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Dilards punishes their employees if the economy is bad. People are not shopping as much and its the employees that receive paycuts because of a thing called sales per hour. How are we supposed to sell if no one is consuming? Either we feed our kids or pay our rent, we cant do both working for this company. I had to give up my home because of dillards paycuts. This is shameful and hurtful. And i am one amongst plenty who is suffering from this. Dismayed soon to be ex-employee.

  • Lo
    Lois Jul 24, 2008

    This complaint is several months old but is still being heard around Dillard's stores. Employee morale is extremely low due largely to the combined effect of this policy: 1st management sets unrealistic sales goals, then they don't do the advertising necessary to bring in the shoppers, next they have such bad air conditioning that here in Florida shoppers constantly complain that it's too hot to try clothes on, and finally this "survival of the sneakiest" has resulted in such bad blood among salespeople over customers being "stolen" from each other that employees' nerves are just ragged. When you go in to shop now employees aren't the least shy about asking if you know of any available jobs... that's pretty sad!

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  • Sa
    sandy Aug 04, 2008

    Very Very bad company to work for. Mad House. Don't shop or work there

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  • Sa
    sandy Aug 04, 2008

    attitude towards Complaint Agree

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scam and cheating!

Tried to enter their on-line contest with the site printed on my receipt - not dillards at all! It is some...

treatment from personal

I have been a employee at Dillards in the Esplanade Mall for a few years, i feel that our personal department is very uncaring, and treats employee's like crap. Over the past few months the turnover has been very large, our personal manager walks around and looks down on her employees', and also the operation manger thinks that he is God. I'm sure that when Macy's opens 95% of the employees will be gone, including myself. There is no care or compassion for their employees or their families. In addition to not being appreciated and treated like crap Dillards is a very nice company to work for, its just the personal, store manager, and operations manager who makes it very hard to work in their envoirment. Can someone advise them that they do not own Dillards and that they are employees just like the rest of us, and can be replaced just as us.

  • Ma
    Mary York Dec 30, 2007

    I am a customer at Dillards at Augusta Mall in Augusta ,Georgia. i have seen the abuse that the employees are getting from head manager of store. It makes me feel uncomfortable to shop due to the tension from the employees.

    Sad to see people treated like they are dirt on the ground.

    will be taking my money elsewhere.

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  • Ma
    Mary Gonzalez Dec 30, 2007

    I have been working for Dillards in San Antonio Tx North Star Mall for a very long time. Most people may think that this is a reputable company to work for. But contrary to this prestigiousness. The Management is unbalievably unproffessional. On numerous occasions a manager has been bold enough to call us mediocre. I have to say that recenlty I feel as if working here has driven me to the point of depression and my stress levels have never been this high.It drove me see a doctor, and even at that they called me at home to see if I was really feeeling ill. They have NO compassion for me as a person. I dont feel they are fair in many ways. I am one their employees who has good work ethic, I love what I do, But they make it vey hard to want to work there anymore. It seems as if people are conststly getting accused of doing their job wrong. There is always , a lot of favoriteism and politics going around.Despite all this, I think that is one of the main reasons people dont last. I have seen many people come and go. I refuse to be a part of such a unfair practice. I know that they take advantage of the employess who need their jobs, the most . Single parents. People with children to feed and a mortgage. They take complete advantage of these individuals. as is working retail was'nt hard enough.We have many side duties. Such as Inventory, and the hours for this is unrealistic. So if you are thinking of joining the dillards team. Think again. Be prepared to not having a life.I refuse to work here anymore, I know that there is a better opportunity out there for me.With a company that apprecaites a hard worker, with respect and loyalty!!!

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  • Up
    upset employee May 18, 2009

    I have to agree. I worked at the Dillard's St. John's Town Center in Jacksonville, FL and it was the worst experience I have endured from a Department Store. First, let’s start with the Executive Management from the store. Wow! what a bunch of unprofessional group of men up there! They alleged that employees do things that they do not actually do. Obviously, they do not follow proper procedure for determining an employee’s guilt or innocence. They continually lie about employee’s performance and push unrealistic advancement opportunities with the company. They also do not recognize how hard employees work and what they go thru in order to perform to companies standards.

    I am so disappointed that Dillard’s has become so unprofessional and so misleading to the work force. I really hope that they change this and address this issue with store management.

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cannot get on the above website!

Tried several times to get on the $2500 Dillard's shopping spree at the site mentioned on my sales slip...

racial profiling

While an employee of Dillard's Department Stores, located in the Palm Beach Lakes Mall in West Palm Beach FL, I was physically accosted and manhandled by a member of the Loss Prevention department after being erroneously and falsely accused of stealing.

