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ACN Opportunity Complaints & Reviews

ACN Opportunity — acn cable network not proper

Acn cable netwark not proper tarah se nahe chalta hai.har 4 din m kuch na kuch problam aa jate hai our band...

ACN Opportunitycredit card machine

I sign up for a credit card machine that I never got and they are taking money out my bank account for the last 5 years, I got rip off for 6400 dollars and the only way to stop this it's by closing my business account please people don't let acn scam you too. I got scammed because the rep he's a good friend of mine and I wouldn't ever believe that he would do that to me. Before you sign in to any of there 1000 scam feel free to contact me by text or call [protected]

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    ACNhealth and beauty

    Ordered this £27.60 cream through this agent http://queenkay.acnshop.eu (business id [protected]), the cream is called brightening emblica eye cream, I was charged £5.10 for postage but it never arrived at my residence only to find out from this representative (ibo) that "the cream got lost at the post office". As that wasn't enough, later (a month after) she arrived with the cream, I opened the cream to discover, half of it was gone (pictures attached below). I don't know who to turn to as I believe this representative is the culprit as 1. She tricked me with the postage, 2. After she sent me pictures of the cream at her place, she took a month to deliver it. She claims she's "investigating it", but it's all a lie and i've been conned.
    This is disgusting and unacceptable.

    health and beauty

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      ACN Canada — Impossible speaking with customer service

      We've had Long distance phone plan for our cottage with ACN for past 15 years and simply don't use it enough...


      ACNInternet not working

      I signed up for acn and a guy came and fixed it but after that it was working perfectly for internet and home phone but after it was not working for internet and home phone can't call anyone or go on any websites.

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        ACN — High Speed Internet

        To begin, I myself am not even an ACN customer. And with service like this I never ever will be! I paid a...

        ACN — Not told it didn't work on FAX lines

        I signed up to have a fax line converted. The rep did not know, and therefor didn't explain, that ACN will...

        ACN — contract

        , I am acn customer for 5 years and paying my bills on time and never been a defaulter. During the...

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        ACNNo product no customer service

        Here is my time line dealing with ACN.
        Signed up. Charged $40.00
        Three days later home phone is dead. Not a problem you would think but our cell phones don't work at home.
        Waited a week then tried to follow up with ACN.
        No service, no solutions.
        Charged another $40.00
        Over three weeks without phone service and no visible effort to solve the issues, I finally pulled the plug and attempted to re-install service with Century Link. They could not give us our old phone number, one we've had for almost 20 years because ACN had it. This action motivated ACN to charge me an additional $70.00. ACN would not release our old phone number for another three weeks.
        My wife had given them our credit card # and I was unaware that they were making these charges.
        Cancelled the credit card.
        Made many attempts to get my phone number released but was given the run-around and many promises that "someone" would call back.
        ACN then started a process that involved sending a technician out to our home to re-wire it. They would leave messages to this point but would not leave contact or operator information that would allow us to tell them to hold. After this first call about the technician I placed a note on our telephone d-mark box and put a padlock on it. I was informed that the technician had come to the house and performed the work...???
        Waiting for the collector to come calling on this last charge as I'm sure it involved another un-solicited deduction from our now closed credit card.
        Almost six weeks later finally got dial tone at our house.
        About $150.00
        One cancelled credit card.
        No phone service for six weeks.
        Many hours on hold, many more getting the run-around.
        ACN is a fraud. Don't use it. Don't sell it. Don't touch it.
        I am currently trying to get my money back through complaints to BBB but so far ACN will not respond to BBB. Small claims? Working on it.
        Joe Shaw, Seattle

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          • Nd
            Ndutta Dec 05, 2014

            ACN is really verse, if you switch you are really frustrated

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          • Nd
            Ndutta Dec 05, 2014

            Never ever switch to ACN, it is the verse service I have seen.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          ACN ServicesVery poor customer service

