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Creekside Shell / Owner Harrased Me

1 Temecula, CA, United States

November 20 2008
I have patronized this station for 10 years.
I always pull my truck and horse trailer in the same way.

A Shell customer backed into my horse trailer.
I exchanged accident information with the driver.
The Shell Station owner interfered with the investigation.
I told the owner to cease and desist.

I proceeded to the pump after the accident exchange.
The owner asked if I were going to fill my truck - further harrasment.
The owner returned and asked if I were to fill a 6 gallon gas container in the back of my truck.
The owner returned the third time with two 8 1/2 sheets of paper in hand.
The owner leaned on my truck and looked at me.
I asked him for the third time to leave me alone.
The owner refused to leave.

I confronted the owner and asked again "what part of leave me alone do you not understand". His reaction was no comment.
I was hot by this time after being backed into and harrased.

The owner filed charges against me for battery. I never touched the owner.

Now I have to go to court to prove I acted with provocation.

All of this for 5 gallons of fuel.

This is big oil. Its not enough to charge $4.00 a gallon for fuel. They even want to abuse their customers.

I hope fuel goes to 10 cents a gallon and they want a bailout.


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