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declined check for no reason

I was in dillard's this evening, on a special mother/daughter date to buy her homecoming dress. We got to the...

clearance sale

I just want to complain about the way that Dillard's handles their extra 40% off sale. Every time they...

employee age discrimination

Long tim employees are have mass pay cuts! I company mark downs merchandise
to be competitive and at the same time they have doubled the number of minim wage
employees to runout old workers that have built up over the years. They are also
manipulating sales returns to drive down employee numbers to cut wages.
We will be looking for a good law firm soon! Give me your feedback??

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    check my facts Sep 13, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes they are getting rid of anyone making more than $9.00 per hour.

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  • Ee
    EEOC Feb 20, 2011

    I would suggest that older females who have been let go, suggested to retire, or moved from a higher volume position to one of lower volume see what options are open to them. EEOC is always looking for patterns...

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  • St
    stinkwink Feb 23, 2011

    Dillards in Fort Worth, Tx (Hulen Mall) is a horrible place to shop. They are racist, they target young black people. My sister and I went there to shop, mind you we went without jackets, purses, or anything to hide items in, all I had was a wallet, and the clothes on my back and as soon as we made it to the childrens section we realized that a friend of ours was a employee in that very same section. We said hey and the the Dillards employee that we knew cam right over to help us and as we picked out shirts another worker called "Camera room" to watch us because she said we acted suspecious. We found out about this through or friend who works there. So the whole time we shopped in Dillards we got followed and watched. After being told this I admit I became angry so I walked past the Dillards employee that was having us be watched and dropped my wallet, which contained hundred dollar bills and two bank cards to let her know I have NO reason to steal!

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mistreating employees

I have worked at Dillards for around 6 months. I was hired in as a Beauty Consultant for cosmetics. My starting pay was $9 hr for the first 30 days and then after that it went to average cosmetics pay, $10 hr. When they gave me my new name badge it said Counter Manager and I asked why and they said "Oh no one else at the counter is qualified and the other person working was transferring stores". So I went along with it. I was never given a job description or was told my duties for CM. I slowly starting realizing it was alot of work but I didnt complain. After about a month someone else was hired into my counter. I learned she was making the same as me and the other associate at the counter made more. I also learned there is supposed to be a $1.50 hr raise for my posostion.
I'm constantly yelled at for my girls at my counter not making sale, ext. Well i said something to one of the girls and she asked my manager if she had to listen and my ASM told her "No she doesnt hire nor fire" after she had told me to get on them.
Also, our timeclock was messed up one day and it wouldnt let me clock in so i did a time entry form, well they lost it and i didnt notice my time till about 2 weeks later and i called payroll and they said you waited to long you cant be paid now. And i lost a days pay over it. This is just the begining of all the things i could complain about. They treat there employees horrible and push and push and never are positive about anything. if sales are slow then just be ready for the mistreating. You cant help if there are no customers.

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    Same different Dillards Sep 07, 2012

    Dillards here did the same thing to me. I lost a full day of pay that was holiday pay because my manager "forgot" to key in the time. When I noticed my paycheck was smaller than expected and called payroll they told me it was too late to change the information and I couldn't be payed for the day I worked. Dillards is nickeling and diming the employees! I can't wait to find another job!

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    Same different Dillards Sep 07, 2012

    Another thing they do is promise $750 for catching another employee stealing...well they owe me 1500 by this point and that was 6 m0nths ago. From here on out I say I will look the other way and you can take as much as you want. Diillards sucks and makes you feel defeated and worn out. I give up

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  • Ho
    hojomo Sep 18, 2012

    Dillards in Norfolk is a disgrace.The Dillards should come to this store and see for themselves how their store is being operated by their unprofessional managers, and associates that do nothing but delegate work to the employees that are new.There is so much shady and underhanded, coniving manipulating, bulling, crazy managers and associates that come to work for the sole purpose of making other associates who work their butts of miserable. These managers are not capable of operating a store let alone the associates that come their to work. They are intimidated by these bullies that they hire. It is like a prison in there and the inmates have taken over. It is so disfunctional and the good employees are miserable. There very unhappy and wish they could leave. Customers are so unhappy about customer service because half the time they feel forced to spend and open credit cards. They need be exposed, all these complaints are because their is something to this!!!

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inappropriate behavior

I work at the dillards in Bowling Green Kentucky. The management there is very unprofessional and...

