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I have been an employee at Dillards in kenner for a very long time. As an employee upper management has to be the worst i've ever seen, they treat as if you are ### on the bottom of their shoes. As an example our ops manager Olie, is a very rude, and obnoxious person. He feels that because of his position in our line of work that we are inferior to him. Another example is the store manager who feels that we the employees' are her children (i can see why GOD has not blessed her with children). She walks around and speaks to some of my fellow co-workers such as those who work on the dock as if she was their mother (oops she doesn't have any children). I have also heard the store manager talk to dept. Manager as if they were crap.

Inventory was the worst i have ever seen. We worked 8 hours without a break, some of the older people who have to take medication, was not allowed that privileged, due to them forcing us to work without a break. Macy's going to be open very soon and me and several other employees wont have to take this abuse again.m Please Comment dillards esplanade employees. Do not be afraid to comment.


  • Co
    Cookie Mar 20, 2008

    I have worked for Dillard's & have experienced the 'fun' of inventory. They lock you inside for 8 + hours, pretty much until they're done for the night. Breaks? Ha! You get time to eat at a certain time they designate, not when you're exhausted & can't go on anymore without a break. Some people are unlucky enough to get stuck working a shift & having to do inventory too. You pretty much feel like a slave when you get scheduled for that nightmare.

    Dillard's hired me with the understanding that as a college student (30 + yrs old) I was not willing to work more than 25 hours/week. I continually kept getting 30+ hours, despite me repeatedly telling my dept mngr (who didn't care) that I couldn't work more than 25. When I demanded they take the hours off, they'd get pissy. Full time employees who needed those complete 40 hours, Dillard's would jerk around & keep them under 35 hours. Very common of retail jobs, they say they'll work with your hours. What they really mean is that as long as you produce for them they'll schedule you for however many hours THEY need you to work & screw your life away from work.

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  • Ta
    tammie Jun 18, 2008

    as a employee of dillards in newnan ga, i have to agree with the complaint on inventory.they lock us up like dogs and work us like animals.10-12 hrs of inventory without a states you have a 30 min lunch w/ 2 -15 minute breaks. not allowed!!!doors are locked with only a few managers having keys and will not allow you access to building? i hope no building catches on fire, they havent seen a law suit yet if this happens. they lure you in and lie and say great company to work for? untill they get you in . upper management is terrible lack of training i guess or just selfish lying cheating people. they physicaly assalt you, lie and cover it up. if you lie for upper management you can be promoted.a lie always gets found out sometimes it takes alot of money to find out the truth. they dicsremate towrds the elder, the blind, the employees that have been injured at work and anyone they feel is a treat to there job.whats wrong with this follow the chain of command as ask, and only get retaliated against, you wonder why sales are low maybe its called carma, or the lord taking away from them for what they are taking away from us.

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  • Fa
    faithful worker Jun 18, 2008

    well it looks like the truth is finally getting noticed. i agree with the complaints against dillards.i may not be able to see but my hearing is great and my smell is even better. i smell a RAT.. or know the blind could bring in a seeing eye dog but just like the employees state they get teated like a dog. i would hate to see what they would do with the seeing eye dog.i have a feeling my dog would bit back. oh but i am sur there a few of these lying employees who would deny the situation. i hope your mama dont go blind and i hope your mama dont fall on the floor.dont worry about making rash quick decisions because it will take at least 20 minutes for someone to help your mama up off the floor. every one remember we all have mamas and we would like to be treated the way we want people to treat us. so if you want fair treatment dont come to dillards.

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  • Am
    a mad black woman Jun 18, 2008

    I was hired at the new store in Newnan GA. I worked the inventory also, we were locked in the store like slaves on a plantation. I have never experience anything like that night. I still have nightmares about that inventory. The store managers at that store is so unprofessional. The sales manager in the ladies department has not a teeth in her mouth. Do see not have dental insurance or what? A set of dentures cost about $600 plus? This manager looks and smells like she drink ensure and vodka. (no teeth to eat I guess so) The OPS manager and the store manager is undercover liars. These to need to be locked up in Fulton County Jail with the criminals.

