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It is truly amazing to me, how banks and mortgage companies had to be baled out by the government (taxpayers) in the real estate recession of [protected]. And yet CITIbank (CITImortgage) appears to be as dis-organized and mis-managed as ever. I would assume their share-holders and the public would be very interested in cases like mine.
I closed on a new home in 2007. In 2011, my Muscular Dystrophy flared up and my Neurologist made me leave my job as Hospital Administrator due to my worsening condition. I was put on disability and dropped down to half salary. I could no longer handle my house payments. At that time my mortgage was through Nationwide. They approved a Deed In Lieu in 2012 and I was ready to move out to a rental apartment. Within a few days while I was getting the papers signed, I got a letter that Nationwide sold my mortgage to CITI. I contacted CITI and found out that I had to go through the whole process again. I went through the arduous task of completing all of the paperwork AGAIN updating everything. I was approved by CITI in the spring of 2014. The only thing that was needed was an inspection and contact with the Homeowners Association to get a status update on fees owed. I tried to do this myself, but was told by the HOA that CITI had to request this info. They also wanted an inspection and the keys turned in. The inspector came out twice, took pictures and I left the keys on the counter as instructed and moved out. This occurred in fall of 2013. I emailed and called many, many times. I didn’t get any response until I was told that my case was closed for lack of cooperation in getting the HOA info. Up to this time, I had been pleasant and cooperative. Now because of my illness worsening due to stress, I complained. I was forwarded to the Executive Response Team. I was assured that the case would be finalized and I would get the Deed In Lieu BUT I had to complete all of the info AGAIN because so much time had gone by. So I submitted all of the updated paperwork FOR THE THIRD TIME and waited. I even got the updated info from the HOA for CITI. Now I am being told that my case is closed again because the inspector can’t get into the house to do an inspection (which was already done 18 months ago). I was told to get police to go to the home and evict whomever was living there. I contacted the HOA and was told that they had rented it out and the renters were interested in buying it. AGAIN, I emailed and called CITI to re-open the case with the possibility of a short sale. My three emails and calls have been unanswered.
Does CITI have so much money that they can let a house sit for over two and one half years with no payments coming in. Or are they just so negligent and dis-organized that they keep shuffling my case from person to person, all of whom have the “not MY job” attitude. If I had run my Hospital Units as poorly as this process was handled, I would have been fired long ago. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEEN. I’m sure the public (taxpayers) would be very interested in seeing just how much progress the banks (CITI) has made since 2007. I would be happy to let them know.
I would have given up, but I think people need to know what CITI is doing. I have been trying to do the right thing for CITI and for me. I wanted to save them the trouble and expense of a foreclosure. And I NEED the grant from HAFA for my moving expenses. I am willing to pursue this legally if I have to. But I am hopeful that this can get resolved without going through that process. PLEASE give me someone who knows what they are doing and is willing to do their job.
Janet McCrea

Jul 3, 2015

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