          ACN's customer service is pathetic and that is being nice! I too joined ACN and busted my buns and made several thousand in a few weeks. Note, that was based on signing up a lot of new IBO's (business partners). Also, note that I basically broke even, because like many others I chased the points and spent almost as much as I had earned in buying video phones (worthless by the way), etc. What really TURNED me off about ACN is their Customer Service and the nightmare in dealing with customer problems. I for one have to believe in a service or product that I am going to promote. After personally dealing with them as both a business customer (phone service for my offices), a residential customer and one of their so called business partners, I soon discovered some reality. Believe me you are better off dealing witth Century Link, Cox, Sprint, DIrect TV, etc., DIRECTLEY for they Understand Customer Service and Satisfaction. ACN is only concerned about BILLING YOU, regardless of any valid problems, mistakes or other service related issues. GOOD luck getting hold of a person and one that knows what they are doing and best of luck obtaining a satisfactory outcome or solution! After personally dealing with them on behalf of customer's that I signed up as one of their business partners and as one of their customers I got fed up! It would take me another 5000 words to just give you a few examples and I have plenty. I know that some may say this is all BS, believe me far from it! ACN likes to deal with an automated web-based solution for everything, I am still trying to stop the endless emails and it has been 2 years now. When you try to call them, you better be ready and patient enough to navigate their voice system to get to a real live human being. We spent many hours, on average 1.5 hours dealing with ACN on the phone per service related issue. You will end up frustrated, pissed off and then end up still not have a resolution that any good customer should receive. I had to personally get involved in the customers I got to sign up for services because it can be a nightmare. Just transferring or setting up new mobile phone services took hours with some idiot and more than one call to finally set up correctly. This resulted in people you know, friends, family, etc., getting pissed off at you! ACN"s video phone service, VOIP (voice over IP) another damn joke! This will end up costing you a small fortunate until you figure that one out. YOU end paying fo an Internet connection just to hook up their "home" phone service. You end up buying hardware (equipment) that you might as well plan on throwing away if you leave ACN! Go and buy a VOIP box and your are way ahead of their game on that service. My own literally poor brother was one of my 1st ACN victim's and ended up spending twice the amount of money over the 2 year contract then he should have thanks to his older brother, me! Another example, an electrical storm "fried", damaged a bunch of equipment at one of my homes, faulty surge protector. I ended up having to replace a cable modem, Apple Time Capsule (router/switch/backup device), and the ACN little silver box from Linksys, several hundred $$ in equipment was damaged including ACN's little silver Linksys (VOIP) interface that I spent over 40 dollars for + $39 hook up fee! A friend who dropped ACN for the aforementioned reasons, service and higher costs gave me her little VOIP box. After spending over 2 hours with Technical Support and ACN's Customer Service Rep, I was given conflicting information, ended up frustrated and pissed off! I personally happen to have very good technical/computer background. It took at least a 45 minutes to get through to Technical Support. Once I finally got a "human being " on the phone, I tried to explain to him all I needed was for him to switch out the MAC Address of one device for another. I told him I had another like device and wanted to hook it up and needed him to just turn on the new MAC Address of the replacement unit that another former ACN Customer had ALREADY PAID FOR! He explained, no problem, however are you ready for this, he had to transfer me to the Customer Service Dept in order to do that. After being on hold for way to long, I finally get a lady on the phone, I end up explaining what happened all over again and that I SIMPLY just wanted to switch out the Linksys box and reasign that MAC (device) Address to the other unit and was told she had to do it. YOU can only imagine what happened next! Note, after spending over an hour with Tech Support and wait time on the Customer Service Dept, she told me she could not do that! I said, you got to be kidding, I stated the Tech Support guy had just told me no problem and transferred me to your department. Are you ready, the Customer Service Rep, told me that she could not do that for the device given to me may have been stolen