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  • Ju
    justice Jun 19, 2008

    well you know each store is run different and if therer are managers that walk around looking like that you have to wonder what the ops manager and the store manager looks like. and just maybe these are the job qualification for sales floor managers to un welled groom just because you looked well deressed on the surface and like hell when you open your mouth you got a job. what does the store manager looks like and the ops manager looks like the leadership refects what comes in the store as far as managers goes.maybe they need to do back ground checks on the type managers because it sounds like any and anythink can be a manager at dillards in newnan, ga.

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  • Fa
    faithful worker Jun 21, 2008

    you are so right about the way they treat employees its sad and how do they get by with this.well i hope on the next inventory fox 5 will be there to wittness lock down against your will.i heard they had a under cover employee appointed by the i team. lets hope this is true.everyone please be careful really it is dangerous to be lock in like that.hope and pray nothing happens.

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  • An
    Another Upstand Black Women Jul 06, 2008

    For the past year I have been working at Dillard’s in the Coweta Area. At first it seemed to be a great opportunity to work at Dillard's. As time went by, one could notice the unprofessional attitudes of all the managers. I know of well educated young girl whom as had many problems with her manager and the store manager, dealing with her future plans to start college in the fall: time needed off for preparations to start college < not received or acknowledged. One should not have to go though this and I know for a fact that NO JOB NO MANAGER NO STORE MANAGER WILL HOLD THAT CHILD BACK FROM MAKING HER GOALS IN LIFE!

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  • Me
    Melissa Jul 07, 2008

    I agree with you child. NO INDIVIDUAL should like let anyone hold them down or back from their long term goals in life. I have been in that store. It is really sad that a new store like that has so many problems. Speaking of managers: what is that woman in the ladies department doing working without teeth. There is no medical problems where you can't wear dentures. Can someone explain this picture to me. She dresses professional but when she opened up her mouth, my daughter screamed.
    Whoever hired her should have told her about the dental plan, if Dillard's offer dental insurance.

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  • M8
    m89 Jul 17, 2009

    Dillards just treats you like children and give you no praise. Can't wait to find a new job. I mean they fire people 3 dollars under the quota. And tell them they should of tried harder. Hello the economy was bad! Dillards in Newnan

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  • To
    Tony7313 Apr 10, 2011

    I worked for Dillard’s through a private security company, Securitas. Within three days I was shocked to see, racial profiling. The camera man only had us follow black people and their families. It took just three days to see this. I went to the store manager, Amy, and she was on the defensive. I tried to explain the family I was told to follow, were just shopping like any other family. Her response, "black families steal too." I stepped back and apologized for taking up her time, it was then she said, no, no, no... I appreciate the information and she wanted me to report any future problems. WOW! I could not believe how dismissive she was. Now get this, her good "friend" Colleen was in charge of security for this Dillard's. Colleen’s close friend is the "camera man", needless to say I was a proud member of the Dillard's pu pu list. Well, such is life, right? Well, I left after three months, way too much crap this company dishes out to there people. I didn’t work for Dillard’s, my company contracted security for Dillard’s. Well the North store is the men’s store, this store has two ASM‘s, assistant store managers, Diane and Jeffrey. These two were the best Dillard's had to offer from management… Harder working ASMs do not exists. But, Amy doesn't like them, if I was to guess she knows they both can do her job and do it much better, I.e. a threat. Long story short they both were fired, the excuse was the numbers for that store were too low. Lets say it the way it is, Mr. Dillard past, his son’s took over… Dad must be rolling over in his grave. Just a quick back ground on myself, 9 years military and 14 as a Deputy Sheriff, 3 month providing security to Dillard’s. Dillard’s doesn’t believe in fair labor laws, they are not an equal opportunity employer, yes they hire women, black people, Hispanic people, gay people and so on. But once they are in, it is not a fair firm and consistent environment. This Dillard’s management, is a BIG law suit awaiting to happen. Don’t believe me, just go to Melbourne Florida’s square mall, apply for a job at Dillard’s and see for yourself, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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  • No
    nonofurs Jun 14, 2011

    Why aren't there more people complaining about Dillard's. Everything I have read is true. We need the customers on our side. We also need to stand up for ourselves!! This has to STOP!! I am very angry to know that we are the majority, but are just too afraid to take these demons down.

