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Citibank Credit Cardfaulty mediclaim policy sold by citibank

Dear Sir,

Mediclaim Policy brought thru my Citibank Credit Card no. [protected]

I live in Mumbai, India and was using a Citbank credit card 2 years back. In Jan 2006 I bought a mediclaim policy which I did not get tuill April end. nly when I called them in April about the status that the policy was delivered at my house and that too was wrong. On conveying the same to them they took their own sweet time in responding.

Then they send me a revised policy with correct details. But again the opolicy is such thgat one has to contact Chennai which is another state for recovery. So I ask them to cancel my policy in June (within 45 days of policy being sent to me)

They reversed only 25% of the fee and kept sending me bills for teh 75% amount as I had cancelled afer 6 months , if they calculate from 1st jan 2006.

I argued and wrote to them stating that in teh first place the rules of cancellation were not made clear to me at te htime of purchase and also that had the policy come to me in Jan, then the same would be done in jan. But since I got the policy only in April end, how can they expect me to cancel the policy within 45 days of issue!!! It is highly unjustful. i also wrote to their central office at Chennai as they don't have any Credit card office in Mumbai! This was another humbug. No office of Citibank Credit Card in Mumbai.

I kept writing mails after mails and letter after letters. But they don't seem to listen So now I have decided to fight it out with citibank. Want you to help spread the unjust practice abroad.

Just yesterday I received an SMS for paying Rs. 5,700/-. This is an increase of Rs. 4000 by way of interest on a payment of Rs. 1700/- which I am anyway not liable to pay.

Need your help and guidance in suing Citibank for the trouble they are causing to me by sending me unnecessary SMS and statements.


Ashish Dalvi
Mumbai, India

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    • Ne
      neha Nov 25, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Similar problem happened with me. I was thrusted upon this ### unwanted "Good Health" policy which I never wanted in the first place and after that I have been sent multiple bills which now amount to more than Rs 7000, even though I have never used my card for anything! I have writted mails to them to cancel my card but they repetedly refuse to accept that I never asked for their crappy health policy and do not cancel the card or the policy!! Citibank is such a cheater and fraud...people kindly stay away!

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    Citigroupopening tradeline credit card without my permission

    I recieved a credit card from citi, without applying for a credit card with them, or for that matter anyone else. I called customer service, who would not dicuss account with me, smartly told me that that account # was not open, and citi doesn't open accts without permission. I never authorized my credit to be pulled, or asked for a credit card from citi. Nor did I appreciate the attitude when I called to complain about it.

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      Citibank Credit Cardcard not delivered but ecs facility is activated

      recived mail from citibank informing that ECS facility has been activated from 200710 from my account with HDFC BANK

      Applied for Citibank credit card Ref. no. [protected] on 22-Aug-2007.

      First Dispatched via BLUE DART vied AWB # [protected] on 28-Aug-2007.
      Response undelivered.

      Second Dispatched via BLUE DART vied AWB # [protected] on 09-Sep-2007.
      Response undelivered.

      Third Dispatched via SPD POST vied AWB # SPD000001 on 14-Sep-2007.
      Response undelivered.

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        • Sa
          sarah john Nov 23, 2007
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          REFERENCE NUMBER: [protected]

          I am sorry to inform you that I have not received my credit card till now. I went to BLUE DART office also to get my credit card but they told that they had send it back to CITI BANK on 17/11/2007. i would like you to send it back to BLUE DART COURIER OFFICE and please do inform me through email when you are sending it back to BLUE DART.

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        Citibank / Timeshare / Royal Holiday Cancuninfo needed

        I need info on anyone that bought a timeshare in cancun with a citibank credit card and disputed it. need this by 10/22/07. The timshare was with royal holiday.

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          Citibanklack of 24 hour fraud line!

          I found out today (the hard way naturally) that Citibank does not offer a 24-hour Fraud line for it's credit cards. You can now only report a lost card, fraud or seek help between 8 am and midnight EST. The web site is however still advertising 24 hour support, and I have never seen any communications from the bank canceling the 24 hour help lines.

          This blatant cost cutting exercise clearly reduces the level of service to the customer and also raises the risk of fraud. Who is liable for a card lost at 3am in California, which can not be reported until 11pm the following morning?

          Citibank cards should therefore not be relied up on for any sort of international travel as most countries tend to operate on different times to EST. Nor should you consider using or owning a Citibank card anywhere West of the Appalachians. Those lucky enough to live in the EST time zone should be very careful only to travel or use the card during office hours.