or not paid for. That I had to buy another one for $40 and pay another $39 connect fee and sign up for another 1 or 2 year contract because I also had the "F'n" Video Phone if I wanted to keep that working. I started to lose it! Even though I explained that I had been given another device that had ALREADY BEEN PAID for by another ACN "fool" customer, why would I have to pay for another. NOTE, you get to pay for all ACN equipment up front there is no lease or pay for it in your bill! I also stated that this was outrageous, how could she charge me additional fees and try and force me into another CONTRACT ! I tried to reason with this MORAN, explain that this device had already been paid for and I just wanted her to connect it on her end, couple of key strokes. SHE told me that it was ACN policy that you had to either buy another one, agree to another 1 or 2 year contract, and pay another connection fee! Even if I wanted to connect the already paid for device, I still had to agree to another FEE and another NEW CONTRACT! Needless to say, I don't even want to say what I said next, I ended up wasting over 2 hours on the phone and throwing all the ACN crap out! What a RIPPOFF in fees and forcing an existing customer who was almost done with a contract into another one!!! I will give you a one final other OUTRAGE, have not got time to write a book on what a JOKE ACN services really are and how you will end up spending more in the long run! My fiancée another innocent "sucker", had a credit card issue around the Christmas Holiday. ACN was unable to charge her credit card, less than $20 fee and this resulted in 4 months later, after we had already had it with the equipment failure and trying to replace it, in a $400 COLLECTION by another 3rd party company! I ### you not, ACN did not even send her one damn letter to inform her or even offer the opportunity to avoid collection. She first found out about this when the Nasty Collection Agency was threateing her, etc., demanding $400! As GOD by my witness this is a true story! After spending hours to try and resolve this unwarranted and unfair issue and being told that ACN's policy is emails only I gave up tryng to work through ACN has customer. Note, we were also both still signed up as IBO's (Business Partners) and customers as well and had spent a thousands on ACN video phones, etc. Three were sent to Romania and we never got them to work that was another joke, the rest I donated to Goodwill. I ended up having to contact a guy in ACN (one in few) that actually gave a crap that I ended up befriending over the phone after 3 months of trying to get my ACN Business phones and service to work right at my office! That is another nightmare I am not going address. I was able to reach out to him to personally and get him involved in this outrageous collection to get to the right person in ACN. We ended up paying a $100 before we it was closed out! The REAL Outrage is that ACN is to damn CHEAP to even put a stamp on an envelope and mail their customer a letter, never mind perhaps 2! As far as they are concerned they sent an EMAIL, God help you if you failed to read it, get it or ended up in junk mail! In my adult life as a customer of many services (electric, cable, Direct TV, Cox, etc.), I have never experience such CRAP, where a service provider sends one email and that is it regardless of the issue at hand! IN SUMMAY ACN sucks regarding services and your really saving money, wait until the 1st year is up! I personally know of one man who has busted his buns for over 4 years now, spent a lot of money getting people to join ACN and he has still NOT really seen any real success, far from any RESIDUAL INCOME! Believe me this guy works at it full time 7 days week, lucky to have another thriving business his wife runs, has spent a lot of money and is no where near 4 years later regarding retiring on Residual Income! Talk about an ACN brainwashed believer! I know of others and stealing customers and behind the scenes crap that really goes on in trying to reach the top of the ACN PYRIMID! The real truth is that ACN's success is due to the fact that have many thousands of IBO's (business partners) really not busting their ###, but paying there annual membership and definitely keeping all those ACN services that ACN makes plenty of $$ on. Think about it, any person who drops out or gets fed up with CHASING THE POINTS, No matter the financial cost alone is not going to stay with ACN's services for they end up spending far more and get to deal with a nightmare of what ACN calls Customer Service! You only put up with the aforementioned examples and issues if you are stupid enough to become and ACN Rep and remain loyal paying the extra costs! ACN truly is nothing more than a reseller of services, you MAY save a few bucks initially, but there is a catch and in the end you get what you paid for or not!

