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Complaints & Reviews

bluebird card

Transferred all money from savings to main account. Drove to atm within ten minutes and account had been locked. Went outside to call my card and Can not get through to a live rep. On hold the first time for over 3 god damn hours!! It has been going on for 3 days now! All money is on that card. Can not even buy the things my family needs. I am getting really pissed off with these people! No way people can be calling that much. Unless they locked everyone's accounts. My stimulus money will be going to this card as well!

serve card accounts being locked

Hello I have been trying to contact customer service serve for 3 weeks now to unlock my serve card to get my irs refund to no avail. I have called the bogus number on the card and waited for hours and days for someone to answer but then get disconnected. Here is the number so you can see for yourself. [protected] and the other one we were given by a amex rep is [protected] and it has been disconnected. There is a Facebook page that you can read with 5.2 thousand people who are angry and becoming irrate with them because they are locking their card accounts and not answering the phone 😡 number given to help us or them. They feel that their money is being stolen since amex locked their cards. Their stimulus checks from the government and IRS refunds were forced to be put on the serve card instead of being deposited in their accounts. Please help us. They need to be held accountable.


Charlene Key

Collections letter

Dear Sirs,

I received the attached letter on March 30, 2020 the day the amount referred to was charged to my bank account. I tried calling but the phone # in the letter but it does not does not work just silence.

In light of the governments forced closing of my business my income has dried up.

I am seeking assistance in delay payments until my business can resume.

Collections letter

Replacement of magnet card

Problem: Insensitive and Incompetent Workers

Day one:
Ms Meg in the Philippines submitted the replacement card to be sent by mail which I would get in about a wee. When I asked her to send it by Fed Ex, she stated "I have already put the order in." I was still on the phone at the time. After speaking to Mr. Damon (supervisor), I was told that i would receive the card the next day by 5 pm.

Day two:
I got no card. Around 3 pm, I spoke to Ms. Paula (supervisor) who stated she understood and she would get the card out after getting in touch with Mr. Damon and then she would call me back. I got no call from her. So I called and got Mr. Raven, #53014. He said there was no order placed but he would put the request in and Fed EX would delivery it in the AM.

Day three; I got no card from Fed EX. I spoke with Ms. Karen, #59446, who checked and said I would receive the card 3/112/2020.

After numerous time lost and money, I feel that I have wronged by your company. Nothing that I am told is trustworthy. Ms. Paula states she will compensate me $25.00 for my lost and MS. Karen today stated that she will compensate $20.00 for my lost. Having been a customer since 1975, I feel that I am worth much more than $45.00. And, will I get the card tomorrow who knows.

Dissatisfied Customer
Margie White

Yearly fee of deceased card holder

My father passed away on 11-04-2019. He had a platinum Delta American Express card that we did not find until...

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Credit cards

I had two credit cards namely the "everyday and the Platinum Delta Card. I had very good and responsible utilization of those cards, untila temporary set back came up and the accounts were closed. I knew I could pay them it was just a matter of a short term situation and I came back strong.

I attached a copy of the escrow's company's check numbers and amounts to cover paying the account under a payoff term. Unfortunately, America Express turned around and hit me by passing along the account to a company by the name of "Glatestone" with a file number 17-[protected]. Who just keeps on sending nine payment reports to the credit bureau, that is by the way, just digging me deeper into the ground.

Where and when will this gouging stop?

Credit cards

Website / customer service

I wished to stop the American Express corporate to keep on promotion their service in international and excellent. They are scan and fraud, they use the card user as their asset and when card user ask for assistance, none of the service has provided but kept on damaging the credit of the user and the card company.
They stopped and edited the website like the pending charges for the customer to view is stopped and a lot of useful and necessary button is missing. And when I called for my rest of the balance of my card that I managed has amount left and check for the exact amount, they have did is

1. Lied said I have made a charges and is pending, but late I found out is used with another credit that I owned with other bank.

