    I made a purchase at Dillards and at the bottom of the receipt, it states: WIN A $2, 500 Shopping Spree! To Register go to www.DILLARDS.COM/SHOPPINGSPREE NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER VOID WHERE PROHIBITED SEE WEBSITE FOR OFFICIAL RULES. Registration #: xxxxxxxxxxx REGISTER NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT 08/31/2017 cst. When I attempted to access that website, it kept sending me to other websites but I was never able to actually register on the site. This is false advertisement.

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  • Ni
    Nita Jul 10, 2008

    I made a purchase at dillards and at the bottom of the receipt, it states: win a $2, 500 shopping spree! To register go to www.DILLARDS.COM/SHOPPINGSPREE no purchase necessary to enter void where prohibited see website for official rules. Registration #: xxxxxxxxxxx register no later than midnight 08/31/2017 cst. When I attempted to access that website, it kept sending me to other websites but I was never able to actually register on the site. This is false advertisement.

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  • Ja
    Jack Mar 31, 2009

    This is the worst wesite I have ever visited to enter the shopping spree as listed on the receipt. It is obvious that you do not intend to give away the $2500 prize. I still have not figured out how to enter. Isn't it strange that you can get into the complaint screen but not the entry screen. I have lost respect for Dillards. You would have been better off to not have put the entry info on the receipt.

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scam and cheating

Oh boy, I have a lot to say about Dillard's, I don't even know if I will get it all on here. Where...

deceptive pricing

The contests are a total waste of your time. I wouldn't even stress myself out about entering a bogus contest with Dillards. What does tick me off is their deceptive pricing on sale merchandise. They currently have winter clearance at 70% off but that is after marking the merchandise up then applying a markdown price. I had priced a coat that I wanted 1 week ago-it was $129. I was going to wait until it went on sale. Sale ad comes out-I go to buy my coat-It is now marked as original price of $149. Not a whole lot of money but it is the crooked way of cheating their customers that bothers me. I did not buy the coat and am going to look elsewhere because of this practice. Is that $10 worth it to the Dillards family to lose a customer? Must be, this practice has been going on for years.

problem returning merchandise

Tried to return a dress that fell apart at the seams during the first wash. I followed the directions on the tag. It said that the dress was machine washable. I had the cut-off tags and the receipt, which indicated that I had purchased the dress only a week or so before. But the Dillard's manager would not listen to me. All she kept saying was "I can't resell that." Really? You think I don't know that? That wasn't the point. I wanted my money back for a garment that should have lasted longer than just one wash. I didn't even get store credit. I've had problems with garments falling apart, shrinking too much in the wash, color fading too much, etc that I've purchased at other stores, such as Wal-Mart and Victoria's Secret, and I have had no problems returning them as long as I had the receipt. So beware, if something happens to an item you buy from Dillard's, you may not be able to return it.

  • Mo
    Mom4rmArkansas Apr 23, 2010

    Maybe they are just following their policy. Walmart has a more lay back policy if you have not figured yet.

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return policy

My sister and I purchased about $900 of merchandise from Dillard's the Saturday following Xmas, $300 of...

rude workers

I was walking in the mall, with my neices and nephews, when these two young men, who were wearing Dillards t-shirts and pushing a rack of clothes around in between the Dillards store.

One of the men started making fun of a heavy set young lady, and raging on her awfly. then a "hot" young woman walked by them and they began saying rude remarks about her as well. I called to complain, and they kept me on hold for 22 minutes, and the person I finally spoke to claimed that she was in charge and would do something about it. suffice it to say that a few weeks later I was back at the same mall and these to rotton eggs were at it again, I asked my neice who worked at the neighboring store if these males were allways like this. she said yes. and that she and her co-workers do not like them either,

I guess it is alright to be rude crude and unacceptable.

  • Ra
    Rae Nov 22, 2008

    I am employed at that Dillards store and I know who these young men are. You are right about it all. They are useless, lazy, disrespectful and personally, I cannot believe that they continue to be employed at Dillards. It is the mystery of the century why some of the dock workers, which is what they are, get away with this. They make snide remarks about me and others when we have come in through the employee's entrance. They whine and hide when somebody calls them for assistance. I assure you that ONLY the women who work in the dock do their jobs well, show courtesy and respect to others. I enjoy working with those women. They care about Dillards and strive to maintain the store's reputation for excellence. But those young men you speak of...they are a joke.

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terrible place to work

Everyone that works for Dillard's where I live seems to be miserable. The longer I worked there, the more I could see how crooked the people in upper management are. I actually felt a sense of relief when I was "let go". As soon as word got around that I was thinking about leaving, I was out of a job. The manager at this particular store seems to be very vindictive . The pay is horrible considering what they expect out of you. Now, I actually have time to find a new job. If you're considering working for Dillard's, pay attention to the horror stories. They are true!

  • St
    Stacie Sep 30, 2008

    Hang in there Georgia. College-Station, Texas stores are the bottom of the snake pit. Proud of you for being "let-go". That shows your class. The gutter ### managers will get shifted to another store to start all over again with a new audience. They will sink into their pit of rotten garbage, like they are!!