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  • Ju
    JustAnotherEmployee Aug 19, 2012

    I have worked for Dillards for 12 years and I have to say that all of the company's stores are not run exactly alike..The store I work in is a great big family of employees who have worked steadily with each other for decades. We have a lot of real old-timers here who continue to exceed their selling goals and make marvelous raises each and every year. In my personal work history, I have worked for Sak's Fifth Avenue and for Macy's and I absolutely hated both of those companies. ( I really wish I could erase the nasty five years that I waisted at Sak's ) who's store manager was a big drunk that mentally and verbally abused her assistant managers and entire staff. Macy's just eats people for lunch and spits out overworked associates like slimy used pistachio shells. Dillard's (while not being the most organized corporation in the world) is still Family-owned and seems to be constantly improving it's fashion offerings and vast cosmetics strengths.
    And I can simply say, that if any employee thinks the grass is greener out there, then take it from's not!
    Dillard's treats it's employees SOOOO much better than it's competitors do.
    I'm going to stay with Dillard's and help to make it better!

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  • De
    Debbie Travis Blakley May 27, 2018

    @JustAnotherEmployee That's not saying much if you're happier at Dillards!

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  • At
    A thought Jan 15, 2013

    Obviously you must be a new employee, manager, or a Dillard's himself writing this last comment because the conditions stated before yours are exactly true and as an ex employee of Dillard's and having worked at other big box retailer I can say employees are disrespected, talked down to, work under extreme conditions, and under the concept of do as I say, and do as I say! Not a role model leadership. I'm glad you work in a store that gives you the surroundings of a good environment, but please pay close attention to those with complaints as they come from different store around the region. Maybe the Dillard's should start paying close attention to their employees as well. A happy employee in turn means a happy customer. I disagree with you on one level. Sometimes the grass can be greener on the other side!

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  • Ks
    KSmith98 Jun 02, 2013

    I work for Dillard's & I hate it here. Looking for another job. I have only been here for six months & yet I have seen over 15 people fired in the last 3-4 months over something as small as $10 below there goal or missing one credit card application for a month. There is a reason they are #2 as far as worst companies to work for. REMEMBER: If their employees don't make their daily sales goals they can be fired after three months. So sad that in today's economy that you have to work a sale just to keep a job. How can a company treat their employees like that is beyond me. It's really sad when you have a store like the one in Florida that has low traffic as everyone prefers to go to Orlando to shop at the better malls & yet my daily sales goal for a Wednesday is around $800. REALLY?? I will be lucky to get $200 for a 5 hour day at that store. management makes promises and yet they don't keep them & forget about asking for time off as it won't happen. I had requested my daughters birthday off so she could have a sleep over. I was told no problem, as I gave the notice 3 months in advance. What did they do, they put me on the schedule to close that day. Her party had to be cancelled & she was highly upset. Family doesn't matter to this company.

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  • Mz
    mzend54 Jul 15, 2015

    There are a lot of abuse because there are a lot more employees than jobs nowadays. This is a worse time in the history of mankind, but what you should all do is try to get to work like self employed to destroy this evil work.

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  • De
    Defref May 09, 2017

    Dillards fcking sucks no raises or acknowledgment of appreciation for doing a great job or coming in on a day off to upload a big truck. Dillards takes advantage of every worker they can. Company ran like a personal piggy bank by the dillards sons, just one big competition. Dock workers receive no bonus nor raises ever unless 20 years goes by for another generation to be turned inside out by this company. Seriously I wouldn't work here more than 6 months or less believe me your life won't amount to anything.

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