2. They named a new name for the basic card holder and create a lie so they can step down you like a carpet. And misleading the conversation

I dislike people use my credit or steal my credit. That is criminal.

They said the computer machine needs to refresh but they not doing it right away. And just left is like that, the company looks like needs to close down. If I have owned a card that is for myself to use within a time limited and within amount. Nobody can take it or stop in because that is the contract and commitment of the card that has been issued.

And this is ridiculous and hilarious.

  • Updated by dabywong · Jan 10, 2020

    And the chat coloum dated for record is outdated too. When the conversation that I have made with American Express for assistance is on Jan 10, 2020, but the chat showed on August, 2019. And I told them and they blamed on me. Said something like YOUR COMPUTER SHOW it to you like that.

    I MEANT WHAT KIND OF ENGLISH STANDARD IS THAT? They have to change it and update it by their website because it is published out for public and client to use it. IT MUST BE UPDATED EVERYDAY!

amex travel

Trip id [protected] [incident: [protected]]

I am not an american express card holder but I absolutely hate your company and amex travel. You have the most incompetent customer service and i've been screwed too many times with your foolishness.

First, I booked a flight with my mother's points from her american express card. My flight was booked but I had to change the date soon after. I paid the change fee with my card, not my mother's card, for the new flight. I thought the flight was made but when I got to airport, no flight!!! I called amex and they admitted to the mistake on their end but I still had to catch a flight that day. I paid with my card for a new flight for my daughter and me that was in total $1150. The rep that I spoke to told me to do an incident report to get reimbursed the money that I paid out of pocket, with my card. I received an email from a supervisor that stated,

"dear mr. Austin,

We processed a credit back to you on trip id [protected]. You should be receiving $575.00 ea for 2 tickets, total of $1150.00 back to your original form of payment within 2-5 days.

We appreciate your patience while we resolved this.


Marjorie r.
Supervisor/service excellence

When I inquired about the reimbursement I was told it would go back to my mother's american express card and not mine. I can go on about how many people I spoke to but I will let you research with my trip id and incident report. It is too long to explain because I think all the supervisors there are incompetent in addition to the other reps. I have never dealt with an organization as bad as amex and american express in general. You could probably care less about what I am saying but I hope your organization fails.

Karl austin
Karl. [protected]


As a Platinum American Express member I used the AMEX travel website to book a trip for me and my friend to Dubai on June 17th for $1628.12 each round trip. When I booked the trip, I realized that the 2nd leg of our return flight was incorrect and I called within an hour of booking to have it changed to the correct flight. After holding for over 1.5 hours I spoke with the customer service team who said that since it was in the 48 hour window, that they would courtesy cancel the flight as this was a package deal and that I could rebook the flights. They told me that it would take 10 days to see the refund on my account.

After I didn't see the credit applied to my account I called in July 7th to see what was going on with the refund. They then told me that the initial team that processed the request processed it wrong and that they would have to review the call to see what happened as I should have had the funds back on my card by now. I receive a case number for this issue. They said that it would that the flight had been cancelled and that I could check with Delta to see that it had been cancelled. I asked when was I going to receive the refund so that I could rebook the flight and the said give them 48-72 hours to get this resolved as it had to go to a manager and that someone would reach out to me.

Within this time frame I didn't receive a call back nor the funds. I called back in on 7/14 and asked for an update and everyone said that it still hadn't been processed. At this point, we are 1 month in to trying to get my refund. My trip is scheduled for 8/9 and my flight hadn't been booked. The manager said that he would escalate this again and that I should receive my refund for my flights within 2 days as they reviewed the call and that the mistake was on their end.

Those 2 days pass and there isn't any refund. I call back into AMEX to get an update and this issue is escalated for the 3rd time as no one has followed up. He told me to book the flight with Delta directly, which I did, and provide the difference in fair cost so that he could escalate the issue to the highest level with American Express as he nor the the next few superiors above him could approve such a large difference in fair. The flights cost an addition $2900+ to book at this date and he would see if they would reimburse me for this difference due to their error. He said it usually take 2 weeks for them to review such request, but someone would reach out to me once that occurred. At this point I still hadn't received my original refund and now I am out of my pocket $8856.71 for an error that they made on their end.