Upon assisting a elderly customer by carrying a very large box of housewares to his car he'd just purchased, a white male security named Thomas came running out of the store and physically attacked and verbally insulted myself and the hapless customer in a botched effort to apprehend us and repossess paid merchandise. I was working on the clock during this horrifying incident and based on another security gaurd's own statements, I had been under scrutiny since the day I started working and they assumed that because I was a young black man I was predisposed to steal something sooner or later. As Thomas, the rogue security guard put it, "We finally got you, we've had our eyes on you from day one." The store's manager, Eileen Ruggieo, later criticized, chastised, and lambasted me for helping a customer carry merchandise out of the store and that I bought the physical attack and apprehension by the security guard on myself for going above and beyond my job duties. Eileen Ruggieo [protected], then fired me under the store rule that no employee is to leave the premises while actively on-the-clock. There is an old axiom that says, "No good deed goes unrewarded." Well I am living proof that Dillard's dispelled that theory.

  • Pl
    PLB Jan 10, 2009

    I think if the customer that this person helped, if they had a store receipt, then the employee who helped this person carry the package to the car should have received an apology. However if not then they had every right to fire this person. I think race shouldn't always be brought up whenever something happens. It could have had nothing to do with it. The race card is still being played and it should no longer be allowed as an excuse to get a person's way. There are the same if not more opportunities out there for black americans as they are any other race. Now if the guard comments were unfounded and he admitted they they had been watching this person and they had no reason to, then the security guard should be fired, but lets leave the race card out of everything and just take responsibility for ones on actions. If this guy got fired for a legitimate reason, then he shouldn't bringing color into it.

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  • An
    ANONIMOUS05 Mar 06, 2012

    For users. And Dillard's INC. Corporate office is the question of how you choose their manager. Shame on you that being one of the largest stores in the USA. Do not have an awesome customer service. But not only customer service, also serving employees. that in many Dillard's store employees are treated like dirt. for example in the state of the FL. a Manager in Tampa called the Executioner, a very cruel to employees, unbearable, discourteous, rude, kaffir, lacking education, may I ask where you got the title of manager. because you are not a manager. all those names and you could say more but the real name (James Pratt) the corporate They should dismiss this man is a reckless with employees. when corporates are not in the store. Strange things happen. But they are afraid to adjust the bald maybe because they sell a lot. better service to people who have gold and silver. what kind of values ​​is a corporation that has people like numbers. ??

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shopping spree deception

My receipt from Dillards offered me an opportunity to "Win a $2,500 Shopping Spree!", stating that "No purchase necessary to enter." This, I discover, after spending an hour wading through many screens of offers, each screen of which REQUIRED me to purchase "at least one offer" as a requirement to proceed to the next screen, ad infinitum. This comes under the auspices of fraud and deception, whereby the Dillards Store's offer to win is actually a device to require a purchase in order to qualify! That, my friends is FRAUD. I had hoped that Dillards was above time-wasting, deceptive selling practices. I am NOT AMUSED by this artifice. I DO plan to email ALL individuals on my address listing a copy of this complaint and allow them to decide whether Dillards is a store they should choose to patronize in this VERY competitive market. I do NOT wish to make further purchases at Dillards, regardless of whether the person who designed this fraudulent registration was employed by Dillards or not. Yes, your offer is certainly "VOID" of any business ethic I know, and your store environs are now "PROHIBITED" as far as I am concerned.

  • Va
    VAL COLES Jan 21, 2007

    Dillards indicates a shopping spree is available to enter on the receipt I received. It appears to be bad information to register. There is no registration form that I could see!

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  • Su
    Suzan Scrivner Feb 12, 2007

    I could not find the website and even if I did i feel no one will ever win this unless it is someone related to the company.

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  • De
    Dee Thornton Jul 14, 2007

    I also have a web site on my Dillard's purchase ticket that says go to this site to win a $2500 shopping spree for Dillards - I tried putting the site in every which way & it still doesn't work. Unfair practices!

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  • Do
    Dorothy S. Forbes Aug 24, 2007

    I will no longer shop at Dillards. I cannot deal with any store that deals in fraud.

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  • Ly
    Lynn Dodge Feb 25, 2008

    I can't access the website!

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  • Ka
    Kathryn Kolesinski Nov 24, 2008

    I too am disappointed in Dillards...I did purchase
    something and have tried to access the "shopping
    spree" site to register for the $2, 500 shopping
    spree but cannot find it anywhere on Dillard's
    sites...I agree...This is FRAUD !

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2,500.00 shopping spree contest does not exist!

The web address does not exist or they do not have it correct on receipts. I have several receipts from shopping none of them work. How can u enter online if there's no website?


