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Complaints & Reviews

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanidefective shirt

I have bought a shirt in an official store Emporio Armani in Russia 09.11.2019. It was torn after some hours I had put it on. I think this shirt was defective.
I tried to return this shirt, but my request was cancelled when I asked for the expertise to refund. The expertise rejected me and answered that it was not manufacturing defect.
I don't agree with the results of the expertise (see in attachments). I have put this shirt on only once.
Please help me to refund.
Where should I reply for my problem?
My e-mail: arseniy.[protected]
My phone number: [protected]

defective shirt
defective shirt
defective shirt
defective shirt
defective shirt

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanifabric foundation shade 6

When i purcahed thsi item infemwisvk Brent Cross fro £61 oi was advsied onec it ran out i could purcahes a refill for £40+ so i went instoe the weekend for the refill to be told the refill ahs not been launched yet.

Thsi is not fair you desisgned it to so you can get a refill and then not supply it thsi is very misleading.

i love the foundation but can not afford to keep paying the 61£ i am very diasapointed

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — dark blue hooded jacket made of artificial leather

619769 I am a customer of your company and ever since I remember myself, I was pleased with the quality of your products. However, in September 2017, I purchased from the attica cosmo...

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armaniunethical behaviour

To Whom It Might Concern,

Hope that this mail will find you well.

Today, I would like to make a complaint about the attitude that me and my family received.

On Dec-19, around 1:30 pm, me and my wife passing by Giorgio Armani Ginza in Tokyo Japan. About a month ago, I just bought few sweaters for my wife from Paris. Since the line-up seems a bit different between two countries, I suggested that we could take a look in Tokyo; to see if there's anything else that she fancies.

At that day, we dressed very casual; just jeans with sneakers. Also, we push our boy with a baby car. When we walked in to the store, the guard checked us immediately visually; and he seems very unpleasant with our dress. Then he came to us and said that, you're disallowed to drink in the store; when we did carry a cup of coffee. I told him that; sure, we won't drink, we'll put the coffee in the cup holder of the baby car. The strange thing is that, he still saying that; you can't even put the coffee in the cup holder. He asked us to leave immediately without any other explanations.

Certainly, I understood the no drinking policy in the store; but we can't even allow to put it on the cup holder? I'm pretty sure that many customers visited your stores with drinks in their bags; simply, we're doing the same thing but it's visible. Was that because we seem poor, that's why we're disallowed to enter the shop? Or it's because that we're visiting the store with a kid?

The guard's name is Kondo; male, age between 40-50. It would definitely help, if you could advise what we've done wrong to deserve such treatment. I can be reached via following mail address:
[protected] . Hopefully that you would take this kind of discrimination seriously.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Best regards,

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanigiorgio armani si eau de parfum intense 110 ml serial nr [protected]

Good Day

I have tried in several ways to contact Giorgio Armani (ref:_00Db0ZVBZ._5000N22fMI1:ref of Armani Online Store Customer Care who referred me to contact me to Armani Beauty Customer Care ) but with no feedback.
I bought a bottle of Si Eu de Parfum on Hamad International Airport, Doha, a while back and having used very little of the bottle, the nozzle is not functioning. This is a first for me and I am very upset, as I do not have the pleasure of using my perfume.
I am a South African currently working in Moscow. I am not familiar with the Russian language or the surroundings and understand that the postal service is not reliable as I could have posted the bottle to you.
I would appreciate your assistance in returning the bottle for a refund.
Awaiting your response.
Helene van Schalkwyk

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanirefund request

Good Morning
My daughter purchased a pair of Mens Gloves from your Outlet Store in Ashford on Thursday 5th December. I reached the cash desk just as she entered her pin number to complete the sale and I asked her had she tried the Gloves on to check the size to make sure they would be the correct size for her son, on doing so we became aware that they were large, therefore would be too big for him. We then asked the Salesman to refund them, we hadn't left the store, we hadn't even moved away from the cash desk, but his reply was 'No, we do not refund, it states that on your receipt'!!! I find this response totally unacceptable, there were no visible signs up stating this and obviously the statement being on your receipt is too late. For a company of your stature to have such poor customer service is appalling, this attitude toward your customers is disgusting and to be told by one of your own Sales team 'if the item was faulty we could refund' only implies customers need to damage items to obtain a refund, this is not acceptable behaviour.
I am requesting to return the item for a full refund and I would appreciate you looking into this and advise accordingly.

I look forward to your prompt reply prior to my having to seek legal advise. This is not about the money, this is about consumer rights and satisfaction.