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            Citibank Credit Card — credit card given without application!

            Citibank is one of the most cheater bank in india and Reserve Bank must take note of this. I work in an IT...

            Citicardfraud and cheating!

            1. Notice that even if you EFT payments on the day they're due, Citicard won't post it until after the due date, then charge you, not one, but TWO month's finance charges.

            2. If you use a lower-rate check (or other transfer deal), with no payments until a certain date... then make a payment on your credit card balance, they apply your payment to the lower-rate balance first and charge you a finance charge on the charges you were trying to pay off.

            Yes, off course all this is in the fine-print. Nice! Not the kind of company I'd recommend doing business with.

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              • Li
                Liz Hayne Jan 24, 2008
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                Citigroup is already in the hot water with the New York State Attorney General and Banking Department. I wonder how much longer they are going to keep ripping off and destroying peoples credit. As credit card holders we should have more protection from the government from these credit card companies scams. I have credit ranging in the 700's and am worried that they will temper with my scores. I have a open account with Citicard, I sent a MoneyGram Money Order in the amount of $300, well they never received it or so they say. So i have a late charge that I paid. I have called more then a dozen times. Finally had someone that told me they actually cashed it. Previous to this call I verified with MoneyGram the date that this was cashed. To my surprise, the representative verified the date that I had. She told me to fax them a copy of the stub to my money order. Then I called again and all of a sudden no one knows what this other rep was talking about.??? Wow, they are quik to take your payment over the phone or internet but play dumb with customer service!

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              • Bo
                bothsides Aug 05, 2008

                First off, by EFT are you referring to payments on Citicards.com or Pay-by-Phone - if so, if it's after 5pm EST theses payments will post for the next bank business day.

                If you're referring to your bank electronically paying Citi (ie. Billpay Service) this is NOT instant.. It can take 3-5 days to post the other creditor (not just Citi).

                2nd) in regards to the finance charges, they're called "residual finance charges" Once the payment is LATE or not received in FULL by the due date, it activates a "daily financing" on the account, so finance charges will build up on the account util the balance is paid in full by a duedate, thus far - resulting in 2 month's worth of finance charges, and yes, it includes those new transactions you made.. read your agreement - and no, it's not just Citi.

                3rd) Citi advises you in the card agreement, the terms & conditions of the offer, and if you do it by phone, they TELL you "your payments and credits will be allocated to pay off lower rate balances before higher rate balances"

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              Citibank N. A.credit cards recovery

              I Mr. Sanket Anand Vaidya Age 25 Years am holding a Citibank International Credit Card No [protected]. My total amount due on this card was Rs. 4670/- with a due date of 15/07/2007. I have made a payment of Rs. 4700/- wide chq. no. 263805 of The Thane Janata Sahakari Bank, Khopat Branch, Thane which was debited from my bank Account on 06/07/2007 i.e. 9 days before the due date. Even then i and my family was suffering mental harassment as i was getting calls at my residence and my mobile at least 10 times a day from Citigroup Office number [protected] from 06/07/2007 to 24/07/2007 starting from morning 07.00 A.M. to night 08.00 P.M. This is because the Citibank records were not reflecting the payment i had done but in my bank statement it had been debited well in advance. I have even faxed my bank statement several times on [protected](Citibank Fax No.).

              This was not enough. CITIBANK also charged me late payment fees as i had not made the credit card payment on time. (which was later reversed after one month in the next billing statement)

              After this in the month of August 2007 Citibank also threw me in their Defaulters List by adding the name in CIBIL (CREDIT INFORMATION BUREAU (INDIA) LIMITED) without any of my fault as i had done the full credit card payment 9 days before the due date.

              I came to know that my name was added to CIBIL from ICICI Bank. In the month of August 2007 i had applied for a OVER DRAFT ( OD ) facility in ICICI Bank for Rs. 5,00,000/- (Rupees Five Lakh Only ) for my business which i needed very urgently to expand my business. The Over Draft was SANCTIONED by ICICI Bank.

              But later in this month of September while doing the disbursement of the Over Draft Facility it was rejected by the Credit Manager of ICICI Bank as my name was by that time added in the DEFAULTERS list in CIBIL for the late payment of CITIBANK Credit Card.