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accused me of shoplifting when I had the receipts

I purchased three dresses from Dillards. Two were purchased in store and one was purchased online. The dresses were for children and they did not fit. I returned them to a store in Arlington, Texas, I had both receipts.

The first sales clerk assisted me in returning the two dresses that were purchased in store without a problem. The problem was the dress purchased online and she did not know how to process the return. I waited for almost an hour at the counter, when a manger came up and started questioning both returns. Two policeman came up behind me and asked if I would go with them to the back of the store they needed to speak with me about a shop lifting complaint.

I was mortified when I explained the situation and produced both receipts they let me go after a lengthy discussion with the store manager. It appears when an item is returned it goes against the clerk who originally sold you the item, and that sales clerk had worked earlier that day. Dillards was accusing me of having returned the dresses earlier in the day then stealing the same dresses and trying to return them a second time to the same store on the same day.

They apologized and escorted me out of the store. I called in a complaint to the corporate head quarters and the response was that it was a simple mistake on Dillards behalf.

dont work for dillards

I worked for Dillard's for a couple of years. I started in fragrances then was transfered to a cosmetic line. I have seen some terrible treatment of employees, that seems to be universal to any Dillard's I am familiar with. The management has a screwed mentality, point blank. They really prey on the week here. They gang up on you to make you quit or will fire you if they don't like you for one reason or another. (nothing to do with your performance) Of course sales are most important, if you meet them, you are safe. But if you are the only one meeting your goals, the entire department will hate you for it. The thing is Dillard's likes this. They do not want everyone to work harmoniously and as a team. You are basically set up to fail. They want cat fights and backstabbing. I know that similar things happen when a lot of women work together, but this company pushes it along, I feel. To be completely honest, there are a few perks working for them...they have have a good employee discount, great sales, great merchandise. However, if this is the job you intend to get as your main source of income, I urge you to reconsider. It is nice as a part time job to receive a little extra money and the discount... but even if that is why you are considering applying, think again because it is a lot of stress in and outside of work. Please take my word for this. I have spoken to many many employes and many different branches. Management is universally awful at all of them.

  • Oh
    Ohio7777 Oct 29, 2011

    I have to agree with the previous comment above. The goals are rediculous! They give us these sales goals that are literally impossible to meet and if we don't meet them then we get a pay deduction, and if we still don't meet them then we get fired! Its insane! I've never worked for a company that treats its employees like dirt! They never commend me on what I do well, it always what I didn't do or didn't do right. Everyone runs and tries to hide from them when they walk around the floor area. No one wants to talk to them or be around them basically. The store I work at in is in ohio and it is really terrible. My boss accused me of lying about something rediculous. Then proceeded to intimidate me and tell me that she should just fire me but shes going to give me a "2nd" chance! I was like okay. I know that my ### is basically on the chopping block, but for a boss to treat me as if I am a child and YELL at me in her office, in front of other managers, and coworkers is unacceptable. What should I do? I feel helpless!

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sale items

dillards had a one day sale of 50% off additional on many sale items throughout the store including most items in the cold weather hats and other outer wear.There was a sign in the mist of the hats but when I took my hats to the register to purchase they didn't ring up for the 50% off and the sales associate did see the sign as well and didn't know what to do about it.I left the store without the hats.

firing due to deficit

my son was fired 2 days ago for being in "deficit for 8 months" in the shoe department. however, he was given a raise 2 months ago. isn't this contradictive? also, is it true that he is now black-balled at all other Dillards stores? seeing that his co-workers wouldn't do the work in the back of the store, he constantly found himself in the back doing the stocking and such while they panty-wasters took all the sales out front. even his ASM told him multiple times that since the others didn't do the same "great" job that my son did, he would just rather my son do the work---thus lose the sales out front, run in deficit and get fired. Go Dillards!!

web sales

This is the second time that I received an email from Dillard stating they were going to have an on-line sale from 11am to 2pm CST. Each time I tried to access their web sale and was unable. Each time, I phone the Dillards national customer service and was told they were having problems. I should say they are!

It is no longer my problem as I have taken my name off Dillards email distribution.

