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business account

On Aug. 15, 2018, I found out, by sheer accident, that my business acct. had been blocked. Seems that some...

citi priority and citigold - interest rate not properly applied

We have been Citi Priority and Citi Gold customers for many years. In June 2018, we discovered that the yield...

international use of my card

I called on the 19th to verify that you know I will.be in Europe on the 20th. Your stupid machine recorded it and yet I still cannot use my credit card! Fix this or contact me or something because if this is not resolved I am switching banks to Wells Fargo as soon as I go back to Florida. I am sick of the problems I have been having with you guys!!!

Olga E.

fraudulent activity

my account was fraudulently used by chase for $500.00 I went into a Citibank branch to get assistance. I was informed that I would receive a provisional credit on today. They lied and are telling me I would have to wait 3-5 days for the money to be back. I am removing my money from this branch and closing out this account. They never informed me of this transaction which I never authorized. I am a single mother with a disabled child and I am demanding my money back today. I hope the CEO of this company sees my complaint and I hope this bank is eventually closed. I will not stop until I get my money. This is wrong that you trust your financial institution to protect you and they are not willing to assist you in any form. I wish I would have stayed with TD bank. CITI Bank is the worst as well as Chase bank.

costco anywhere visa credit card

I used to have an American Express card with Costco. Costco decided to do business with Citi. A Citi Credit Card was issued to me with automatic payment set up for the annual Costco membership fee without my consent. I was mailed a letter from Citi to let me know that this account was closed out for non payment. I called Citi on 9/10/18, and the rep told me that this card charged the $120 annual membership fee for Costco, and since it was not paid, the account was closed out, and the current balance was $225.46. I told the rep I would pay the $120 for the Costco membership fee, but that I should not be responsible for any additional charges since I never signed up for this credit card in the first place. The rep told me that all he can do is waive $37. I told him I wanted to talk to someone or if he can provide me with an address to file a complaint. The rep said he couldn't do that, and that he would have an account manager contact me in 2 days. I have yet to hear from anyone from Citi and it's been 7 days now. I paid the $120 for the Costco membership fee on 9/11/18, but I would like the rest of the charges to be waived. I should not be responsible for any additional charges to this account.

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credit card goes over the limit from aed3550 to aed 62,000

Credit Card Limit : AED 3, 550.00. Transaction been maid on the card AED 15, 000 then 20, 000 till AED 62...

Dubai Banks

promotion not being honored

I opened a checking and savings account with Citibank to get 1.7% interest and total bonus of $600.
Because they screwed up and opened 4 accounts not 2 and my funds went to the second accounts now they say the first went dormant because I didn't find them and I was an existing customer ( because of their screwup) I am not eligible for higher interest or promotion.
I spent 20 hours in the phone getting the accounts setup.
They overfunded the accounts by transfer from my Wells Fargo Bank and told me they to mail a check so they had $15000 of my money more and it was a nightmare getting it back including going through their fraud BS.
Now Hey tell me there is no way they can make it right. They say it's my fault.
On top of that they linked my existing citi credit card to the account that was inactive and now I can't get them to help me change the username and login so that I can access my account. I was on the phone for two hours trying to fix that and they tell me it was because I needed a different network. I only have one network at my home and I paid all my bills the same day on that network.
I am dumbfounded and so so angry.
I'm never worked so hard for less than $2 on a $16, 000 bank account interest.
I don't know what to do.

credit card

in June 2018, there was an unauthorized charge on my account listed as QVC in the amount of 54.91. I don't know anything about that charge, nor have I gave the merchant QVC my credit card number. Citibank is giving my information to a merchant that I do not know about. This has been the third time I had to cancel my card out. This is also the third time Citibank has allowed the merchant QVC to charge my card. All of this is do to an error. So I decided to file a compliant

credit card

Dear Team,

I was your credit card, a regular customer, however, due to my financial issue I could not able to maintain my credit debts with your organization

I am getting threatening calls and WhatsApp messages on my number from different numbers for the recovery of the CITI bank debts.

I was not expecting that being a multinational bank and one of the highest rated banks can do such cheap things to recover their money.

I got many abusive calls from CITI bank, kindly stop abusing otherwise I will take everything to court.

I don't want to contact banking court and central bank for this as I am recording everything on my phone.

I am your existing customer and I don't want any call from the third party or from the collection agency.

Sending WhatsApp for recovery is illegal, kindly stop threatening this otherwise I will write everything to the central bank and will take everything in a legal way.

Here are the contact details:

Whatsapp number: +[protected]
Landline number: [protected]
Email: [protected]@tahseel.com
My email: [protected]@live.com
Credit card number: [protected]

credit card

This is what I am sending to the "your" credit card company.
It may take a few days to get my fax set up. I haven't used it in quite awhile.
You can't email them to dispute a claim it must be faxed. Which would probably cut down on the number of disputes they get.

