Customer Service at Fifth Third Bank / customer service operator jake & supervisor kiley

Called Fifth Third Bank about a problem with my Van payments
I asked Jake could I speak with a Supervisor and he said they were too busy and couldn't talk to me;
I stated that I would wait he put me on hold for 4 minutes. Then return to say the Supervisor would not
Talk to me and that I could leave a message on her voicemail. I stated that I had never heard of all the Supervisor
Being too busy to take a customer call, He stated that is what she told him and that he was not tranfering me
To anyone else, and that all I could do was leave a message on her voicemail which i did.

My name is Milton Reaves, I am a United States Navy Veteran, had a car loan with Fifth Third Bank for 70 Months
And expect better service than that can SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

Milton Reaves, [protected], [protected]

Aug 01, 2018

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