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I am one of your older customers as are many of my other friends who like to shop at Dillards, but find it difficult to locate a place in convenient locations to sit for a few minutes to "regenerate" and continue our shopping. Many of my dollars have been spent though the years at your store in Longmont. Colorado and that is one of our pet peeves that would help us remain true to the department store and not BIG BOX horrors of the younger generation. Another PLUS would be small attractive shopping carts to aid us in traveling from one department to another without having to run back and forth to the parking lot to unload merchandise as we proceed through the different departments.

Although I use your credit card often I also frequently pay cash or use my airline miles card to pay for items I purchase. Just Remember us "old timers " often have more disposable income than do the younger generation! Thanks for your consideration, and for asking for complaints from LOYAL customers.

Marilyn Palmer
[protected]@ of your sales staff are very pleasant and helpful which is greatly appreciated...

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Dillard's are bullies. They love control. Their stock is low, their treatment of employees is awful from what I have seen as a previous customer. Their buyers need to learn how to buy. I have been in retail and have not seen such crap being ordered. the entire mask vaccine thing they are running on their employees needs immediate correction! Will not shop there or in any place that mandates masks be worn. They are heading down a real slippery slope. Spoke with many employees who say if they are not vaccinated they must wear masks. For me as a consumer, this is not acceptable.

Oh at the store lighting at Dillards in Prescott Gateway Mall is a complete joke along with the dirty fitting rooms. check out the dust around the baseboards in your fitting rooms along with the stains on the carpet and you have the nerve to instruct your employees to be masked...what a damn joke!

May 29, 2020 2:00 pm EDT

I am a customer. I paid for my Estee Lauder purchase on the phone. Purchase was my credit card. I went to pick up my purchase at Dillard's Department Store and it looked like a tornado hit it. Nobody knew what they were doing, nobody helped me, so I asked to speak with the manager. Some man came and he was not a manger, just a talking head. So I waited and waited patiently hoping to get my purchase.

Lo and Behold, they called the cops on me for sitting and waiting. They were not security but Police Officers. They had guns and were circling me like SHARKS! I thought I would be killed. They closed the circle around me getting tighter and tighter with their guns! For What? I was patiently waiting for my purchase paid in advance.

When I got home, I was shaking like a leaf. Then I read they have hog-tied blacks and Mexicans for uttering a word. I read where they have killed seven people in back for complaining. I am white! I did nothing wrong and felt my life was in severe damage or death.

I called Dillard's and complained of my ill-treatment. I got a fast call back from Mrs. Dillard in her ultra-cushy Gulfstream flying around. She knew she was in trouble.

Dillard's Department Store has been on 60 minutes for killing customers in the back of the store. Hog-tying customers and killing them seems to be the norm. They've killed 7 customers and maybe the number has risen. Dillard's is not a safe place to shop. They run the store like a concentration camp. Do not shop at Dillard's, you may lose your life.

The funny thing is, I'm related to these KILLERS!

Mar 04, 2007 12:00 am EST

GO to MSN homepage and search:


and you will go right to it I used Yahoo and could not get to it, so i got smart, and went through comcast and it didn't work, so i tried MSN, and it went right to it YEA! Misty Lingo sorry for the complaint that it was a fake but it was through AOL or YAHOO.

Jun 05, 2007 12:00 am EDT

I attempted to respond to a survey which suggests a 2500 shopping spree. The survey questions were endless and required that I sign on to at least one offer to participate in this spree. It explicitly states on the sales receipt no purchase necessary therefore why is it necessary that I must accept one of the offers. I view this as misleading and bordering on fraudulent. I will be forwarding a copy of this complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

Unhappy shopper.

Jun 02, 2013 4:55 pm EDT

As a Dillards card holder I will be cancelling my card & never shopping here again. Not only are they over priced but there is a reason they are #2 as far as worst companies to work for. If their employees don't make their daily sales goals they can be fired after three months. So sad that in today's economy that you have to work a sale just to keep a job. I will NEVER shop here again! Also if they don't get a credit card application done (at least five a week) they get into trouble also. How can a company treat their employees like that is beyond me.