Attn: Dispute Department
I am disputing my credit card bill.
Concerning Home Depot credit card Acct# [protected] for Richard T Southern
Received bill for approx. $89.00 a few months back.
Called number on bill and was unsuccessful trying to pay over the phone.
Was on a huge project and did not follow up. Which is my fault.
Received next bill with an additional $29.00 Late payment fee.
Went to Home Depot and paid the approx. $89.00 bill and was going to call on late fee.
I never followed up which of course is my fault, but the problem originated from not being able to pay on time originally due to problems with your phone system.
You are now asking for $100.00 on $89.00 which was paid about 3 weeks late. This is highway robbery and I am not paying.
You can call me at [protected] or email at [protected]@gmail.com

credit card delivery

I applied for a credit card from Dubai I finished all the requirements the same day as I wanted the card for my lounge access to my trip to Beirut after 2 weeks from applying. The agent Adil Hilal told me it will take 3-4 working days. After a week no one called I contacted the agent Adil he said oh wanted to call u I need your mini pay slip automatically printed it and gave it to his friend as per his request. Few days after I called again to follow up he said oh they need to call your office to verify your work place I told him but I mentioned to you it is not possible to call my office as I am working with the AUSTRALIAN consulate in Dubai and I mentioned that to him from the beginning and he said no worries in addition my friend applied to the same card and someone visited her in the office to verify and she got her card after 4-5 days max. I was following up all the time and before I left to LEBANON I called the call center and requested for someone to call me as soon as this is a very bad service someone called and I told him I am traveling after 2 days and I still didn't get my card he apologized and suggested to deliver the card to Beirut I was ok with that as I need the lounge access from Beirut more than Dubai. Today it is the 21st August and this was last discussed on 9 August!!! Mean while I received few calls from Citibank Dubai I could not answer as I updated my number in Lebanon for card delivery I WhatsApp Adil advised the same he said I already updated your number in Beirut, next day I also received a call from Citibank Dubai again advised Adil about that and he said he will follow up. I am traveling on the 30th August and still didn't receive my card that I applied for on 27th July 2018 !!! My question is that your service standards and respect to clients????? Very disappointing experience don't know if it is your bank or few people working in your bank!!!

Bank transaction - local payment crediting time

Hi, complaint from Malaysia.

After using CitiDirect for year, I found that your company processing is tooooooooo bad (worse that I ever see).

Your system is not user friendly, and the information provide for the local transaction is confusing and not clear.

This is not the first time I face this problem, I make a local transaction value on 15.08.2018. Authoriser approved on 15.08.2018 around 5.30pm.
Yea, I understand I get the approval late. The transaction cut off should be around 5pm. So fine, I believe I still can get the transaction done on the next working day around morning or afternoon time.

Follow Malaysian National Bank's rule, we got 5 window.
If processing time is 5am, crediting time is 9am~11am
If processing time is 8am, crediting time is 12noon~2pm
If processing time is 11am, crediting time is 3pm~5pm
If processing time is 2pm, crediting time is 6pm~8pm
If processing time is 5pm, crediting time is 9pm~11pm

So, if follow the window, I believe my transaction should process on 5am in the next working day, then my crediting time should be around 9am to 11am.

Yea, Is only I~believe. Actual, Citibank side processed my transaction around 2pm in the next working day. Transaction crediting time became 11pm. It take 29 hour to response.
Which mean, my transaction cannot reach my beneficiary on time. My side need to bear any necessary losses cause to the beneficiary.

It this mean, if the bank officer miss out, then my transaction no need to process?
Is this careless, not professional, behaviour or attitude problem?

I really disappoint to Citibank because this is not the first time I face this king of problem.

- The CitiDirect system is not real time and cannot check either transaction done or not.

- Transaction cannot processed on time and it take more than 24 hour.

- When there is any rejected transaction and Citibank cannot inform the user earlier, it might take a week until the user call then Citibank operator respond.

- Oh ya, my RM is not friendly, first time I yell by a Bank officer. Or should I say command by a bank officer in a high volume.

- Jompay services provide by CitiDirect, transaction failure. Bank side give me a very funny reply. Said "Sorry, Jompay is out of their control, when the transaction rejected, bank side is also don't know." YOu can only check by yourself... Later on, I received a email from bank say, "Sorry, transaction failure due to wrong 'Account Type' chosen, you choose 'Credit Card' and your company is not apply any credit card service with our bank." Hehe... What kind of answer is this? I'm using 'template' to make the transaction, other than, value date, payment amount and reference, nothing I can change. Because I just a maker, approved template I got no right to change any thing. Same template, using first time success, but second time failure. Stupid!

Not all Citibank officer is not friendly, some of them are quite helpful.
But I still feel disappoint and upset to Citibank.
Because I believe Citibank is a huge company, it should have a complete and perfect management. But reality show that it might not perfect in all field.

Kindly please update your quality.

Thank you!

housing finance

Sent Items Write Fw: Greetings from Citibank Home Loans "DS Pradhan" to you & 1 other(s) Tue, 14...

[protected] spam emails a day??!!!