Mrs Sylvia Hardy

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanigio de giorgio-armani

I am enquiring as to why a very popular 1990s perfume has been discontinued. Gio had been a firm favourite of mine for years. I was very disappointed to learn that it was no longer to buy in the shops. I have had to scour the internet to buy part used bottles.
After looking at various websites, it seems that a lot of people would love to have this perfume back. Please could you advise as to why this was discontinued. I have never come across a perfume that comes anywhere near the gorgeous smell of Gio.

Kindest regards

Nicola Darling

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanisi passione perfume


My brother bought me a 30ml bottle of this perfume for my birthday in February. I loved it and because it's the most expensive perfume I have I wear it sparingly. The bottle is still half full and I wanted to wear it to a wedding on Saturday but when I tried to put it on it won't spray, only tiny bits are coming out. I have tried all the solutions out there for unblocking the tube including running the sprayer under hot water and putting a needle in the hole but nothing works! I am so unhappy as I love this perfume and still have half a bottle that I can't use. What can I do about this? I do not have expensive perfumes and this was such a luxury for me.

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanishoes


My name is Glenda Kurti.

I bought a pair of shoes in July in the Armani store of outlet Vickolungo on July 20/21, 2019 and it is the second time I wear today on October 28, 2019, but they were destroyed. Both times I had them I was inside the office and no walks in the street.

Please if you could refund the amount I paid.

Thank you and best regards,


Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — mens emporio armani chronograph watch ar2453.

619769 I bought an Emporio Armani watch PKGAR1051 for my husbands 50th birthday. I bought the watch August 23rd 2019 and gave it to him today October 27th. The 7 o'clock silver time...

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — sole of shoe came off

619769 I received this shoes for my birthday on December. A few weeks ago the sole came off in pieces on a hot day in Dubai. I went to the Armani shop in Dubai for assistance and they...

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanishoes

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is regarding my shoes bought from Emporio Armani Shop at 41 Avenue George V Paris on 21.05.2019 when i was on a vacation.
I live in Mumbai, India.

I have been wearing them occasionally and already the zip is not working properly and the glue on the Emporio Armani logo strip has been worn off .

I have already visited Emporio Armani shop at Mumbai and have been advised to send email regarding my complaint and to resolve the same .
I never expected that the zip and the glue will be worn off in a matter of 3-4 months as a matter of fact was expecting best quality of materials used.
Nevertheless the shoes are very comfortable and have loved them so bought them in the first place and would like to wear them more often
I have been a loyal customer and have bought your products from a lot of stores worldwide and have not faced any such issues .
I request you to replace defective shoes at the earliest

I am attaching the pictures of
1. invoice check,
2. QR code
3. Not working Zip
4. Emporio Armani logo strip glue worn off

I now Await your reply to resolve it regarding the same at earliest.

Thanking you in anticipation of a quick and positive response.

Mitul Doshi.


Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanimale sunglasses

Dear sir,
I bought a male giorgio armani sunglasses (on sunday 22 september) from beirut international airport's duty free. However when I opened them when I arrived to the destination country (qatar), I noticed that there was a flaw. The glasses were not aligned evenly. Wearing them, one side looks more elevated than the other and it feels uncomfortable not to mention that they look awful on the face. Since the item was purchased (product code ar8112. L501771. L150. L) as mentioned on your website, took place in an airport, plz advise on what procedure I can take in this case. I really like the sunglasses and I would like them to be repaired.
As you see in the picture, the right arm doesn't touch the surface. The left arm touches it. That is the flaw.
My email: [protected]
My phone number: +974 [protected]

Thank you

male sunglasses

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — smart watch strap issue armani

619769 Hi I have bought an Armani smart watch on 17 August 2019 hardly 28 days today I suddenly noticed the scratches in the strap I have few more watches which I have purchased few...

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — tailored trouser

The manager at the women store was condescending really pissed me off. The tailored trouser that I purchased was shipped from the store to me with wrong length and unsymmetrical...

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armaniarmani code edp 75ml cost £79

Absolutely gutted... Bought today from Boots. Opened the box and the bottle of EDP came right through the bottom of the box and smashed. Its as if the bottle was to heavy for the packaging. I'm absolutely gutted as it was a present off my Husband for receiving good news from the hospital... I recommend that you strengthen your packaging to save any more disappointments from your customers.

armani code edp 75ml cost £79

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — emporio armani stainless steel studs

I purchased a pair of your stainless steel studs on my Very online account. I received my order on the 10/08/2019. They arrived perfectly. The following day I was going out...