Jan 17, 2012 3:53 am EST

Once again, Dillards has shown their true colors..Just today a manager of the Ladies Dept. was fired because sales in her
department were down from last year at this time. We stupid Dillard's people..the economy sucks and people are not
spending money on high priced fashion that falls apart when you wear it one time. This manager has been with Dillard's for
15 years and was a great and loyal employee. I have only been with Dillard's for 6 months and already I hate they way they
treat their employees. Maybe all new upper management would make your stores successful. HEY MR. DILLARD..WHY DON'T
YOU GO ON THE SHOW UNDERCOVER BOSSES so that you can see how BAD your company SUCKS! and then I DARE you
to fix it and do something about it. Come see me, I will be more than happy to show you WHY your company will soon be
closing its doors in our state...NEXT UP: Boycott Dillard's! There are other places that sell the same thing for less.

Jan 14, 2009 3:54 am EST

I recently was employed at Dillard's. When I was there employees were ugly to each other and were stealing sales b/c we were being threatened with are jobs if we didn't make our SPH. I am glad to say I was not involved in the ugly behavior and stealing of sales, b/c I am not a cutthroat. I saw my manager fired before Christmas, whom I started to grow use too.
The male SM and one female Manager could not stand her. I saw unprofessional and inappropriate behavior being used by employees, like screaming across the store at another employee rudely. I received my schedule for January 09 and I was off on the 6th. Well my ASM who took the place of my manager, left me a note saying that I had to work Tuesday.
I wrote her a note before she told me this I had plans. When I told her this she got pissy with me. I went to talk to her in the office and she was talking about me to two other managers in her pissy attitude tone. I was standing there and I heard everything, she didn't know I was there. I was horrified and I told my SM. He never said anything to me and she never apologized. Later when I was in her office I saw another employee who was to have worked that shift, she was a pet and a 15 year employee who wanted her paid holiday. When employees were there half did not do there job, making it double work for people with good work ethics like me. The reason I was terminated was my absentees 4 weeks in 1 year when I had a 6 week medical leave. I suffer from 4 documented mental Illness and epilepsy that do effect me everyday, they are not curable and I will have to take meds my entire life. Some of these absentees were due from suffering from seizures after being upset and treated ugly at work also tragic events in my family, like death and trying to work and graduate a 4 year University. I didn't want my work to know b/c I felt for sure they would get rid of me and my doctor advised me not to. My previous employer knew this and a discriminative comment was made about people with mental illness. The Asm said she was looking out for her other employers, well why was she not coming to me when she saw me being absent and asking what was wrong. She didn't care, they use you and then get rid of you. Final I asked if I didn't have anymore absentees and didn't miss work, since I still had 2 weeks on my LOM. if I could stay and they said they didn't see how, so they were forcing me out. The SM is a Jerk, The ASM is a weirdo and has no communication skills with employees, RTW ASM only wants things her way and the accessories manager, everyone hates her. I know one thing what employees say about Dillard's is true.

Jun 13, 2015 11:07 am EDT

Dillards In Tucson Arizona Is A Slave Shop ! Discriminates against disabled and elderly employees . Dillards fails to meet EEOC Guidelines.

Dec 25, 2008 10:37 pm EST

All I wanted to do is enter the web contest at I could not find where to enter the contest on any of the pages.

Please make it easy for your customers to enter your contests! I am a true and loyal customer to Dillards.

The end result is I am a unhappy customer because you made it hard for me to enter your contest!

Aug 10, 2008 2:59 pm EDT

You can try day and night to log on to this website, but it's non-existent from what I can tell. All you get is an internet error message.
Shame on Dillards!

Feb 23, 2008 9:34 pm EST

Tried several times to get into site but all you can get into is an AOL survey linking you up into other scams. Dillards, Dillards! This is not the way to keep your customers.

Jun 03, 2007 12:00 am EDT

I tried to register for the $2500 Shopping Spree shown on my receipt. Could not register. Spent too much time fooling around with this. Can shop other places rather than Dillards. If you are offering something, follow up to make sure it works. Great way to lose customers.