Two weeks pass and still no answer. On 7/19 I receive a refund in the amount of $151.40 from AMEX call back in 8/1 to get an update on what is going on as this is now a month in a half since my initial request and I have received only $151.40 of a refund. I call and speak to a very pleasant associate who tries everything that she can. I ask to speak with a manager and she says no one is in. She asks me to call back in an 15 minutes, which I do and they tell me I need to speak with Mark or Matt who was processing the refund, but he isn't in until the evening. I ask to speak with a manager that can assist as this is now very frustrating and ask for someone to call me back that day. I speak with Haley in the CPZ (Associate #73403). She informs me that they are going to refund me roughly $2200 for this inconvenience. I ask her about the difference in fair that I had to pay due to their error and she states that this cannot be approved as this was a courtesy waiver. I asked her why then would they ask me to provide the receipt if this wasn't an option. She states that it isn't in the notes about this additional credit, which is untrue, because everyone before her saw the documentation that stated the additional $2900 credit. I ask to speak to someone above her, whom she says there isn't and that she is the only manager on the desk at this time. I stated that that just couldn't be true and she adamant that there wasn't anyone. She stated that she could escalate to next level but the $2200 wouldn't be refunded now as this was another dispute. I explained to her that this has been going on and that this wasn't anything new and she would not hear it. She told me that it would take an additional 72 hours for me to hear back from someone above her.

My issue is had this been back on June 17th when I originally booked the trip, I would gladly understand not compensating for the difference, but the negligence during this entire process has now taken this a month and a half out, with no resolve and my original refund is still not processed has cost me significantly more than had I booked this outside of American Express Travel. I really don't understand how my original refund was not processed and won't be processed until someone reaches back out and tells me that they will need to escalate this issue yet again for the 5th or 6th time. I pay my bill each month with no issues and I am being treated very poorly from a company that is supposed to care for their members.

I am requesting that AMEX process my original refund $2200 and compensate me for the $2900 overage that I paid in excess to purchase this ticket outright, which was offered as a solution from their team.

who is r.s. [protected]

What's with the following? It doesn't look legitimate to me.

-------- Forwarded Message --------
From: 22 2019
X-Account-Key: account3
X-UIDL: [protected][protected]
X-Mozilla-Status: 0001
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Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="===============[protected]=="
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X-Nonspam: None

Card Art

Valued Customer,

We have limited your card activities and all your recent transactions are on hold due to incomplete account details. Please verify your details on our website today to ensure uninterrupted use of your credit card.

To update your account, Click Here

Provide your complete account information as you have it on file with us so your account be be fully updated.

Thank you for being our Customer

© 2019 American Express. All rights reserved.

Difficulty in talking to appropriate person regarding incorrect charges and credits by amex travel

I called the main platinum service number and explained the multiple charges and credits on December 13th and 14th for a trip I used point for. The amount was $616.40. There is a charge for that amount, a credit for that amount, and two additional credits for points. I don't understand the transactions. The original customer service person said hold and she would return. The system transferred me to another person who told me that she would transfer me to the correct person. I waited several minutes with no answer. I called back and tried again. Talked to Marie who transferred me to Tim. Tim put me on "a brief hold" and another person answered. Wanted card number, etc. I told him I was angry and wanted to speak with a supervisor. He would not without more information. My patience had been exceeded. I would like someone to contact me to explain the charges and credits. I also would like to know what are the options with my points when I cancel the Amex card. Thank you. Bob Tessler [protected]

Platinum card replacement

I received a message on January 31 that there was a fraudulent charge on my card which would have to be replaced . I was told the replacement would arrive on January 4, contrary to the overnight promise . The person I spoke to was rude and unhelpful and refused repeatedly to connect me to a supervisor . In any event no card came and when I checked today I was told it had not been sent and would now arrive on January 8. I am bedridden and dependent upon my credit card for orders and essential purchases and thanks to the woman I spoke to on the 31st would have been without assured services for more than a week.