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            ACN — Scam company. Do not switch.

            Please do not switch service to this company. They lied to me that I could have internet service with them...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            ACNdragging feet on refund after cancelled

            I decided to replace my Bell service - phone and Internet - with the digital service provided by ACN. I spoke with 3 separate people to confirm that no home visit was required. I've handled computers for years so I don't need anyone plugging in a box and saying, "oh, there is it, all done" and the wiring was not removed following the disconnection of the Bell service.
            They immediately charged my Visa and then called to set dates/times for not one, but two technician visits. I explained that a visit was not required. The person refused to listen. I told him that I'd spoken with ACN's own support department and confirmed a visit was not required. He refused to listen. So, I cancelled the service - having never received anything or used it.
            Equipment arrived. I packaged it up and returned it directly to the logistics company they use for returns. Received a receipt. Waited on my refund.
            One month later they send me an email to tell me that I hadn't returned the equipment and they would charge my credit card. I fired back an email telling them they were mistaken, told them where the equipment was handed in, gave them a receipt number, and told them to NOT charge my card. They charged my card.
            I heard nothing more on my email but I called them. Last week. Two days ago I get a message that they will refund my card - not the full amount - they keep the shipping fee. Two days later, the money is still not on my Visa - although the charges they made went through fast enough. I will have to wait 5 more business days before I get my money back - most of it being money they should never have taken.
            The company might have great deals that beat the competitors but their post-sale service is horrible. DON'T give them a credit card #. Better yet, don't deal with them.

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              • Ac
                ACN, Inc. Dec 20, 2013

                We apologize that you have had trouble resolving this situation. For additional assistance with this issue, please contact our Customer Care team in Canada at [protected] and reference Case Number 8681518 so that we can help resolve your situation. Thank you.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              ACNCustomer Service

              I have been trying to get re-connected to ACN, due to an unauthorized ported transfer initiated by BELL (that's another complaint story). Anyway, I have spoken to several technical support AND customer service agents at ACN, over a large number of days and hours and continue to get different information and no service. I have been without service for almost a month!! They are very "nice" on the phone and always apologize for the prior person's misinformation, but it never gets better. I asked to be escalated to their supervisor and all they seem to do is "take down the information, and someone will call you"...well, no one, NO ONE has called me yet. They are hugely frustrating. Very unhappy with their service and all the other notes on the subject of ACN and poor quality are also correct. It's hit and miss and the prices seem to creep up.

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                • Ac
                  ACN, Inc. Sep 27, 2013

                  Marzan, we are sorry that you have had so much trouble resolving this situation. Please contact our Customer Care team at [protected] and reference case number 8630027 so that we can get this entire situation settled. Thank you.

                  -ACN, Inc

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                ACNVideo phone

                The customer service with acn is the worst i have ever experienced. Forget about ever being able to talk to a real person. The acn video phone service is terrible. Constant dropped calls, and reception quality very poor. It is next to impossible to speak with a live person at acn. When you call you are routed all over the place on their answering service. You will finally give up. I stopped paying and waited for them to call me. I paid them the $84 they claimed was outstanding, complete with a letter advising that the service is to be terminated. Acn advised the service was terminated, and now they are invoicing me again. Once again, you can't talk to a real person. Absolutely the worst customer service that i have ever experience.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  ACNScam, ripoff

                  ACN is a scam, ripoff. They mis-represent themselves, and suck many people in. Never get involved with this pyramid scheme.

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                    • Rm
                      R. Michael Gonzalez Mar 03, 2013
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      I was fortunate enough to have been brought into the company by the right people and have definitely joined the right team "Team Momentum" the fastest growing team in the company. My team is out of Montreal, Canada and I am in Orlando, Florida, USA, my sponsor is a friend who lives in Canada. They told me to go to an opportunity meeting after I joined just to see a little more of the business and I was totally turned off. It was exactly as many have said, alot of BS and hype and a bunch of sheep just agreeing with everything the speaker was saying, who by the way is a high level rep in the company. I completely did not like the way that it seemed they were just trying to get people to put up the $499 and let them figure out what to do next (Just my opinion of how I saw it). Quite to the contrary, My team members or I, would never tell someone to put up any money, until they knew exactly what they needed to expect and exactly what they needed to do to make it work (Just like the vast majority of IBO’s do). That is exactly why I started my blog. I wanted to do all of the research I could and have a place where my prospects could go and see everything before they made a decision. (Don’t blame the company for the actions of a few misleading reps).