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  • Ic
    icepick Oct 07, 2008

    I agree with you, not very employee friendly. Their pay raise policy sucks, it invites employees to go against each other if they are in the same department. Very weak store management at Arrowhead in Arizona. If you enjoy working with back stabbing women, Dillards is the place.

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  • D
    D Oct 15, 2008

    I worked at Dillard's in Utah and trust me it isn't just the people in upper management it's also Dillard's. Every Dillard's is the same, they don't take care of their employees. For those who have Dillard's as their careers, I honestly have no idea how they do it. You're just riding the money rollercoaster. Pay raise, pay cut, pay raise, pay cut..fired. How do they expect you to live like that? All that matters is your sales numbers. It doesn't matter to them if economy is bad and you don't get any sales for three hours, you will get that pay cut. Managers will tell you not to blame it on economy and that if you work hard enough you'll get your sales but they don't realize you can't get the sales without the shoppers. That's easy for them to say because they aren't the ones standing on the sales floor fighting five other employees for sales. Did I mention about the outrageous hours? You might get an open to close shift here and there which is ten hours of standing, a random thursday off, and you must kiss your weekends goodbye. So if you want a job with Dillard's make a note to yourself that you will suffer and no matter how hard you work, you won't see the money you feel you deserve for your hard work. They sure do expect a whole lot out of you when really you aren't payed to clean up and do extra work, you're payed for your sales.

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  • Jt
    jtaylor03 Jan 17, 2010

    i work for dillards in florida and i am in the same boat you guys are in i hate it every day its the same thing credit apps credit apps credit apps and then there is the quota its rediculos im stressed every time i look at it and the more you make the higher the quota..and the customers dont care they want to buy and go and then return two days just doing my time then im gone i cant wait

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  • Sh
    shades1891 Apr 08, 2010

    I totally agree with the comments that have been made. Dillards is nothing but a warm body factory. The management at the Beachwood store are nothing more than children.
    The GM made it very clear, he wants no one over the age of 50 working in the store. Where are they going next, to preschool to get them?
    You bust your backside and then get money taken away. And what "sales" are there? Unless it goes to 50 to 70% off, the clients buy it, bring it back and buy it again at the sale price and the full price goes against the associate. And for God's sake don't forget to ask them to open a credit app. This company has absolutely no managerial skills or intelligence about what running a business is. I was told by another associate that I was to never talk to my GM or any other manger about problems on the floor. Go figure.
    This is what they have instilled.
    I was a business owner for 30 years and relocated. I could go through that store in one hour and get rid of the dead meat, because most of it sits in the corporate offices drinking coffee from Starbucks and shoving food in their faces.

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flagrant actions of colege-station store manager

We have become convinced that dealing openly and directly with the facts about this store manager is a matter...

store appearance

I just bought $200 worth of clothes from the Dillards Discount Basement in St. Louis (Northwest Plaza). The store boasts of a no return/exchange policy on the door. Not a problem. While shopping in the store, I noticed an odd smell of what I thought was humidity, or bad smell. I later talked to the store employee and complained, he stated it was mold. Well I shopped for about 45 minutes, before my allergies kicked in and I could take it no longer. I took my purchase home and within minutes of taking them out of the bag, low and behold, the mold smell came home with me. I was LIVID!!! Guess I didn't think that the smell would be in the clothes. Makes you wonder how long the clothes have been on the rack and doesn't someone smell that awful smell? So not only do I have to send my new clothes to the cleaners and I cannot get a refund for my clothes reeked with stench. I am still seething!!! I just wanted to pass the word along.

  • Be
    BettyDo Sep 15, 2011

    I'm glad you posted your experience. I had the same thing happen to me in the store in Lakeland, Fl. I got twelve pieces of clothes at Dillards and when I got home I tried them all on and I noticed a mold smell but didn't think to much about it and I hung them on a rack by my door. Everytime I walked past them I got a smell of them and soon I had a headach that I thought would kill me so I got in the shower in the middled of the night, needless to say I returned all of my clothes and asked if they had anyone complain about mold smell in the clothes and the cashier said no, but when the roof leaks it smells like mold in here. I could tell that she was not telling the truth as she had that funny look in her face. I have never felt so sick in my life from trying on new clothes! So I ordered four bloused from Dillards online to see if they were okay, welll...they smell so much like vitamin A and dye I can't wear them!!! NO MORE DILLARDS for Me!!! Betty

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can't reach website

When I type in the web address it takes me to a site to choose different categories. Your suppose to be able...

problematic return

I purchased a queen comforter and small throw rug approx. 11 days ago; after careful consideration, I decided...

do not work there

Ok, all you need is a warning to NOT WORK THERE. seriously you don't wanna go thru the things other I...

fraud and scam

The contest rules clearly state there is no purchase required to enter. However, one of the REQUIRED items one must fill out, whether entering via computer or by mail, is a registration #. Now, since I have not made a purchase, I do not, obviously, have a registration #. I notice when reading others' complaints about this contest, that their registration numbers from their receipts do not allow them to complete their on-line registration for the contest, in any case. I do believe Dumb and Dumber, and Dumbest must run this company and the shopping spree is just a microcosmic example of everything that is wrong with this company. Never shopping there again!

sister fired

My sister was fired 4 days ago for not making her sales quota in children shoes. This store is overpriced for the area it is in. No one can afford to shop there so no sales are to be found. She asked to be transferred to another department but they would not do it. She was the first group of employees to be hired at this location when the store opened. They fired 6 others for the same thing. Good employees but a family of rich people over in Arkansas who don't care.Shame on you Dillard family.