Hi Sir

I purchased American Express GlobalTravel card for 4000$ while I was travelling to USA. Card expiry date was 08/16. My cards having balance of around 300$ . I tried to withdraw amount before expiry date of my card but it was showing 0 dollar. I called customer care but they told since this is purchaged from India this will be settle from India.
After returning to India when I tried American express is telling they are no longer supporting GrovalTravel and below message is coming in their web site.
American Express is no longer accepting
new GlobalTravel Card applications and reloads
Any customers who previously held a Global Travel Card who needs customer servicing support should contact the American Express Global Customer Service team on [protected].

I tried to call many time on above number but looks number is now working. Can I get any help as its just cheating customer. If required I can provide my card and other detail.

CARD NUMBER [protected]
Valid Till 08/16

Raju Kumar


This has to be the most discriminatory company I have ever seen, just because my name is Luis Sanchez and a...

expired gift certificates

I mailed to American Express 2 expired gift cards for $25 each. I was told that they would mail me...

perfect credit/25 year member amex cancelled

I have been with AMEX for 25 years and have never missed a payment. I have a 775 credit score and my wife ha...

my card

I signed up for an Amex card for the delta points I spent the 3K in the 3 months but am now being told I was declined! I am furious I have been cheated and I will not let this go. They are telling me that this was declined after they gave me the card with the instructions to spend three thousand dollars in three months. Never said a word about previous American express cards.

  • Complainant20091 Jun 01, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No fault of the air carrier is seen in such desription and attachemnts.

    I am not the staff of the American Express Travel Related Services Company.

    Manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    aryan(at) - for requests

    0 Votes

customer service, zero help!

Zero customer service, worst experience of any credit card company. Amex was once a good company, now they are just an off shore call center who can only spew what the computer screen in front of them tells them. No one can actually do anything. Refuse to call me back. No us based service. Transferred to the wrong dept 4 times. After many years of being their customer, I am cancelling card if I can find the right dept at amex to cancel... Horrible experience. Do not recommend.

  • Complainant20091 May 19, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The e-ticket / booking is absent in attachmnet
    So no service was paid by the submitter.
    Send/add e-ticket in attachment please.

    e-mail: aryan(at)

    0 Votes

credit card/ my account was closed without my permission

I tried to make a purchase and was told there was an error and I will need a different form of payment. I...

american express - car hire mileage [ref: [protected]]

Dear American Express,

I do not have any indication or correspondence indicating the pricing or limitation of free km for my recent car booking through AMEX travel. I was made aware by Europecar at the time of car collection, that there would be additional charges (post 300km) for my car booking in Alice Springs.

Please note the following:

* the printer voucher link did not work in my original confirmation email (please see attachment 1)
* km limits and/or any associated additional charges are not communicated in the AMEX booking terms and conditions emailed to me
* km limits and/or any asscoaited additional charges are not communicated in the AMEX confirmation email
* km limits and/or additional associated chargers were not displayed on the web page at the time of booking
* The printer voucher link in the email was not required for car collection and is misleading - note the below text states cancellation policy (see attachment 2).

Given the abovementioned, AMEX has not provided transparent pricing and was misleading in representing the services of the Europecar fee structure.

As such I request that the costs associated with the charged km of our travel in the NT are covered by AMEX and the webpage updated so that others are not subjected to the same situation.

With the online booking services avilable today, transperancy in pricing and additional charges is considered due diligence of service provider. Given the established global presence of AMEX I am extremely disappointed with the recent experience.

I look forward to reaching a resolution with you and being a continued customer of AMEX.

Kind regards,
Nicole Bernoff

american express - car hire mileage [ref: [protected]]
american express - car hire mileage [ref: [protected]]

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