Cell C / cell c - I am so disappointed - no solution only excuses. I still stick to my proposed solution becuase no one has come back to me with a solution

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I am at my wits end

So let me start this story from the beginning!!! Once again.

Long long ago I trusted cell c, I thought that their network was pretty decent and currently I have two contracts with them. One voice contract and one data contract. Everything was running smoothly. When one contract came to an end I did not hesitate to upgrade the line. I was happy until...
My ag mobile style device was faulty and was not charging and decided to take the device in for repairs, before taking the device in I decided to use the cell c prepaid sim card that was been used in the phone, in my samsung tab 3 device which I did not really use for a while. I was using the handset device as a home phone in order for me to contact my child when he returned home from school. When I inserted the sim card it was not reading the sim card, so I thought fine I will send both devices in for repairs at the same time. I know these things happen and manufacturer faults can be fixed
On the 19th of junei made my way to the cell c store, all was good and I was helped quickly and efficiently at the cell c store in northgate, I was advised that the turnaround time for the repairs to be returned will be 21 working days. I was happy with the turnaround time and carried on as usual. :)
With time passing quicker than I can keep my trail of thought I realized on the 20th of july that 23 working days have passed and I did not hear a peep from cell c. So I proceeded to call customer care and get an update on my repairs, I didn't get the memo that you had to run after cell c to find out what was happening when they did not deliver on their own sla's. After the follow up I was advised that the handset was replaced and was ready for collection at the cell c northgate store. :) happy days. Then I queried the whereabouts of my samsung tab 3 device??? :wtf: I was advised that the device was blacklisted by vodacom and I have to phone them to have the blacklisting removed?: so I thought great this will be quick and easy. Dam I was so wrong. I spent two days in a screaming match with vodacom demanding that they fix their error. I had no voice by the friday because of the amount of frustration that vodacom caused. I am not a client of vodacom, I have never been a client of vodacom and I will never be a client of vodacom. It is not worth the stress. I confess that I did try their network for a brief moment (Prepaid) when I first got my samsung tab 3 and quickly realized that the price they charge for data and calls was not worth it. :wtf: so I returned to using cell c prepaid in the samsung tablet until I got the phone. When I got the ag mobile device I removed the cell c sim card and placed it in the handset. Much easier to handle. We only really used the tablet over a wi-fi connection.
Since I am paying cell c on a monthly basis for the tablet on my data contract, cell c is my service provider and should fix this problem with vodacom. Right??? Well I am completely wrong once again!!!
I haven't just spoken to one person from cell c, I have spoken to 5-6 different people all promising me that they will have this issue resolved, then telling me I must deal with vodacom?
I was asking nelly from cell c today am I paying vodacom or am I paying cell c each month?? She could not answer my question. She didn't not want to agree that cell c is my service provider and they should fix this problem. I was advised by lerato in the repairs department that they will not release my device until the blacklisting has been removed?
So my questions are:
How did cell c allow the device to get blacklisted by vodacom?
Why must I sort out this issue when I am paying cell c each month for the device and service???
Why was I not contacted by your repairs department when this issue was first picked up?

My solution for cell c:

So since all this frustration has begun I only have one solution because I feel like I am pushed into a corner and there is no solution offered from anyone.
I want a working device delivered to me by friday, I am paying cell c for this device and I have never missed a payment. Loyalty clearly doesn't get you very far. If a working device is not delivered to me by friday close of business I will be opening a case of theft against cell c. I have reported vodacom to icasa and I will be reporting cell c in the same manner.

I have requested for senior management to contact me, nelly told me my query was escalated to management so clearly my issue is of no concern. I have been signing the same tune about opening a case of theft against cell c and clearly no one takes this seriously or they just don't care. Once I open the case I will send the case documents to icasa.

So hopefully this post will get someone in cell c managements attention and this issue gets resolved before friday.

Thanks for pissing me off cell c and killing my loyalty to your brand.


Jul 26, 2016

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