Dillards online sales are BOGUS

loss of benefits

My mother worked for Dillards for over 18 years. As she was preparing to retire, the management overworked her at the beginning of the year & underworked her at the end. Due to this "staffing", she is being denied the Dillards discount benefit she worked so long and hard for. I even helped her write a letter to Dillards explaining the situation and requesting them to reconsider since she was not in any way at fault. Nothing. No response. (We requested a response even if it was that the decision was being upheld) They used her for 18 years and tossed her away, they don't care. My mother is old school and plays by all the rules. How dare they treat her in this way. I will never step foot in a Dillards department store ever again. I will do my best to inform everyone I come across how this store treats their hard working employees. I'm appalled.

  • Dj
    djmopa Oct 21, 2009

    I agree, sadly, you know this is just how it is. Never expect a company to give you anything extra, just the paycheck you work for. Companies today rarely ever give any extra bonuses such as retirement packages, unless your high in management. It sounds like your mom was just a regular employee and since they know their are loop holes, like having her work a lot, just before she is about to retire, now they can say she only worked part time and no longer have to give her any benefits.

    Always make sure you keep a savings account and plan for your future retirement... Never allow companies to do it, because they won't. This happened to my father.

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illegal employment practices

I worked at Dillard's for ten months...I worked hard for the company...had my pay reduced do unrealistic goal expectations...was accused of theft...publicly humiliated and finally wrongfully terminated. I'm in the process of getting together a Class action lawsuit. Too many employees have had their livelihood played like a game. If interested in joining. Please contact me.

I know that Dillard's Corp. lawyers frequent these sites and that is just fine with me.

  • An
    an mus Jul 10, 2010

    I completely agree. I have a similar story on what happened to me. I worked my [censor] off. If you do the class action suit let me know.

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  • Na
    nagaias Apr 27, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    let me know ti like to join the class action, it is the worst place to work for i worked odd hrs like 11 to 930 and come back the next morning 945 to 7 and so on, with unrealistic expectation, there cloth is high the management team are low class they treat there employee horrible treatment young girls do not know how to speak to the customers or employee.

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working at dillards

All of the employee complaints about Dillard's throughout the country is absolutely true!!! Not one is a lie for all of you consumers out there. I have worked at a Dillards for a year and a half and busted my ### doing everything they asked of me. Just because I did not make their "unobtainable quotas", I was fired. I did my managers job, training new employess, merchandized better than everyone in the department and still got let go because I didn't meet my numbers. This was the worst company I have ever worked for and am totally boycotting the company and advise people to shop elsewhere. I have never been so mistreated by a company in my life for the work I do. I can go on and on about all the little details of what is wrong with this company, but I won't. I strongly urge people to not shop or work at any of their locations. They don't care about the workers or the consumers.

abusive, harassing managers

Dillard's managers verbally abuse and harass their employees constantly. Dillard's has impossible...

another pissed ex-employee

All of the employee complaints about Dillard's throughout the country is absolutely true!!! Not one is a...


The Dillard's in Newna is no place to work! the store manager treats the employees like they are children, and when you try to ask her something she always says i don't have time for that or some smart remark. When she took over the store she fired managers left and right because the previous store manager hired them. She has fired over 50 percent of the store because she didn't hire them. It seems like corporate would do something about her. i know they see what is going on, they have to. Is there anyone that can help with this? We all have families, and just because she has no life doesn't give her the right to make ours miserable.

great embarrassment

On January 20, 2009, I went to Dillard’s store at North Park Mall in Dallas, TX. After standing in line for a long while, I finally made it to the counter where I would receive my free perfume lawsuit gift. Even though I am male, I feel that I have the right to receive product since I shop there for my family members and myself. After signing a list, I asked one of the women helping if there was anything for men. She replied, “No, I’m sorry.” Frustrated from the long wait in line, I answered, “You’re sorry doesn’t help me.” She quickly torted, “You’ll have to get over it.” Surprised, I asked, “What did you say?” With a bad attitude she then said, “You’ll have to get over it.” I don’t know if it was my Spanish accent or my gay-ness that made her think she had the right to treat me in such a fashion. I wish I could tell the ladies name but can’t, since she was not wearing a nametag. I left without receiving my gift. I find it curious that I can be treated so very nicely when I am spending money at this department store regardless of an accent or my homosexuality. And I do spend money at this store. A lot of it. Regularly. But when an item is being given, suddenly professionalism seems to go out the window. What should have been a pleasant evening turned into a nightmare and great embarrassment. I want to make one thing clear: I do not want anything from Dillard’s, free or not. I will no longer shop at any Dillard’s. All I ask is for a meeting with the Store Manager/Director of that location, an apology from that employee who I will recognize by sight and to have my signature removed from the list.

bad company to work for

As a sales associate there I was harrassed with written warnings when I had doctor notes for absences as well as made up things like " I stand behind the register" which I didn't I was always helping customers in the fitting rooms. I was put with 2 other ladies in a small area and expected to reach my sales goal which didn't happen. Due to the tension and the awkwardness of being around this woman day after day I finally got out and found another job. I won't recommend Dillards to anyone.

