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Credit One Bank / identity theft!

1 NV, United States Review updated:

I am a victim of identity theft. Credit One Bank left a message about an acct of which I had no knowledge on March 19. I called the fraud dept but was only able to leave a message. Days later no one had returned my call. I called customer service and again reported that the acct was opened fraudulently. I was told an affidavit would be sent within 10 days. It never arrived. I called twice again before someone returned my calls.

This man refused to listen to me. He talked over me, raised his voice, cut me off. I told him I had a police report... he said he didn't care about the police. I requested all records pertaining to the account, my right as a victim of identity theft - he cut me off. I asked to speak with his supervisor, he refused. I asked for his telephone extension, he refused. He then said he'd get back with me and hung up on me!

He called back about 20 minutes later, more conciliatory, saying he had emailed his supervisor that I wanted to speak with her. Then he proceeded on a line of hostile questioning and badgering, implying I or my husband made the charges despite the fact that the acct was opened using an address and phone different from mine, that I had a security alert with the credit bureaus and had placed a dispute with the credit bureau about this account and the address associated with it! He made thinly veiled threats that WalMart cameras would have an image of who made the charges there and that this is a felony. It was a very disturbing exchange that has me still shaking mad days later. I am the victim and this man with Credit One Bank was victimizing me again!

This man also failed to identity me adequately on either call and could have been talking with anyone. Interestingly, this is an account with a $300 limit that was apparently charged up to $1800, a sure indicator this bank's security efforts are minimal at best!

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  • Vi
      11th of Jun, 2008
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    this just happened to me too. they were pretty helpful over the phone and said they would send me the affadavit papers in the mail within 30 days after their investigation. i'll update the post if they don't

  • Ga
      17th of Jul, 2016
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    I am having the same issue with Credit One Bank. They keep telling me that there is not a fraud department contact and that they investigated my account and found it was not due to ID Theft yet they have never once initiated contact with me or sent me an affidavit nor offered to. I have mailed them a Signed and Notarized ID Theft affidavit from the FTC and even letters from the company they sold the account to that say it is not my debt.

    I have ended up contacting the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency at and filed a complaint against them but have yet to hear back from Credit One.

  • Et
      14th of Sep, 2017
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    I find this extremely helpful. This company has the worst security I have ever seen. I was trying to pre-qualify for a card at this bank and learned that somehow, magically, I already had an account with them. Curious, I called them up, to discover that they had an account open for some man by the last name of Gonzalez, under my social security number. After arguing for what seemed like ten minutes. I requested to speak with the responder's supervisor. Somewhat more helpful, although the entire company has something screwy with them. Especially since you can't reach the fraud department by phone. So I sent in the documentation they requested to prove my identity and eventually, after two months, they shut down the account. But they left it under my social security number, so I still have to fight with them over clearing away the records of the account.

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