KeyBank Complaints & Reviews

KeyBank / charged for "excessive" transfer of money from saving to checking

Sep 13, 2019

I just got a fee for excessively transferring money between my account. I don't understand what they would need the fee for? Fax paper and Ink, printer and Xerox, filing folders for paperwork. Or to pay a person to do the data entry Moving the money from one account to another.. Everything i...

KeyBank / The whole branch and vice president and financial wellness

Sep 03, 2019

Yes I open an account in 2017 and after looking back at my records I noticed that there was an extra $700 deposit my account and when I went to investigate further into it I noticed that I may have been attached to another account I would call in and it would word things differently and it...

Key Bank / unreliable service

Dec 23, 2017

I would advise opening an account with Key Bank for the following reasons I never opened an account with Key Bank instead I had an account with First Niagara there was never an issue however there are nothing but issues at this point . When I make a purchase and or pay a bill and review my...

KeyBank / overdraft charges

Aug 02, 2013

KeyBankOn July 31, 2013 Early in the AM my deposit of $500.00 was shown at my online banking. So at that point I had no charges. I shopped what I had in the bank during the day. And went to work. Then at late evening July 1 I started checking my account. That is when I noticed somebody switched...

KeyBank / Mortgage

Jun 16, 2012

DON'T GET A MORTGAGE OR LOAN AT KEYBANK!! I am trying to save my house from foreclosure and KeyBank won't work with me at all but their rude collections department calls me all the time, including at 8:01 a.m. on weekends. They won't put anything in writing and they say they... / I hate this bank and can't wait for my direct deposit to be changed to a good bank

Dec 15, 2011

I hate their website. I can't even access my account anymore and I have called several times. Heaven forbid you have more than one computer they will make you enter you ridiculously long account number every time and I don't even know what the account # is and NOW they want to...

KeyBank / changing my online account around to get overdraft fee

Oct 12, 2011

i was charged 2 times a$30.00 for gas i got only once on 9/7 i got gas for $30.00 taking out of my account on 9/9 another $30.00 was taking out for gas same amount same gas station, i was not even near the gas station on 9/9/2011. and also they changed my account more than once to make me...

Key Bank / they closed my acount

Jun 12, 2011

STAY AWAY FROM KEYBANK!!! I opened up a keybank account over a month ago, due to a good promo that they were running.Out of no where, my debit card wasn't working so I decided to give them a call. They told me that my and my wife's account is being closed .After a few days of...

Key Bank / Fees and Holds


I am 18 years old. I opened my first checking account with Key Bank in July of 2010. It is October so it has been 3 months. In these 3 months I have never been so pissed. They charge me with overdraft fees every chance they get and hold MY checks as if it is theirs. When I withdraw money...

Key Bank / Mistake hits my pocket


On March 2 I logged onto Key Bank online to manage my bill pay for March. I established 7 bills to be pulled from my checking account on March 5th. After confirming, I realized that Feb. was a short month and our direct deposit would hit the following week. So I immediately changed the...

Key Bank / Customers


People are stupid. The policies -- the "theft" -- is clearly spelled out in our literature to new customers. Key Corp is only active to make money and we are successful at it. Even though the national unemployment rate is about 10% we still managed to make over $900 million dollars off the...

Key Bank / Worst bank


I've had one terrible problem after another with Key. Some background: I started banking with them almost a decade ago when I was in college since they were right around the corner from my school. I was young and stupid. They started off by being just plain rude to me. It was common...

Key Bank / Excessive Fees & Overdraft Charges


Key bank has crafted rules and regulations attached to their checking accounts to charge customers radical overdraft fees. On Thursday January 7th I deposited a paycheck into the ATM machine in order to cover a check that I knew would be drafted on my account. As it turns out Key Bank...

Key Bank / College Loan phone harrassment


My daughter has been paying a 10 year college loan for 3 years. She is behind $2000 ( about 4-5 payments ) but has not missed payments on the 20th for about 2 years. On about the 6th of the month, every month, Key Bank starts calling my daughter or myself, father and cosigner. No matter...

Key Bank / Debit Card Trap


If you use credit/debit cards you need to know YOUR NEXT! the way banking is handled in our country, it should be againt the law. they are taking our money from us, what a shame! they should'nt be aloud to to trap us poor suchers down to our last dollar. can anyone HELP!!! before we...

KeyBank / Overcharged


Once again I have been charged an overdraft fee on an amount that was not causing an overdraft until Keybank changed the way they presented checks to come up with the most overdraft fees to charge me. I had a direct deposit made to our account on friday, that evening I used my debit card...

Key Bank / Cash Reserve Credit Practices


I have a cash reserve credit account at key bank and have had it for years. Sometimes I pay it in full other times I make payments, regardless of my method I haven't made a late payment in YEARS. During last month our computer crashed and I was unable to transfer the payment to the...

Key Bank / Phone Charge


Not really a complaint, but it would be nice to know why my account gets charged when I use the over-the-phone automation banking, when getting details on my account, like balance, available balance, and charges/deposits that are pending. Why the charge? I know that this only occurre...

Key Bank / student loan


I applied for a forbearance in February, and was told that it was "being processed, " and "in the computer system, " and "a letter will be sent confirming it but you don't need it." I never received a letter. Every time I called the company, I was told that they still had an old...

KeyBank National Association / Fraudulent Check


I received a check for $3, 980.00 to be deposited into my personal account. Then I should call Mr. Michael Chambers. This check is for insurance and processing fees for a check worth $651, 500.00. How can this bank be a party to this fraud?

Key Bank USA / Rip off

Not only does Key Bank rape you of your money with all of their fees they like to hit on there customers when I told the district manager that his teller was flirting with my Husband the district manager did nothing they do not have a policy against that. We closed our account and credit...

Key Bank (Beaverton, OR) / Rude receptionist lady


I totally agree with you. I called in today "Beaveton Keybank" in Oregon.. to just check what my checking account balance was and this rude lady named Cheryl answered the phone. She was giving me this attitude and it was not professional at all. She said "may i have your name", I...

KeyBank / They don't check ID when withdrawing

Key Bank in Columbus, Ohio, doesn’t even check ID's when people take money out of their savings account. I walk in and filled out a withdraw slip. Handed the teller the withdraw slip and placed my ID on the counter. The teller gave me $500 cash and never looked at my ID. I then...

KeyBank / Rude branch manager in Beaverton, OR

I actually had a branch manager from the Beaverton Key Bank on Hall curse at me in the parking lot today. I was parked in their parking lot early in the morning with no one around. I walked across the street to the coffee shop and she yelled at me to move my car, because bank customer...

Key Bank - Merchant Service (Nova) / Ineptitude, uncaring, illegal procedures


My business account was defrauded...reported it and the simple process of correctly sending a fax with correct numbers to the correct department was sent wrongly three (3) times!! This meant my money was held for month and I had to make many, many phone calls on my business time to get to...