  • Ca
    Carolyn ODonnell Aug 06, 2007

    I understand Dillard`s is opening a store in Ocala. I am so happy, My friends and I love shopping there and have to go to Gainesville.

    We all say the same thing, that we only hope we have nice clothes and not like Penney`s or Macy`s that bring in old clothes that do not sell from other stores. It is disgusting the type of clothes they sell here.

    Thank You,
    Mrs C ODonnell.

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  • Br
    bROOKIE DION Jun 03, 2016

    I tried to access the web site to register but there seems to be no such site available, this is a rip off to consumers thinking its ilegit when its not, now I know how others feel when they are ripped off or falsely informed or falsely mislead to believe they could win a shopping spree from Dillards. What a joke? Save your money for the big guys in Dillards stock exchange who are making money as we speak, using us and our money to do it with,when we shop in Dillards.

    Sincerely yours,
    conned again!

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free cliniquue skin giveaway

Received a card in the mail [Say YES to a great skin and a free7-day supply of 3-Step.]Beginning Jan.7,2007.I got dressed went to Dillards showed the lady at the Clinique station and did I get embarrasses I was told I had to buy something first to receive this free gift,no were on my card does it say free with purchase I am 52 yrs. old I use Cliniques products, I know that I am only 1 out of a million, though I wont use their product no more.

I kept this card hopping that one day I might be able to share my response DO NOT BELIEVE IF IT SAYS FREE.

  • Wo
    Work It!! Oct 08, 2013

    Hi. I used to work for Dillards. I hate that place. Upper management anyway.. All i have to say is that the sales person did not know her stuff. You could have gotten the free sample any day of the week. the key is to find ONE good sales person you like there in each dept (yes, each stinkin one). then your person will recognize you whenever you buy, will call you, email you and sometimes snail mail you for each event that takes place in your store. Dillards effectively pits all the employees against one another by demanding impossible sales goals in 3 month increments (nothing you can do about that so you might as well make the best of it) or you get demoted and/or a loss in pay. Anywhoo, once you are a repeat customer all the goodies will start flowing in. All the make up counters have empty containers for you to take samples home to try. Some might only be a few days. If they give you trouble, take your business elsewhere.

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lack of customer service in credit dept

Long time customer, great credit. They use to charge for online payments so I would go into store for instant credit on acct. Since I travel for my job I wasn't able to go into store. Mailed it instead! What a mistake, mailed in plenty of time. Where is the payment? Called to explain, inadequate operator # [protected] could only offer apologies. Wouldn't waive the "Late Fee" tried to speak to manager. Half hour later, "Gee, they must of gotten disconnected" Call back another time was her solution. This is a Saturday, busiest retail day of the week, middle of the day and no one to speak to. Well, they don't care about their customers, going to the store and making final payment and will close the acct at the same time. Very sad they don't care. Operator said they don't charge now for online payments, well checked it out so long ago, got into the habit of dropping payment off, and was an excuse to see what was new in the store. Well Dillards, don't worry now, take my "preferred customer VIP" status and put it where the sun don't shine.

  • Ga
    gail May 16, 2008

    I agree Dillards is a gigantic rip-off. This company does not care about the customers anymore than they do the employees. When I worked there a while ago they stated in an interview that they follow unethical practices in order to maximize on their profits. If I were you I would consider shopping online somewhere else like Macys or Kohls where they hire employees based off of their experience and mainly not the color of their skin. Dillards discriminates in so many ways that it is unbelievable. Lets pull together as consumers and stop shopping in a place that does not adhere to our needs. The clothes that they sell can be found at any other retailer and for much cheaper. The customer service at this store is horrible. Dillards sucks pass the word onto your friends.

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mistreatment of employees

I am one of your older customers as are many of my other friends who like to shop at Dillards, but find it...

beware of double billing!

I recently was double billed by the Dillards Store in Sierra Vista Arizona and when I tried to fix it and dispute it the local store and the manager had said it would be taken care of but nothing ever happened for me or my account. I was then referred to many 1-800 numbers to get the run around and the manager is never around, coincidence, I think not. Then I get a call from a collection agency to pay off this bill. I comes to find out I have finance charges is from a bill, that has been paid, and an account that no longer exist. Even after I took in the proper paperwork Dillards still charged me and I also found out that this store has done the double billing to more than myself.

$2,500 shopping spree is a rip off!

Win $2,500 shopping spree! To register go to www.dillards com/shoppingspree no purchase necessary to enter...

shopping spree is a rip-off!

My receipt from Dillards gives details on how to win a 2,500 dollar shopping spree, but when I tried to...