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armaniarmani juniors t shirt

I am writing to make a formal complaints regarding I purchase I made last month, I am from Bahrain, and whilst I was on holiday last June in Dubai I bought a tshirt from Armani juniors for my 6 years old son from the Mall of Emirates. And while I was ironing it today for the occasion of Eid, I noticed on the back side it was punched in different locations, and it's his first time time today wearing it which means it's brand new. I expect after spending a certain amount on your brand and the premium we pay, I expect a far better quality to be honest, I am extremely disappointed with the brand and the purchase, specially given the price I have paid, I expect better quality from your company and that you do a quality check on your products before selling it. I am attaching the pictures for you to see.

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — jeans

Good evening, I would just like to let you know that I have been wearing armarni jean since the late 1990s I bought 2 pairs in 2017 and I noticed that one of the pair's had a zip...

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanimessenger bag

On 24th of July, I bought this Cross body messenger bag at Emporio Armani Store located at "Piazza di Spagna" in Rome. I came back to my home in Dubai, on the same day.

On 25th as I arrived home, I realised that the Zip was damaged (showed in the attached photo), just less than 24 hours after I had bought it. Then I went to Emporio Armani Store at Mall of Emirates, in Dubai, and I was informed that they can not help me with this case.

I´m really disappointed: first I didn't expect to have a defect in my bag considering it should have the Armani quality. Second I'm very upset with the post sales customer service. Emporio Armani is luxury top brand, but the franchise outside Italy doesn't take care about the customers.

I would like to know how I should proceed to fix that defect as I'm living in Dubai and Armani Franchise here is unable to assist me.

messenger bag

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armaniemporio armani smart watch

I bought emporio Armani smart watch (gen 3) from watches of Switzerland at Bandra West, India on 6th July however it has a problem of charging next day I have taken it to showroom they asked me replacement I paid INR 6500 more on 8th July and bought and bought another watch of Emporio Armani. Now the problem is the back site cover of the watch has came out again took it to showroom and they are saying it will take 15 more days as they have to send it to company at Bangalore.
It's really disappointing to see such a poor quality product from brand like emporio Armani. 15 days to solve a problem is not it too much. I expect better quality and service for expensive products like these... looking forward for a quick solution to this.

emporio armani smart watch

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanikitchen casa armani

A year and two months ago, the kitchen was installed in our new home, which was purchased with a lot of money from your representative company in Israel. At the installation stage, many faults were discovered due to the lack of professionalism of the carpenter who came to install the kitchen. During the installation I was informed that the screws for connecting the handles were not suitable. And the carpenter claimed that he would take care to bring in appropriate bolts to connect the handles. Today 6 days ago the door of the refrigerator opening has fallen and the refrigerator door can not be opened and the underside of the handle still connected continues to scratch the door and destroy the color of the door. As far as I am concerned, this situation is a catastrophe, because after 4 days I do not receive service and no service is expected. At the same time the door is being destroyed. Please treat this as a respectful company and the brand it represents that made me make the purchase. It's just a scandal about poor service.



kitchen casa armani
kitchen casa armani

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — si perfume intense

Hi, I bought a perfume a few weeks ago from 'The Fragrance Shop' in Westfield shopping centre Stratford London. I usually buy from the perfume shop as I have a card with them...

baby changing bag

I have brought the changing bag. It has a built in changing mat, I have had this bag 4 months and already the print is coming off the bag.
I feel for the money paid this is a very poor quality.
Is this a one off or common fault?
How can this be solved? I would be happy with a replacement or refund.
Kind regards
Lisa Holden

baby changing bag
baby changing bag

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — plastic straws

Good morning We visit Cannes regularly and always go to Armani Cafe as the staff are very friendly and service is great. However it is disappointing that plastic straws are used...

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armaniquality and labelling

I'm a single mother and work really hard to save up and buy my son the clothes he wants from your brand EA7
I have bought him the Holley and a EA7 coat I followed the instructions on labels for how to wash the above garments and they have came out ruins all the padding has gone inside and both garments are in wearable condition he has only had the clothes for a month I bought them from our local JD sports store and don't have the receipts to take them back now and I feel phisicaly sick at how much money I have wasted on these stupidly over priced clothes the instructions about washing were followed correctly but the clothes are ruined it is very upsetting to me as I have struggled to save and buy the clothes what can I do about these faulty garments ?

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanifake gianni versace leather jackets

Was stopped an a car park by Italian asking directions to the airport. Said he was maxed out on his credit card and wanted to buy his son an Ipad at the airport before going home. Jackets are PVC. Fake business card Carmine F Director Marketing Milano Italy. Just kept loading the jacets into my car then we went to the bank to get the money. He waited while I took the money out of the bank. Paid $900 for 5 "Leather Jackets"

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanistitches coming out of leather jacket which I bought around a year ago

I have been following up with your customer care team at [protected], but they are not ready to accept purchase proof which I provided to them.
I even asked them at least let me know the repair charges which I should pay to fix my jacket, they are not willing to inform me that as well.
What kind of customer service you have?
I am thinking that I wasted USD 800 to buy Armani jeans jacket, instead should have bought some cheaper brand which offers much better customer service than that of Armani.

