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billed for debt not owed

I have sent this company several letters demanding proof the said "debt" owed. I have stated I have never heard of their organization (Credit One) before receiving their notices, that I never signed any contract to obtain a credit card, and do not recognize any of the charges shown on their transaction statement they sent me after my first letter to them regarding this matter. With any contract I enter into, I always sign with none other than a wet-ink signature. I never enter into a contract or agreement online or via any other means than on paper with my signature thereon. Any claims otherwise are false and the contract Credit One claims I opened with them is void ab initio minus my wet-ink signature.


5/10/2018 $766.25 was fraudulently charged from florida. I called that day to dispute charges. I also...

Resolved fraudulent visa charges

Credit One Bank will issue a credit card to anyone very easily but you will regret it. Also all the customer service reps are in India or some other country that are very difficult to understand. When you finish talking to them thinking you have resolved your issue, the account is worse shape than before you call. My card had charges that were fraudulent and Credit One Bank to continue to approve the charges. Then I called them and the accounts were removed from online access so I could not monitor it and fees accrued at a tremendously. In the midst of Hurricane Harvey, it was very difficult to get assistance so it would not damage your credit. After 5 calls to Credit One Bank, they finally agreed to assist me but there were so many fees added to the account. I received a letter stating per my request we have closed your account and fees will continue to accrue including Annual Fees. That is ridiculous! Why am I still paying an Annual Fees? 1- the account is closed, 2- charge privileges aren't possible.



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    government fraud bureau Aug 27, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they don't respond, I sent them a letter on a bogus transaction on my account with no response except continued interest and fees which I will not pay F them assholes.

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credit card

I have a zero balance with credit one its served its purpose. I called 7/30/18 and 7/31/18.
Was told its cancelled.
I can still go online and it shows credit limit and that no payment is due.
I've now emailed the VP of customer service and also online fscebook
When i had called the 2nd time i was told it would take 20 days to close account?!
Ive now filed with comptroller of currency and also bbb
Just close my account as requested.

credit card

unauthorized credit card opened - unable to close account and clear credit history

When we closed our office in [location removed] in late 2017, we discovered that the company owner [name removed] had been sent a pre-approved credit card from Credit One. The card was opened and approved without his knowledge. The staff in the office used it to purchase sundries, basic supplies. Nothing large - it was under our floor limit of $500 so no flags raised.
When the card was discovered, it was paid off and we though closed. WRONG! The continued to charge the monthly fee, did not update the address - so we were not getting any bills.
ALL actual purchases were paid off, the only thing that is on the card is the fees that they continue to charge. They have not closed the account and have listed the debt on the company owners credit score. Remember - he NEVER gave permission or consent to open the card i the first place.
We have been trying to resolve the issue with Credit One since 12th March 2018 - when we noticed it was listed on the owners credit rating, remember we though the account was closed when we paid it off and discovered the card. Every month I call, every month I am told - we are investigating. This takes time. We will escalate it. It takes 60 days, then 90 days, then 4-6 months - every time it is a different story and still nothing is resolved.
it is effecting our ability to do business as the company owners credit rating is effected by this absurd charges from Credit One and their continued failure to fix their error. Not once have they sent us proof of the signed application form, not one email, not one call back - nothing. I call them every month and get another 45minute run around to have the same lies told as the previous month.
This 'bank' needs to be closed down! They do not follow any safety protocols to protect the identity of people.

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attempt to steal social security number

I received a notice in the mail from CreditOne bank telling me they had rejected me for a credit card (I don't remember applying for one) based on a really low credit score. They blamed it on Experian. So I got my credit report from Experian and verified there was no fraudulent activity.
Wondering if I was having a "senior moment" and had actually applied for a card, I called the number listed [protected]). I pressed 1 for English then, after not entering a credit card number, I pressed 1 for an enquiry into the status of my application. I was then asked for my social security number. I didn't give it. I was asked again and when I didn't enter anything the automated system hung up on me.
Clearly a scam!
Reading other scam reports on here, I'm glad I was denied one of their fraudulent bill-you-for-nothing cards!