                      Unfortunately, there are unreputable people in the business, but there are unreputable people in every business you just have to be able to make decisions for yourself based on your own knowledge and beliefs. If a used car salesman rips you off for an overpriced lemon, do you blame the car manufacturer, NO. Just find another dealership with more honest people.

                      If you are even considering joining ACN, PLEASE first visit my blog, it will let you know all of the FACTS. No hype, no pitch just an honest view of the opportunity, just know what you are to expect before you join, if you want to succeed.

                      R. Michael Gonzalez
                      ACN Independent Business Owner #[protected]
                      [email protected]
                      My Online Business Site - http://michaelgonzalez.acnibo.com
                      My Business Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/AcnIBORMichaelGonzalez

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                    • Sv
                      svplife Dec 25, 2012

                      You know, you might have something there. Let's are. At&t, ADT security, t mobile and time Warner are all in on it to scam you. Donald trump, not caring about his personal and professional namesake, is in on a scam. Yeah right. C'mon man. Really? Have you seen a presentation? Who misled you? Where did you get your info? I think you need to read more books and stop watching television because it's causing you to spill your rotted brain. Tell you what, the scam is what is being taught to tbr youth. To think like employees and not entrepreneurs. The scam is working your ### off for a company to be "laid off" prior to retirement so they don't have to pay full pension. Kissing booty to get ahead. Staving backs to climb the ladder. That's the scam. Nothing about ACN is a scam. You are the scam. What? You gave it a whole 30 days without effort and expect to be living the dream. Network marketing takes dedication and work, hard work. You were in the trap of false expectations. You only scammed yourself.

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                    ACNSince signing up with ACN local and long distance the quality has been awful

                    Since signing up with ACN local and long distance the quality has been awful, after several complaints and questionable fixes I have decided to switch carriers to Comcast. This was done on June29th 2012. Apparently there is a process that Comcast goes through to retrieve the phone # from the other phone service, the other phone service, in this case being ACN, to date Comcast has been ignored by ACN. I have been without phone service since the 29th of June. I don’t want to be charged by ACN for any fees after 29th of June 2012. I have no phone # or address. The fees have been an automatic deduct and I want that ceased immediately.

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                      ACN — Sneaky billing practice

                      In Febr 2012 I contracted with ACN Canada for digital phone service & high speed internet. Their prices were...

                      ACNDon't do business with them

                      Kevin Moening is a person with no respect with potential clients. He meet my wife trying to sell her on becoming part of ACN and instead he pursued her to have an affair. My wife and I were having marriage problems and Kevin Moening took advantage of the situation and pursued to have an affair with my wife. He uses ACN to prey on women. who ever is thinking of using ACN or doing business with Kevin Moening beware...He is a disgusting person with no respect what so ever for other people. What ever you do dont do business with him...

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                        • Dear Jolted Husband:

                          ACN isn't the issue. The marital problems were before ACN and mostlikely will continue after ACN.
                          The excuse of Kevin (immoral) taking advantage of your wife is ludicrous. If it wasn't the ACN
                          represenative it would have been the milkman or postman.

                          You have to take responsibility of what you haven't been doing in your marriage and discontinue
                          blaming others for what was inevitable.

                          I am not affiliated with ACN or any other MLM company. Everyone needs to realize that
                          MLM companies require hard work, dedication and a good team (downline) who
                          share your aspirations for success. The majority of people are looking for an easy
                          way to solve financial issues and problems they had before joining a MLM company.

                          Really hope this response and advice is heeded.