  • So
    Sonya McGruder Apr 01, 2007

    I've tried numerous times and am unable to access the website printed on the receipt that allows you to register for the shopping spree. I'm very disappointed.

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  • Sh
    Sharon Trent Apr 02, 2007

    $2500 shopping spree - there is nowhere to register for the online shopping spree... I receive an error message each time... I have tried numerous times and different ways to register... this is a terrible thing to do to customers!

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  • Ca
    Cayguide Mar 22, 2008


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  • Ma
    Markie Rogers Aug 11, 2008

    I have been a Dillards customer, but right now I am furious. It is August 11 and Dillards has only a few items on sale at 50% off. Most other stores have their summer merchandise on sale @ 75% off. I agree that Dillards is overpriced to begin with, and the fact that they hold on to their summer merchandise seems to be just pure GREED!!!

    School starts here next week and nobody will be going on any summer vacations so nobody will need any of their summer clothes or shoes. Their parking lot was practically empty when I drove up. If they can't sell their merchandise at a decent price when people need them I hope they never sell it.

    I wanted a simple sun dress for my vacation. I can't wear sundresses to work, so I would only get to wear it on my vacation once, maybe twice this year so I certainly was not going to pay any more than 75% off for a dress that I could wear once. It will be out of style next year.

    Mr. Dillard, You are a greedy old man

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  • Je
    JENISE WRIGHT Sep 04, 2009

    I use to work at the dillards in wilmington nc, now I DRIVE BY THERE IT LOOKS LIKE A GHOST TOWN,

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  • Je
    JENISE WRIGHT Sep 04, 2009

    Just one good thing came out of dillards is Mr.Kendricks his a smart man and I learned a lot about retail from him.

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If one is employed by Dillard's by the name of Tamika and gets fired for something she did @ Dillard's back when she was 16 and supp9sedly banned for life... from the store..she shoplifted a shirt when she was younger and stupid, and now she is in early 20's... and was very good sales girl... black girl... can she be fired for that being brought up now...?... her background ck for the job come out clean...?... I think this is wrong and the Mgmt needs to be questioned of their understanding of the Law...

  • Ha
    haley Mar 18, 2009

    Dillards holds grudges against minorities look at there managment scale, If your not white you can not be a manager, even other manager that were of color look they did not last long they found a way to get rid of them. Especially arrowhead mall in glendale, az. this store is racist and discriminates on there employees. even customers can get questioned as they walk out of a store because they assum they are stealing. Employees are treated worse if they make a mistake and charge someone wrong, you get the boot no if and or buts, your out of there and they will find a way to fit it into there rules . My friend was let go because she bought pants that had wrong prices on them and because she bought the items she got fired how stupid is that !!! Your company labels merchandise and tickets merchandise to sell at sale prices and if an employee bys it be careful your job is on the line. And when customers come in with reticketed merchandise you can sell it to them because it not there fault even though they pulled the ticket off other merchandise and placed it on theres and managers tell you don't argue just ring it up it's a sale. I am so glad dillards has lawsuits against them, OH!!! even the store manager at arrowhead has a pending assault on him from a dillards employee...

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  • Ha
    haley Mar 18, 2009

    Yup !!!
    I worked at that dillards back then when I was in college, and Duane is his name he sure did throw a stapler at an employee and his little side kicks assistant mangers are no better, The are all unprofessional and they all talk about there employees and as soon as omeone gets fired or quits they laugh and say such rude remarks about them. It's I know I said how unprofessional the managers were and boy I heard it they callled me in the office and said I was talking down to the managers and they would not tolerate it in the place of business but wait you guys can assault people and say rude remarks about your employees and no one can say anything back. I remember I told that pshyco assistant manager Red hair Mary Hoofart off she is weak minded and finds fun in trying to humiliate staff until someone tells her off then she shakes like crazy cause she doesn't know what to say. And its true if you purchase something with a wrong price its called suspious but wait managers don't even ring up there merchandise they just take it to there back office and hide it and put it in a bag and walk out of the store, I remember seeing family members of managers shopping all day and they kept putting stuff in the back office and the rules are if the family member lives with you then you can purchase it with your discount. well all these grown ### men and women don't have 2 0r 3 40 year old women and men living int he same home but oh I forgot they can do that. DILLARDS ARROWHEAD DON"T SHOP THERE... Go to Macys instead.

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  • Zo
    Zombiwoof Mar 18, 2009

    If you were asked in your application or interview if you had ever stolen anything, and you claimed that you hadn't - then yes - you can be fired at any time - for cause.

    And the employer would be correct in disputing your unemployment claim as well.

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dillards and the way they treat their employees 2!

I have been an employee at Dillards in kenner for a very long time. As an employee upper management has to...

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