  • No
    nonofurs Jun 14, 2011

    I would certainly have to agree 100+100%. Dillards is definitely not a place you want to work for. This company does not care about their associates (employees) at all. Everything is about money with these greedy people. There is not one nice thing I can say about any of the managers I work for. Mark G. is the guy over our district, and no one seems to care for him either. When I was hired in 2009, I had no idea they gave paycuts if you don't make your sales quota, until three months later. I think this should be against the law. The associates of Dillard's are too afraid to team together and stand up for what's right. We work very hard to keep the store clean, neat, and organized, but that dosen't matter. You are suppose to get atleast four credit apps per month, meet a rediculous sales quota, and make your team goal for the store everyday. Now where I'm from it is impossible for this to happen, unless you steal sales and lie to customers. When customers open an account, if approved, they won't receive any discount that day. They would have to spend a hundred dollars or more once they receive the paper card. The moral is so far down in the store, that people are starting to leave. Today, I wanted to present an idea to my store manager about donated all the items damaged out to the disaster victims, but the ops. manager shot it down before I could even talk to her. These people are only for themselves, and the don't care about anything or anyone else. It's very sad.

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payment of card

I paid my account at Dillards with a check and two weeks later a collector from GE Money called me asking for two payments. These people lost my check and never thought enough of me to inform me with the truth . I was called and told that the check was insufficent. A Lie!

  • Jh
    J HORNE Mar 05, 2015

    Lets start with, $4, 000 credit limit. Charged on card $300.00 payed $100 on the account February 7, 2015. Bill was due on February 24th. When I received the March bill... it said: Minimun payment for the month was $81.00??? How could that be I payed my payment weeks before it was do! Called the company and was told, and I quote: "Yes you payed your bill, but you payed it early, so we took your 100 payment and applied it to the principle; and on the 24th we charged you a late fee of $35.00 WTF! WAIT, I PAY MY BILL 15 DAYS EARLY IN THE MONTH THAT THE BILL IS DUE, , AND DILLARDS TAKES THE MONEY PLACES IT TOWARD THE PRINCIPLE BALANCE, , , AND THEN CHARGES ME 35 DOLLARS LATE FEE BECAUSE THEY RECEIVED MY PAYMENT ON THE 7TH INSTEAD OF THE 24TH WTFFFF. PLEASE NOTE THAT DILLARDS IS A COMPLETE RIP OFF. WORST! LOST CUSTOMER

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rude mgr. said I was stealing


I was caught shoplifting at JC Penneys, this happened by mistakely, as my baby (2 year old) was crying for the chewing gum badly, and I was carrying her stoller which had items of > $300, which i keep it there for the price check and to deciding whether I should buy them or not. Since my kid was shouting and troubling me for the chewing gum, it just erase out of my mind that in the stroller i have the items, and i left the store, but when i realised my mistake i turn around to return of the items back, but saw the store keeper behind me, blaming me for the shoplifting. I try to tell this manager he make a mistake, but screaming and shouting about immigrants and many racial feelings did I get from his actions. He should not have me arrest after he yell in this way with my baby in presence. But then he called the cops (like he was of the GOD!!) and I was charged with misdermeanor, and had give the court date to appear for.

I came from India and here on the H1B Visa program, which is due for extension. Can you please suggest me what i should do and I am looking for the good lawyer too. Will mistake ruin my chance for citizenship (GREEN CARD) in the US. Many other welfare queen black, latin type here who do much worse of offenses and I just made the mistake of my life on this day. Also how do I bring family to US to immigrate in top class areas.Are there work Visa for bank tellers for of my sister,

  • JustSayNo Jul 24, 2009

    Even if your child was screaming for gum, you should have realized that you went "walking out of the store" with $300.00 worth of items. Not a good mistake to make on your part. Go to your court date. It's up to the Judge.

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  • Be
    beautiful black Jan 23, 2010

    your ### should have went to jail . you know exactly what the hell you were doing

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