service and closing account without knowledge

I paid $25 and ordered a new mastercard credit card from Credit One Bank. I never got it by 6/7/18. So then i called and on 6/7/18 made sure they had correct address and had that along with my phone number changed. Was told my new card would be to me within 7 to 10 days. By 6/19/18 it wasnt here i called Credit One Bank and found out they never sent it. Then was told it was sent but returned. They then told me my address was not changed it was back to the same one i had over a year ago. That i also have tried to change many times. I had vaction plans for 6/20/18 and stated i needed my card that they have now ruined any chance as my getting to go because they did not deliver my card in time. I was then told to call a MasterCard Over night service called and then was told i dont apply for it. So then i call Credit One back again mind you i have already been on the phone for 4 hours between all this. Then they tell me Mastercard doesnt donover night its Visa international that I should do that and ask for that card as inhave a visa card and a master card threw them. I didnt want this visa but since i needed the money for my planned trip i went ahead and applied after talking to an executive in their main office in Las Vegas NV. She then said i would be approved just need to apply for it threw their services. So being thankful and hopful i applied just to find out that credit ond denied me. I called them again and they tell me that Visa is the one that denied me to call them. I call them they said no we just need approval from your bank card to beable to go threw with it. I call credit one again and they still insist that it was visa not them when i stated even kn their website it states they need bank approval. I said i wanted to know why i was denied and to speak to a manager. I get a manager wait on hold again for 10 to 15 mins and get told he will figure it out and beable to call me back within an hour or 2. Never happened and they didnt call. I then go to check my credit one app and now they have taken off my mastercard account or closed it without my knowledge or approval when yesterday it was i was getting a card sent to me. So again with hopes of getting my new master card within 10days they have closed my account and i would again been waiting to get one. Their entire way of doing this entire thing was horrid and also ruined my chances for my family and i to go on out planned trip and are now out even more money from them screwing me over. I am in no way ok with this. Nor should anyone be. Was told over and over i can wait 10days for a new card when the purpose of me trying over a month before was because i needed it by a certain date and now have everything ruined.

fraud charges

I called the Credit One card company due to multiple fraud charges on my account, and everything was handled promptly. I was sent a new card in time for my child's team trip, and it's been going great until today, 5/31/2018.

This morning I received a text that my card balance is -$293.00. I looked at the transactions online and all of the charges I disputed were placed back on my card. I called and spoke with a customer service agent for 25 minutes to try and address the problem. When I explained the April 2018 charges for American Airlines were for a team trip as this card was to be used for the majority of team trips. I also explained I paid for my bags *at the airport* using this card. The charge I previously disputed for American Airlines was paid online or over the phone, I'm assuming since the line item did not look the same. Per the customer service rep, the fraud charges were voided even though they are not finished investigating because I paid for bags at the AA terminal. Because of the bags, the large American Airlines charge I disputed on the card must be mine; and because it must be mine then all the charges are mine as well. I was then advised to cancel the subscription to American Airlines. Per the customer service rep, American Airlines is a subscription and I own the subscription.

I followed the appropriate steps of calling when the fraud was noticed on my card. The charges were credited back to my account because I did not use my card at the places listed and I don't even know where it was used at location-wise. When I looked up Roy's, it looks like a restaurant that has locations all over the world. I've never been there nor heard of it until I looked up the merchant name.

The resolution I am requesting is to have the fraud charges removed from the account. If not, I'll be filing with my State AG and Federal Agencies for the business practices of this company.

cannot close account

Tried closing my account and got the run around for almost an hour on phone. After being harassed about not closing it, I thought I was finally successful but not so much, just got a letter and statement with my account still open! UGH! This is ridiculous, I just filed a complaint with the BBB and reached out to their CS team again, but I refuse to call them and stay on the phone an hour again.

credit card

Your credit card service is horrific. I have tried calling to make a payment. I have been hung up on twice and received no information on how to clear my account from your customer service reps. They are confused and unequipped to handle these requests. My account was locked out because of the two small payment. I tried multiple times to put in the payment amounts, the submit button would not work. I can't understand how you make it so difficult to manage our accounts. I am mailing a check because no one can help. I will look into transferring these balances, due to the terrible service.

credit one credit card

Don't try to talk to an American with this account because you won't get one I've been complaining to them for over a year and now they throw crap on my credit report which is incorrect they transfer you for hours and hours to try to talk to someone do not use the card do not do anything with them they have got to be the worst credit card and as for today I checked my credit report and it just got dropped 48 points for what they say is a $50 payment I owe them this is false this is not true again I've tried for every year to speak to an American it never happens I've caught every month I've asked him to send me a paper bill for over a year it is never happened every time I call I've transferred and transferred and transferred to people the sound all the same but you have to give out all your information over and over again I highly suggest you do not use this card unless you speak 3 or 4 third world languages you won't ever talk to an American and they falsely charged you with things are always asking you for your social for a phone number and everything else do not give it to him anymore and do not go to their website cuz it says dangerous website

concern about cancelled card

Hello, An individual in my life used my Credit One visa card last year to purchase items without my...