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                        • Dear Jolted Husband:

                          ACN isn't the issue. Your wifes poor decision making and your inability to seek marriage counseloring.
                          If it wasn't Kevin it would have been the mailman or some other excuse.

                          I am not affiliated with ACN and understand there are positives and negatives in every MLM Company.

                          The majority of people who gravitate to MLM companies are already in a financial situation. Joining
                          a MLM company doesn't solve the problem. All MLM companies require hardwork, long hours, a
                          excellent motivated team (downline).

                          My advice to you is that she isn't worth it and move on with your life. Any spouse that would
                          use any excuse to cheat is not a quality spouse. And I realize there is always two sides to
                          a story. We have only heard yours. Ask yourself what haven't you been doing to keep your
                          wife from straying? Take responsibility for your own failures.


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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        ACN complaintACN Regional Director Mack Ao ,COLLECT THE MONEY from the customers ILLEGALLY!!

                        We would like to complaint ACN Direct Selling Company www.acninc.com
                        Regional Director Mack Ao, he makes profit on the wireless corporate discount from the wireless customers who are not working for those qualified discounts.He is using faked bank employees' identity to get the corporate discount from the wireless company, He charges wireless customers $30 in cash for applying those discount as his personal earning. We have all the emails sent from him and some clients apply emails.

                        ACN Networking Marketing Company-

                        Regional Director Mack Ao, COLLECT THE MONEY from the customers ILLEGALLY!!

                        In the period of 2008 to 2011 (present), Regional Director Mack Ao Representative of ACN Networking Marketing Company, has been collecting an amount of $20 -$30 fee in cash from each phone clients' accounts (including his own downline distributors (a few thousands distributors) and clients, in return, Mack Ao made promised to give up to 20% discount of their monthly phone bills, this promise has been announced over the internet and delivered to his clients, Mack has collect such fees for approximately up to100 accounts each month since2008(around up to $3000 in cash each month has been deposit into Mack Ao's own bank account). Until now, many customers who paid $20-$30 cash to Mack Ao, has never received any discount benefits in their phone bills, most sufferer had made multiple attempts to Mack through phones and emails, and never could get a hold of Mack. In addition, Mack has add on extra and unnecessary cost to clients’ phone bills; therefore, in behalf of Consumers, receiving such a fraudulent conduct from Mack Ao, we require the cooperation of ACN Company, to file an investigation of this fraudulent conduct of Mack Ao, so to prohibit such an unacceptable behavior of Company Representative. As consumers, we need anacceptable and fair solution from ACN Company. Thank you for your time and understanding, we are greatly appreciating that! We attached the email sent via Mack Ao regarding his illegal behavior. This is a scam about the truth of ACN. www.acninc.com

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                          • Jk
                            jkkki Oct 10, 2011

                            I Agreed, 1 Year ago, my friend and I joined his team. He collected our cell phones to sell to the wireless dealers to make profit, but he never gave the money back to us. Although he is careful enough to accept cash only, we still know he put the money into his pocket. Now, the consumer association is investigating on him, and will deal with ACN, regarding his integrity. It will be a nightmare to join his team of ACN. BIG LIAR!

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                          • Ke
                            Kelly Wang Oct 09, 2011

                            I came across this website and saw this post, and decided to say something, whoever
                            from Maryland left above note is totally not true, Mack has created the discount to
                            help the entire team, we've all received the monthly discount and we have prove on our
                            wireless bill, also Mack created a Chinese Group Discount from the carriers and he never
                            use any other code for the discount, we also has prove for it, I don't know why are you
                            leaving such a note, this is really bad due to you are telling a lie, I've received a note
                            from Mack last week, that the discounts has been stopped, anyways that's too bad, sometimes
                            we meet bad people like the person above who left the msg. -IBO from NewYork and also IBO
                            from LA

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                          ACN North America — Rip off

                          MLM Scam. They recruit you for $499 start up cost, and then want you to establish your monthly busine...

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