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7:50 pm EDT

Burton Online

Bought a suit for a wedding. It turned up as a pair of trousers and a pair of jeans. Contacted service team thinking they would see the urgency but insted they were rude telling me it was up to me to send the jeans back and untill i did they would not send my suit i urgently needed. Told me they wouldn't give me a contact for the ceo and that they wouldn't refund the delivery which they messed up. There is no surprise that this company is no longer on the high street they need reporting to watch dog which my solicitor is drafting g up as it is not acceptable to treat people how they do. Do not buy from this company they are pirates

Desired outcome: They are not allowed to trade

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12:34 am EDT

Burton Offensive Graphics

The graphics on the controversial Burton snowboards. The self mutilation really bothers me. And not only that it's step by step in how to do this. It's sick. Not to mention the nudity graphics. You're trying to teach your child to respect women, you're trying to teach your child what's appropriate, what's safe. I'm looking at this and I'm horrified. I can only hope the ski areas ban the boards so young children are not forced to view these graphics.

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mehrab rahmani
, GB
Oct 14, 2011 5:12 pm EDT

A few days earlier, I went to return some clothing, during the process one of the stuff members asked me if the clothing was worn at all, I said to her that it had not been worn and asked why she was asking me that question, she replied, 'because it smells of curry.' This comment extremely offended me and upset me emotionally because I am a regular customer and did not expect to be treated in such a bad way.

I personally would like a written apology from that particular person.

Thank you and I hope that some sort of action will be taken.

, US
Oct 31, 2008 6:54 am EDT

I can't believe Burton thinks it's OK to send these new offensive boards out to the slopes in a family atmosphere. (nudity and self mutilation). It's like giving someone the finger. I plan to ask the slopes of New England, to band these new boards. Children must be considered.

nowhere, US
Oct 14, 2011 7:24 pm EDT

how is this racist? it smells (the use of a bodily function) of curry (the smell that it has).
You are trying to play the race card because you are simply applying the word curry to middle eastern culture.
i believe you to be racist. would it have made it any better if the person it smelled like watermelon or chicken or perhaps a saltine cracker?

, US
Oct 14, 2011 7:19 pm EDT

Well did it smell of curry? If that question caused such extreme emotional harm, how have you managed to make it through life thus far without having a complete nervous breakdown, or have you?

Nov 11, 2008 9:35 am EST

Everyone is complaining about ''snowboards'' beeing disrespectful towards woman, HAVE ANY OF YOU STOPPED AND LOOKED AROUND, your television is not enough, or the internet, are you kidding me, why don't you ban all that also, hey here is a thought why don't you ban magazines while you are at it also, did it ever cross your mind that the person on the board agreed to it, so why don't go scold her or her parents, if you go out and complain, go complain to your government, not to a company that is nothing but a great company that makes great boards. Do you really think your kid is goign to stop while skying to stare at a board and say "hey mom why is she naked'' instead of not trying to indure himself on the slope, you people are just looking for any means to complain, and are probably secretly jealous of the girl on the board.

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