[Resolved] Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — armani eyeglasses, style ar 7143

Although I am pleased with the appearance and style of the glasses frames, the quality of the metal in the wings is poor. I have had both wings replaced since I purchased them...

Emporio Armaniremanager at emporio in moda mall bahrain

To Human resource at Emporio Armani

hello, it is very Unethical when i found out that one of ur Managers, Chadley at Moda Mall Bahrain- would borrow money from his own employees..I call that extortion and he uses his power to get money from the weakest point in stores.. I felt that I should report this so you can take a legal action againt him and fix the conduct of the management.. otherwise i will go to Social media and post it publically..

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — 5 pockets pant style 6x5j23/5nphz with [protected]

White pant was bought on 31/12/2018 at shop 39, Birkenhead Point shopping center Drummoyne NSW Australia. A label (in dark blue color) with Armani logo on is sewed to the pant...

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — armani jeans

619769 Good afternoon, I bought 3 pairs of your jeans, maybe 1 an a half years ago... I wear them not often as I have to wear a uniform for my job Mon-Fri so would only wear them on...

[Resolved] Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armanidelayed order

Armani is a very well-know, high-end brand which I always buy from my country and this first time to buy online. It is really disappointing and unprofessional the way you deal with your online customers. I placed my order two weeks ago and it is a big one, and paid for an expedite shipment and until now I don't know where is my order. I sent two email and called twice and no body is giving me an answer. It is unacceptable from Armani to do this.
I hope I can know asap where is my order and when I will be receiving it.
Thank you

  • Resolution Statement

    Armani just replied that they shipped my order and refunded the expedite shipment charges.

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — service

Good afternoon, I am writing you today due to my disappointment in the store of Armani in Paris Avenue George V. I purchased few items and for a jeans, I had to do retouching...

men's coat

My mother bought my son an Armani coat for Christmas last year. She spent £160 on this coat as she thought it would last him longer, plus being an expensive jacket would be warmer...

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani — emporio fashion/fake

I had a similar case as many I read on this page. It happened yesterday, October 20th, 2018, in Warsaw, Reduta Shopping Mall. An Italian in a black SUV stopped close to me and...

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armaniripoff, lies, poor quality product

In Spring, 2016, while being in a trip to Paris, France, my wife bought a pair of boots from one Armani stores. It cost 630 euro (750$), and, because we do not have many Armani stuff, my wife only wore the boots four of five times. However, as you can see in the attached picture, the leather was cut by the string and it cannot be repaired. The boots are made in Italy, not in a Chinese garage, and I was expecting high quality work.
I have contacted Giorgio Armani Customer Service and I got this snswer:

"We sincerely apologize for the experienced inconvenience with your wife's Armani boots.
Quality represents a constant priority for Giorgio Armani." yeah, right!

"In order to follow up with your request, we kindly invite you to provide us with the following information:
-exact date of purchase
-name of the boutique
-proof of purchase (or bank statement)
-product brand (Emporio Armani/Armani Jeans/Giorgio Armani)
-product code
-some detailed images of the faulty product, including all the available tags and labels
-your country of residence"

I could provide everything except the proof of purchase (I paid cash). Instead of acknowlege their poor quality job, they answered:

"We regret to inform you that without a proof of payment (purchase receipt of bank statement) we are unable to assist you as per our Company Policy.
We appreciate your understanding and apologise for the inconvenient."

I got in touch with their store and they said:

"We would like with pleasure to help you.
But I didn't find the sale of this boots in size 38 on our store.
Are you sure it was in Emporio Armani St Honore Paris or maybe it was in Paris but in Emporio Armani Saint Germain.
Thank you for your answer."

And that was all.
My advice: do not buy Italian [protected]@p from Armani

ripoff, lies, poor quality product
ripoff, lies, poor quality product
ripoff, lies, poor quality product
ripoff, lies, poor quality product
ripoff, lies, poor quality product
ripoff, lies, poor quality product

Emporio & Co — fake products

An Italian asked me the way to the airport. It was a very friendly guy and he started to ask me details over the way to the airport. He told me he was the manager of empire Armani...

Emporio Armani — complaint against a retailer

kind. attn. I am a regular customer of armani emporio purchase my clothes one of your store in Gurgaon. in fact last month I visited a local market of delhi in laxmi nagar market...

armani watches — chipped on purchase

Purchased a watch from Regent Street London store came home wrapped it for Christmas without inspecting the item, Christmas day the watch was given but was to big so when the...