unauthorized credit card charges

charges that are not mine.. made in florida .. i live in texas senior citizen... have called in dozen of times beginning in january.. i am a senior citizen and have not been out of texas// they keep just telling me this is my charge.. it is not 774.25 made at target in florida// they will not listen to me and verify anything.. what can i do.. poor customer service.. no respect for customers.. i have tried to explain .. no one will listen

  • Updated by vickie burkhalter · Apr 24, 2018

    credit card charges made in florida not mine.. senior citizen and no one will help .. keep saying i am responsible.. i am trying to be.. someone has left me with a 799.25 and it is not mine.. customer service will not listen .. just say we will make a report.. this happened in january.. i have had 3 cards since then.. amount keeps being removed and then put back on// recieved letters saying mine not mine.. no one will listen ..i have not been in florida.. they removed a payment obviously made by fraudulent person.. to see if they could .. and then made a purchase.. i told credit one .. not my payment or purchase.. they removed the 674.25 payment but will not remove 799.25 charge// funny where did that 674.25 payment go.. i only want my account fixed.. i have asked them to look at my account .. i never make that big of a payment or purchase.. what do they think fraud is... how to i prove not my charge///


I have my account paid in full for over a year now. I have a $6 monthly charge fee. I have all my credit cards on autopay or I set future payments. This credit card company, CreditOne Bank does not offer the option to pay in automatic payments to avoid fees or even the option to post a future payment. When i try to add a future payment the system accepts is then charges the same day nulling the future date set. I am now 2 days late for the $6 monthly fee of which I will be charged who knows what fees. The reason for my lateness in payment is only and strictly due to their website being down for the last few days. I am not able to pay by phone as the customer service reps have hung up on me a few times as soon as I try to make the payment and explain the situation with their website. The is really strange that as soon as I mentioned the words the website is down, the call gets cut off. I know read all over the internet that this is their process of making more money from customers. I have never been late. attached is a screen shot of their page being down.


  • Ca
    Cassandra Caraffi Jan 12, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    CreditOne’s billing practices and their customer service lacks all integrity. It is difficult to actually get to speak with a human, then you will be repeatedly put on hold. You can document the call, request a call reference number or employee ID for future reference; essentially write everything down and will still be treated poorly. They are predatory, and will not do as they promise. If you are trying to rebuild your credit, or need assistance from them after a lay off it’s not going to happen. See below.

    Do not accept a Fee Waiver program option, it’s complete crap. Nearly an hour on the phone. No resolution.

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credit card payment "not received"

On April 6, 2018, we paid our account using Credit One's app. (This was after unsuccessfully trying to log in to their website in order to make a payment for several days.) The app indicated that the payment had gone through and we have had more than adequate funds in our checking account to cover the payment throughout the time frame in question. When noticing that the payment had still not cleared our account on April 13, 2018, we tried to access our account, only to find that now both the app and the website are down. In calling the 800 number, a recorded message informed me that our payment had been returned due to insufficient funds (not true and not reflected in our checking account statement), that our account is past due, and gave me phone options for making a payment. We request a refund and deletion of any derogatory information filed with credit bureaus. We also request a personal conversation with a verified representative of Credit One. Please respond to this request with specific contact information so that we can be in touch with Customer Service (which is not an option at the 800 number).

I am not allowed to use my credit card.