              Now i am in a state of mental shock as i had given many commitments of expanding my business on the basis of the ICICI Bank OD Facility. My mother is an Heart Patient. She and my other family members have suffered a TORTURE and Mental Harassment from Citibank Credit Card people as they would harass us all from morning 7 AM to 8 PM by calling on my residence number and Mobile No.for almost 20 DAYS.

              AND my dream of expanding my business could not be realized. I have suffered huge financial loss and i am in a state of mental shock because of CITIBANK.

              Now what should i do to clear my name from the defaulters list in CIBIL?

              Can i fulfill my dreams in future? As till my name is in the defaulters list in CIBIL no financial institutions will help me.
              PLEASE ADVICE ME smb!

              CAR MALL THANE,
              Service Road, Bata Compound,
              Next to Flower Valley Society,
              Khopat, Thane(W)-400601. Mumbai
              [protected]/ [protected]

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Citibank - Citicardsthey don't care!

                Customer Service Center
                P.O. Box 6500
                Sioux Falls, S.D. [protected]

                My complaint is against Citibank, or more specifically, their credit card division known as Citicards. Back in the Fall they came out with a promotional flyer for the Christmas season whereby you could sign up for a program and get 10% back up to $100 at purchases made at department, discount and apparel stores between certain dates. The first hint of trouble was that their definition of what they consider to be one of those stores was at best vague. I needed to buy a new computer so I signed up for their program. I never was credited with my $100. Why? It had nothing to do with the item I bought but where I bought it from, Circuit City. By definition that is considered an electronics store and was not eligible for the discount. The bigger problem here was this. In that promotion flyer they listed three examples of how you could save. One was a cashmere scarf for $80, you save $8. Another was a snow blower for $130, you save $13. But the other was a HDTV for $790, you save $79. Now think about this! If you were going to bu y an HDTV where would you most likely go to purchase one? That's rig ht, an electronics store such as Best Buy or Circuit City which doesn't eve n qualify for the discount! At the very least this promotional flyer was deceptive. I have cut up my Citibank card and gone with CapitalOne, a much better interest rate as well. I will make sure this costs them more than if they just would have given me my $100. The problem is, they don't care. Just do a search on this site under Citibank and watch how many complaints come up. That in itself speaks volumes about their customer service, far more than this letter ever will.

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                  Citibankdebit card account closed

                  Citibank is serving very poor to the customers. I have a suvidha debit card with that bank. That account has been closed without any intimation. There was some amount in that account, to get that amount its happened more than one month. I roamed several times to that Bank in Begumpet in Hyderabad. I also heard there is some contradiction with Indian government, because of that ECS is also becoming very problem in that bank. Please be careful while you are contacting this bank.

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                    Citibank - Punecitibank lost my cheque

                    Citibank Pune has lost my Cheque & is trying to trace it for the last 6 weeks but no help

                    My name is Ms Anisha Tauro. I hold a Suvidha Saving's a/c & an ERA with citibank. These a/c's were set up in January 2006, when i started working.

                    I am currently in UK & its not possible for me to be physically available in Pune to deal with my grievance.

                    My company had issued me a Full & Final settlement cheque.

                    As i mentioned i am not in town to deal with this personally, my sister, Ms Chetna Tauro had accidently deposited this cheque in my era a/c instead of my Suvidha savings a/c . However the money was not credited. I asked her to call citibank & follow up to check what had happened & she was told that only money transferred electronically from my previous employer can be credited into the ERA a/c, hence the cheque was not honored. So now the concern was how do we get this cheque credited into my savings a/c. She spoke to various agents on th call center, but no one took ownership of he call but instead kept us in a loop of calls!!! If all the calls she made are noted, you will find all the notes of all the conversation she has had on my Suvidha Saving's a/c.

                    Finally in all this confusion she was told her that citibank would be send the cheque by post to us & we would receive it in a weeks time.

                    A week later my sister called the call center as we had not received the cheque as yet & she was again told that the cheque is lost & cannot be found, citibank will courier the cheque when it is found.

                    This is a serious security breach & i have EMI's passing form my a/c & i dont think citibank would take responsibility if the EMI bounces. So now, not only do i have to follow up with citibank time & again for the past 6 weeks but also make sure my a/c has enough credit balance to make sure the EMI not not bounce. This means my commitments to other important things is of lesser priority & citibank seems to have taken the topmost priority.

                    Its getting frustrating for me & my sister to keep following only to be told each time that the cheque is still not traced. Bearing in the mind that the cheque will not be honoured if its passes over 3 months.

