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I have a contract with cell c, in aug 2016 I was due for an upgrade so I selected a sony m5. The first one was delivered on the 11 of aug imei number [protected] I had to return it back to cell c because it kept on rebooting itself, refusing to switch on. They replaced the phone with another m5 serial number [protected] and I experienced the same problem. Rebooting itself, stuck on the welcoming screen and sometimes not switching on until I put it on charger even if the battery is still on 90% and takes more than 5 hours for the battery to be fully charged. I phoned cell c again complaining about the phone and they said that they have been receiving many compalints on m5 may be there is a problem with the batch. I needed a phone and a sony since I thought its a good quality phone then they recommended a c4. I received the c4 on the 2 sept 2016 imei359099066234385 it was not even 2 months before I experience the same problem as the previous phones. I am very concerned about the quality of the aug I spent something like 3 weeks without a phone because I had to send them to cell c for repairs and wait for their response, the time I spent on the phone following up. The airtime I lost cause whenever I am receiving a phone I have to download applications and update the software etc. I was even forced to purchase another phone to receive calls and smses for the time being. I booked in the 3rd replacement on the 30 oct 2016 and I just received it today, still it has not been fixed. I phoned the customer service they tell me to send it back to the same repairs department that approved quality check 2 time within the past week. I am expected to continue paying for this kind of service faulty phones. I need them to replace this phone cause its clear there is a problem with all the sony phones that I am receiving. Spent 5 weeks in less than 3 months without a phone:- (.

Nov 17, 2016

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