May 18, 2007 12:00 am EDT

This is NOT a complaint. I found the website by imputing the in the Address (http://) address bar. If you are using your internet provider page address bar, you probably will not find it.

It IS a valid contest, and I have entered twice!

Try it this way!

Good Luck! :)

Dec 24, 2011 1:08 pm EST

Store manager Tammy is a thief! Totally taking things right out the front door. She is also degrading and mean to her employees. They even steal hours away from their employees. All I have to say is the proof is on the camera...

Sep 23, 2011 6:01 am EDT

Here's a suggestion for Dillard's auditor/ head of security; don't check the obvious. The fitting rooms, warehouse, and offices is where you should spend extra time! It was posted on the doors that you were coming!

Sep 22, 2011 8:20 pm EDT

This is the day where head of security arrives to shake things up! But associates were already aware of there arrival by management. Everyone was told to remove everything that they had hidden the previous week! And management had already moved there items or "purchased" them before hand!

Jul 10, 2011 8:01 pm EDT

THis place is nasty! Their cosmetics department is a disgrace. THey haven't changed their mascara in yrs, beware of using their brushes. NO ONE EVER WASHES THEM! they need the health board to come down on them. Fragrance has been sitting their for yrs! gross!

Oct 12, 2010 8:40 pm EDT

I was sexually harrassed while working at Dillards and nothing was done about it since the person who did it to me had huge sales and had been there for years. Nothing more to say! I also have shopped there recently and have had the worst people wait on me that didnt know about what they were selling! (cosmetics)

Jul 13, 2010 8:14 am EDT

The elevators in this store are entirely too slow. I waited for at least 2 minutes to get an elevator. I would have taken the escalators, but they were crowded.

Nov 02, 2008 1:45 pm EST

I'm fed up with your pop up ads on the internet. I'll never shop in your stores again. I can't read an article of interest without your damn pop ups every few seconds or so. It appears as they are designed to stay on for about fifteen seconds or so even if I click on the close link.

Sep 19, 2008 10:28 am EDT

One gets put onto a survey trying to seel a lot of junk and.or signb up for panels etc.
I jsut wanted to enter for the shopping spree.

dillards can forget me as a customer

Aug 20, 2008 10:43 am EDT

I found the website for the Dillards Shopping Spree contest. If you type the site printed on your receipt it won't work, but try this one: It worked for me.

Jun 26, 2008 9:32 am EDT

Don't sign up if you have a conscience. The "nice" employee will regret it. They'll hire anybody. Run, don't walk. The sooner I forget about this place the better :).

Apr 02, 2008 5:40 am EDT

after making a purchase in dillards, the receipt tells you to go to the above website to register for a $2500 shopping spree. you cannot register. you have to answer all kinds of questions and then join different groups. if you do not join, you are not allowed to register for the sweepstakes.

Feb 21, 2008 10:21 am EST

There was a promotion on sales reciept for a $2500.00 shopping spree. When you try to go to that web site there isn't the ability to register to to be able to register for this promotion.

Jan 05, 2008 12:00 am EST

Was given the shopping spree website on my receipt today but the website does not even exist. What gives?

Dec 26, 2007 12:00 am EST

What sort of scam is Dillars's hooked up to? I tried the web site given on my receipt and was led to some prize winning access line that charges 10.00 a month. Get real Dillards!

May 20, 2007 12:00 am EDT

Shopped Dillard's on yesterday 5/19/07, spent $67.58 and also bought a gift card for $15.00 and on both receipts the free shopping spree existed to enter. My attempt to do so presented me with a "no can do". That website doesn't exist. This is false advertising!

Dec 23, 2006 12:00 am EST

I made a purchase at a Dillard's store on 12/22/06. I was told by the cashier to go on-line to register for a $2500 shopping spree. The email address is bogus and routed me to this website!

Mar 31, 2015 8:46 pm EDT

Dillard's is a horrible company to work with. The managers that work there are very inconsiderate of the employees. I was working at Dillard's for about 7 months. I had received employment at another job. The hours at my job was restricting me to work the hours they wanted me to work. So I put my two week notice in and let the manager know what hours I can work and the best way I can fulfill my obligation to the company. The manager said he was ok with it. However, they waited for me to work the Saturday they needed me for and fired me. Dillard's as a company really put a bad taste in my mouth!