                    I am suprised that citibank has lost a cheque & is not able to provide customer service. Whats even more worrying is that if the cheque not not been credited, why did citibank not let me know that they will not be able to deposit the cheque in my ERA a/c & return my cheque back to me?

                    I cant stress any more on how frustrating it is to follow up as citibank never kept us updated. The amount is quiet high & for all i know somebody must have already got it encashed! (am saying this as there is a security breach & citibank cant find my cheque & return it to me).

                    I don’t know what to do & I don’t know where to go!


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                      • Br
                        brtty j whittemore Aug 10, 2007
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Go back to the writer of the check. See if the check has been cashed and by whom. If it has been cashed then Citibank is responsible if you deposited it and have a receipt. If it has not been cashed then have the writer of the check stop payment on old check and rewrite you a new check. Checking to see if the check has been cashed is the first thing you should of done. Second thing- Went back to bank with information from check writer. 3-With proof of having been cashed you would now have them. 4- If not cashed-get new check from check writer. 5. If check was been cashed then fraud has taken place.

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                      • Sa
                        Sanjay kumar r.verma Jul 17, 2008
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Dear sir/madam

                        my self Mr.sanjay kumar R.verma.I was deposit chque no.000194 of Rs.3934.00 on 2nd july 2008 in shahad branch near Century rayon co. but still it is not clear.please confirm & tell me regarding status of chque.it is out station chque .

                        My a/c no. is [protected]
                        If any discripency regarding this please call me on [protected]

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                      • Va
                        varun patel Nov 17, 2008
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        I transferred money from my icici a/c to Citi a/c on nov 6th but there has not been any credit to my citi a/c, icici people has given me the confirmation no. that transfer has been made but the citi customer care people are trying to camouflage their fault by saying that it is being traced, we areworking on it and blaw blaw...

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                      Citibank & Hutchdouble payment and harassment!

                      Hi I had a hutch -citibank credit card in june 2006.The scheme offered by citibank was that, they will make the monthly payment for ones hutch postpaid connection. This payment has to be made by citibank before the due date of the Hutch bill. Later the owner of the hutch connection will pay the same outstanding to citibank.

                      According to this scheme,after clearing the outstanding for the month of june & august 2006 ,I had launched a request in september (before the due date of hutch bill) for closure of this scheme.The card was not closed and moreover citibank kept on making the payment to hutch from the moth of september 2006 to january 2007 without informing ME. Also Hutch and citibank both misguided with the procedure to follow for closure of account(credit card).

                      In the meantime since I had requested for the closure of the card, I kept on paying the bills regularly to HUTCH. Both Hutch and citibank did not inform me of the double payment which the hutch received for the consequent bills from the month of Sept 2006 to january 2007.

                      Now citibank are harassing me to pay the outstanding, which actually doesn't exist, as I have been regularly paying the bills to hutch till date.
                      Citibank and Hutch should be sued for harassing a regular and sincere customer like me>.

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                        • Lo
                          Lord Shiva Dec 07, 2015
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          Dear Indian Girl / Woman, Lord Shiva Will Punish Citibank, His forms are various, yet he will Give Them the Right Dose

                          This Citibank and other banks were Established by Stealing Gold from India by Rothschilds,

                          The Notorious Rothschilds or the Gold Stealers from India stole Trillions of Dollars Worth Gold of
                          India from Indian Kings and other places in our great great great " India " and Killed lots of Indians

                          With the Money from India, they created banks like Citibank, JP Morgan Etc, so don't care about them

                          Lodge a Complaint with the Banking Ombudsman of your city in writing along with the bills and
                          ask for 1 lakh Rupee compensation, Make it Public

                          Peace Be to You !! Enjoy My Fellow Indian Friend !! God Bless You !!

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                        Citibanklack of professionalism and financial misconduct

                        Dear All,

                        This past one year has been one of the toughest one (financially) for me.

                        All this has started to happen after (what I believe) someone sitting in citibank bangalore (almost 2 yrs ago) started screwing with my account on God knows what prejudice.

                        They mishandled my citibank Gold credit card ... that caused me a hugh loss.

                        They mishandled my Suvidha acount on pretext of above.

                        They mishandled my Suvidha Account due to Ready Credit.

                        and they are doing it still ....

                        Citibank has been making unjustified withdrawals from my account on some or the other pretext.

                        Citibank has kept me ill informed about the transactions. They keep tinkering with the records. They provide extremely delayed and illogical explanations (or statements) in response to my detailed and specific query.