Stop sending me ridiculous emails!!! I get about 500 a day about rubbish schemes and stuff I don't care about! Unsubscribe takes me to some monster gulf page! I want to be removed or I will escalate the complaint. Why would anyone bank with such a vile and intrusive marketing department??? Awful awful service! I don't even have a bank account in the uae!

homerun mortgage

I was processing a home morgage with less than 20% down. So I attended a mandatory 1st time home buyer...

unclaimed funds in checking account australia

I have been trying to communicate with your office regarding funds that I have in my checking account, offices located in Australia and I haven't heard back. I am to the point to hire an attorney and file a legal complaint.

I want my money back since your bank is not longer operating in Australia, the funds are over $1, 000.00.

I am expecting a response in the next 7 business days, or a refund check for the full amount.

credit card refund

My credit card with Citibank UAE,

Statement of March shows the outstanding amount is : AED -7791.21

I've raised a request through email on 30 Mar According to my credit card monthly statement Outstanding balance: AED -7791.21 and requested to refund the excess amount to my bank account.

I've received an email from customer service informing that my request of ref no "[protected]" is under process.

I've submitted requested documents on 22 April.

I've get a request on 10 May to submit additional documents which done on 17 May.

I've sent a follow up email on 28 May

I've been requested to provide my contact details which had been provided on 11 June.

I've sent an escalation email on 23 June with no response on my follow up emails or calls.

My request is raised for more than 4 months with no resolution, my excess amount of 7791.21 not refunded for that duration.

citibank is siding with a disreputable moving company in my dispute

I recently opened 2 disputes with Citibank regarding Professional Moving and Storage. I asked for a reversal of the deposits of $300 and $717.08 that I gave to the moving company due to the fact that they did not provide the service they contracted for. The move dates were supposed to be June 28th or 29th. Once the moving company got my deposits, they would not communicate. The one time I got through the man told me he had a call in to the driver and would call me right back. After no phone calls for 2 days regarding if they were going to show, the 2 men show up at 6 PM on the 29th. The man immediately begins trying to get me to sign manifest papers even though he had not compared my goods to the list. He starts telling me how much more the weight will be, the cost of blankets will be, and that my furniture needs crating. These are all items the moving company had said on their contract that I was not supposed to allow, not to sign anything and that I was to contact their customer service immediately to handle this. This man was also making these decisions without comparing my furniture to the list I had made with Professional Moving and Storage and he had not even looked at my furniture yet. When I finally realized this was an obvious scam I called the 2 customer service numbers repeatedly but of course no one answered. They had not communicated since they took my deposits so why would they answer now. How was I to resolve this with customer service as requested if no one answers. Not knowing what to do at this point, I told the men to get off my property. I could not see any other way to handle that situation. What person would have sent their goods with 2 men that showed up at the last hour in a box truck, refusing to speak my language except to say sign this and pay me more money. The older man asked to use our bathroom and stayed forever smoking, The room stunk of smoke. The younger man kept grabbing his crotch until mu husband requested he stop. Again I ask who in their right mind would have sent their goods with these men? I was sure I would never see my goods again. Especially if customer service refused to pick up.

Now Citibank is siding with Professional Moving and Storage. They are saying I have not provided documentation proving that the service was not provided? How do I document that? I called immediately for assistance. Who in their right mind would have continued that process with the movers? I can not document something that was happening in real time. I feel justified in sending someone away that was trying to steal from me. I have no idea how to prove that customer service would not assist me. I requested that the moving company return my deposits, but of course there was no response to that.

Citibank's handling of this issue has been awful. I receive email communication days after it has shown on their site. By then I have limited time to respond. I have provided the receipts for my deposits. I have detailed the transactions with the moving company from start to finish. I have no way to prove the calls. My order has been shut down on Professional Moving and Storage's site so I can not pull the details back up. It now says to call customer service. Isn't that funny? This company has it all worked out. They communicate only through internet. They do not provide the contract via email; only by accessing their site. Then they shut it down so you can not get back to it. They will not answer phones.

I will admit that I was an idiot to have contracted with this company, but I would have thought Citibank to stand by me on this. I have done everything I can to prove that this company did not fulfill their contract and had perfected their scam. I simply want the deposits reversed. I have never had a dispute before. This is not something I would pursue if I did not feel passionate about my stand on this.

sears mastercard

I closed my Sears Mastercard several years ago and cut up my card. I have been banking online with paperless statements to pay off the balance. The interest rate is 25%. I decided to open a new CC with 0% interest rate and transfer this Sears balance to the new card so I could get it paid off. When I got online to get my account number, only the last 4 digits were available. I called customer service to get my number and they refused. They wanted to know if I was doing a balance transfer and I told her it was none of her business, but it was my account and I needed the entire number. She said she couldn't give it to me. I asked to speak with a manager who also refused to give me my account number. I asked for it to be mailed to me and she wouldn't do that either. I asked her how I could get that information and she said I couldn't. Wow!!! I told her I would never do business with Citibank again. I manage to rifle through some old financial paper and come up with an old statement that had the number on it and got the balance transfer approved. How is it even legal for them to refuse me access to my own account number? Hacked me off. 😡

assistant manager on 72nd street and 3rd ave ny ny

Today Friday August 3rd 2018 about 2PM I was given a list of branches that cash CITI checks. I have no...