I paid on my credit one bank account, and they admit there is $130 room in it to charge on. My debit bank account is almost filled up. Any more with-
Drawals, will mean a $35 overdraft. I ask them to activate the account, and
Three times they say they will, three times the vendor machine says card
'declined.' there is room in the account! They say I can use it! Once i
Get paid in 10 days, I will pay them promptly! Can you please tell them
To stop playing games, open up my account so I will not overdraft with the
Bank, before my payroll deposit?? [protected] is the credit one number
Kenneth reilly is the name on the card. Cell [protected]

  • Updated by Kenneth C Reilly · Apr 10, 2018

    I had paid on my bill with Credit One Bank, brought the amount down to less than the 'limit.' 1st half of March 2018. I had $130 in my account to charge. They said I had that much room! I tried Credit One again, they said it was open again, (These three calls, during the last week 03/18)
    the vendor machine still turned me down. I phoned a 3rd time, they said,
    ''yes, it is activated." The vendor machine rejected it o use the card, and the vendor machine said ''Declined." I tried to call again. My debit
    account with Wells Fargo was close to going over the limit. As recent as THIS week, I had to pay $48 to have my eyeglasses fixed. CREDIT ONE BANK WILL NOT ! ! ALLOW ME TO USE THE ACCOUNT ! ! ! even though there is still ''room.'' I got hit with a $35 overdraft by my bank, and it was NOT necessary ! I should have been able to use the Credit One Bank charge. I realize I owe Credit One some money...are they going to take my payments, and not let me charge? Can you please help me with this ? They will not listen to me.
    If I pay them, will they simply take my money, and STILL not open up my account???

    They will ask the last four digits on my account number. #9576
    They will ask the last four digits on my Social Security. #9041

    That will always trace to my account. Can you please see about this, since they will not talk with, or work with me ? I really want to pay them off. Why can't I use the account, as long as it is open?

    Pay on the Credit One Bank account: first of/middle of March, 2018
    Accepted !! registered soon after.
    Account inoperable : last week of March, 2018, even though they
    said THREE TIMES it was activated. As so often, the consumer
    is left helpless.

suspended account "7-10 days" a month ago

This is my first credit card and I honestly enjoyed how easy it was to maintain. It helped my credit score...

Las Vegas Credit Cards

credit card company

I had this card for two weeks. Didn't charge a single thing on it. I went online to set up the account, and I kept getting error messages due to problems with their web page. Finally got set up. When I tried to pay my bill online, they charge you $10 if you want to pay your bill with a debit card. That was way too much for me. There is no way you can send or talk to a customer service person if you have a complaint, so I had to call the stolen card number. Got transferred twice to other departments (all in India). Finally had to talk to a supervisor who could do nothing for me. He could not even close my account. I had to pay the $75 annual fee (which I did). This card and this company seems predatory and uncaring.

  • Cl
    Claire Thomas Dec 04, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    to all stock investors of this company, sell your shares. They totally screwed up my account and are not willing to take off the erroneous charges. I told them to close my account and all they keep doing is transferring to another person.

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  • Cl
    Claire Thomas Dec 04, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    looks like we need to do a class action suit against this company

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  • Tr
    Travis Carpenter Jan 13, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They have the glitchiest software I've ever seen for a financial institution. And the customer support is unable to do anything. The system paid my entire statement balance 2 days before Christmas, those assholes all think I made the Express Payment for a super shady $9.95 fee. Sometimes I can login online and other times not. My PC says "Online Account Access Suspended" and phone logs in fine. I have zero confidence in their online account. If you don't have Credit One card, then just go with Capital One instead. No issues there.

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customer service

Credit One Bank Credit Card
Nicolas Vasquez
Acct # [protected]

I am unable to locate available TTY contact information for customer service with Credit One Bank. I am very frustrated that a large company such as yours does not easily provide information for persons with hearing disabilities. Please make available a TTY phone number or other acccessible means so, that I may have the ability to manage my account.

I need assistance with a Credit Card Replacement for a lost card and also need to update my mailing address and phone number.

Nicolas Vasquez

customer service

transaction made on 1/24/18

To Whom it may be concern

My name is Mason Alesia
I have a credit card with your company, I was applying for a job with
United States Postal Service, was trying to purchase a Kit so I may
study for a test with the Postal Service, when checking my payment was
taken by a company that have nothing to due with the Post Office
the company is call USPS.JOB.COM, when contacting the United States
Postal Service I was informed that this company have nothing to due
with them. this item posted to my card on
reference # 2469029D70FVFLNTM
[protected] 800-43-9

I was told to contact my credit card company, please I need your help

Thank you,

Alesia Mason
1548 WEST 36th St
Riviera Beach, Fla 33404

  • Updated by Alesia Mason · Jan 31, 2018

    looking to here from your company

  • Wine Is Good Jan 31, 2018

    You got scammed. Call the number on the back of your credit card and dispute the charge. How old are you that you one didn't know this and two didn't read the disclosure that came with your card.

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