                        I want to file a formal complaint (consumer forum or elsewhere) regarding this and seek financial redressal from them.

                        Please guide me regarding the same and/or provide me with some contacts in order to effect the same.

                        Many Thanks

                        Ramgopal Zutshi

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                          Citibankvery irresponsible bank

                          Hi, I am putting my suggestion rather than complaint (because If we make a complaint, atleast it get resolved after some time). If you are looking for Personal Loan then don't take from citiBank, taking Loan from citiBank is very pathetic job. Agent coming from citiBank is really very irresponsible. (For Hyderabad people-don't take loan from a person called SANTOSH)

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                            Citibankapproved loan, cash not received

                            I had applied for a top-up personal loan against my existing personal loan. I gave all the required documents and the processing was done. I received a call from the personal loan verification department on Friday (06/07/07) stating that my loan has been approved and I have to pay an EMI of 1909/- on the 1st of every month starting from August, and that my amount will be credited in my bank account by Monday (09/07/07), but it has not been done till date. I called citibank customer care and after me calling them for more than 20 times, I came in contact with a person who wanted me to contact personal loan department in Hyderabad and gave me phone numbers (040-[protected] & 040-[protected]) and told me to contact person named Gopal. I called to the given number multiple times, but no one was lifting the call.

                            I am very frustrated with what is going on because i don't know the status of the loan and I will have to pay the EMI on date.

                            Sunil A. Santas

                            Account number: 501250xxxx (suvidha account)
                            Phone numbers: [protected], [protected]

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                              Citibank Credit Cardno security for card member

                              I would like to bring to everyone's notice, that though a credit card company, when making you a member and sending the card to you, mentions in their covering to sign behind the card for mutual security, it has no validity.

                              Every since the system of electronic swiping has come into place, no retail outlet bothers to verify your signature. All they are satisfied is if the approval is given, and the receipt is printed.

                              This is serious, as it encourages fraud. Anyone can sign and make purchases as signature is not verified.
                              I have asked Citibank this question,and till date it remain unanswered.

                              What I have come to know is that the retailers will get their money irrespective the fraud has been committed.

                              Unless the member contests that the purchase has not been made by him or her, only then perhaps the bank will take cognizance. However if one's credit card has been stolen, its very easy for the thief to make purchases as no signature verification takes place.

                              Signature verification should be made mandatory, and retailers etc should be held responsible too for sales they enable on credit card.

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                                • Ni
                                  nisan Mar 04, 2008
                                  This comment was posted by
                                  a verified customer
                                  Verified customer

                                  As a former employee of Citi cardmember services, I can tell you that we would hope that you sign the back when instructed to do so (when you call to activate the card) so that should there be a fraud claim, it will help in the investigation.

                                  Many people do not sign the card because they feel that should their signature be mastered by a thief, it will make a claim harder to prove. Stores arent supposed to accept an unsigned card, but most do, as you have said, because they have a green interest.

                                  If you were truly that concerned, maybe a card with a photo will be better for you.

                                  If it helps at all, just know that even though many people claim fraud, many are not fraud, just people not wanting to pay and report it stolen or lost, etc. Claims are not signed off easily, like money off a tree. They are investigated fully, and if someone on the video surveillance isnt you, I wouldnt worry about the signature, present or not. If every credit card in your history has claims on it, thats a problem. If not, thats what the buyer protection is for.

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                                Citibankcitibank is absolutely terrible!

                                This is just to inform you of my customer experience with Citibank. There customer service is absolutely rude and they steal money from you informing you that you never made a payment. I have never experienced anything in my entire life, with a credit card service like Citibank. They are absolutely terrible and I hope their ratings go down.

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                                  Citibank / Good Year — unacceptable behavior and business practice

                                  This is the message I sent to Citibank, I forwarded it to Good Year as well as Conrad's, I do believe...

                                  Citibankforeclosure of the personal loan

                                  This is related to a loan acquired by me from CITIBANK on 30 Aug 2005, and the first EMI was Debited sep 2005,I had asked for the foreclosure and gave you a months notice on 12 Feb 07 and called you on 22 March 07 for the O/S informed 31,503.26 /- and i had a DD made for the same amount and gave the request for the pickup as informed by CALL CENTER AGENT but it was not picked.



                                  Stay way from this company!

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                                    Citibank Credit Card — credit card never issued

                                    As my card expires in October 2006, since now I haven't received my new card,and also their officer...

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