Jan 22, 2015 1:17 pm EST
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The most terrible, worse job ever! It has a hostile work environment. When reported to a main, top level male manager he replied by saying, "Have they physically touched you?" "When they ask to meet you in the parking lot, we'll talk"! I was appalled and shocked at the way this company follows business. They set unrealistic sales goals, and make it impossible to reach these with no support. Dillard's is dishonest, and has a hidden agenda. It's a downright nasty place to work. All of their negative publicity should go wide spread! Run away, never look back!

Jun 19, 2012 4:53 pm EDT

Unauthorized charges

Sep 16, 2014 4:20 pm EDT

I want to say I was terminate august 11, 2014, because I want to transfer to another Dillard after 13 years of service. This new store manager come in and want to change thing. He want to go back since 2002 and talk about the up and down while I was part-time for 6 years. I became full-time and meeting my gaols every time and every years. I was a pacesetter for 4 years and a good salesperson's,
But in his eye I was nothing to the company, I was a hard worker and give good customer services. I just want to say please don't work for this company. If you have read the complaints its true. Dillard's are prejudice, discrimination, favoritism, and etc. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE FULL OF BULL.

Jun 06, 2014 6:46 am EDT

I work for Dillard's Florida mall orlando, it's night mare for their employees,
They cut employees pay and hours, they treat their employees like sleeves, The store manager Sheila she is sick woman I think she has chemical imbalance, like minute she s talking to you happy, after another minute her second face show up, oh my god she is a Devil, she need to step down after 22 years store manager 👎
And her new Assistant store manager Victor, oh my god another sick unhappy men,
Whatever you ask for it it's NO, NO, NO, he is unsecured person, bad customer service, never smile, and when Sheila she is not their, he play her role so he enjoy to treat the employees like ###,
I am looking for job to end my nightmare from Dillard's

Mar 08, 2014 8:48 am EST

The dillards in

boynton beach is horrible..Linda, the manager is always Treating black employees

with such disrrespect. She rides in het wheelchair all day, having workers push her around.

Jan 30, 2014 9:38 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I purchased a sectional sofa from Dillard's in Houston Texas in September of 2013, it was delivered in October of 2013, by November 2013. The power mechanism had failed. I called their service department and told it would be two weeks until they could get a repair technician to my home. When I objected to that their response was we only come to your area once a week. I told them I've only had this sofa for a month, they didn't care. Once the technician finally showed up he found the problem. The part had to be ordered and would take six weeks ( again not happy ) . I went on my vacation the part came in, and again I called to get them to come out at my convince, again their service department told me the earliest would be February 4th 2014. I pointed out that their merchandise has been sitting in my home broken since November and waiting another two weeks was not acceptable! They told me they don't care what I think or howitzer feel! I ask them how would they like it if I brought this hunk of junk back to them demanding a full refund plus they reimburse me for renting a truck to bring it back was told they would not reimburse me . I am going to send a letter to Mr. William T Dillard at corporate.

Oct 29, 2013 1:31 pm EDT

well well well...I think I can top most of these horror stories...After working hard, achieving pacesetter and my department number 2 in district sales, I was called in to announce I did such a great job and was being transferred. My pay was cut within a couple months from $13.45 an hour to $8.50, and forced to sign a paper to that effect typed up in the local office...Then after almost 14 years, called in to be told that since I was not reaching my goal, I was being terminated prior to my review with Christmas around the corner...Someone mentioned earlier that they have sold their souls to the devil...My question is what souls!

Jun 20, 2007 12:00 am EDT

I found the web site without any problems and also I completed the form and it was accepted without any problems. I think some of the problems that others are experiencing is just like any other problems that we all experience.

Sep 17, 2008 3:34 pm EDT

We recieved on our reciept a chance to enter a Shoppong spree contest, but when I went in on
the email they list to enter it it has nothing to do with that. I didn't know they were that
type of business to offer something and it isnt! valid

im saddened that dillards would pull this kind of crap. i thought alot more of this store than that. maybe it does need to go out of biz.


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