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Date: 11/23/08


Please find following a copy of an email that was sent today for the second time to the Cruise Director of the Glory. We have yet to receive a response from the email that was provided in a caper for this person. The written statement pertaining to the altercation with your crewmember is likely to be of great interest to your company. This cruise was by no means acceptable, and your pursers refused to assist in correcting the problems. We were told “if you leave the boat, you lose your cruise fare”. We asked, “what about the guarantee?” All that was said to that was, “does not apply to act of God” The blonde (can’t remember her name, but she was from the country of Hungary) said she would notate our complaint.) The manager was even unable assist in any way. (wonder if you’ll be able to find that complaint, or any of the other 100’s that were in line with us that day, getting the same responses?)

Now even after all these other problems, the one and most respected of the whole cruise will not even respond to us. This is proving more and more par for the course.

Is this normal and routine for your company? What is your plan of action to correct these problems? Or is there a plan to correct them, or just to try and avoid them? What should be “our” next move? Can, OR WILL, anyone please tell us?

Thank you,

Donnie and Amanda Nichols
DnA Services, LLC



From: DnA [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 1:35 PM
To: '[protected]'
Subject: Glory 11-13-08 approx. 2300 hrs.


My name is Donnie Nichols, I had the misfortune of scheduling a cruise with Carnival for the week of Nov. 8th on the Glory. The week started badly when with two hours before boarding while still at the hotel, we called the “hot-line” to see if the cruise would be diverted due to the hurricane. “no it is not” was there answer. We were wanting to know because my wife is a travel agent and had made our own arrangements on each island rather than the “normal” touristy things that are provided by most agencies. We like to get away from the large tourist “trap” areas and see the real life of the places we go. Well, knowing that hurricanes are “bad” as we live and work as a Police officer on the Gulf Coast, we knew that the cruise was most likely going to be changed. This would give us a couple of hours before leaving land to make some changes even if it was using aircard on our computer. This would avoid the high cost of the internet on board the boat and the high cost of phone calls. (which these ended up adding up to over $200, time it was done) anyway. As we walk up to the boat. Then we find out that the route has been changed. “hotline” not know what is going on??? Or just waiting to get everybody there so less people drop out.

OK, the ticket agents tell us unless we get on the boat, we will loose all our ticket money. We had to go to the pursers office. When we get to the pursers office. All they would say is “ we cant do anything about this.” “we will notate your complaint.” My wife even went to the deck to call the main phone line of Carnival and attempt to get help that way to only be told “the pursers is the only one that can help you.” Talk about a run around. “AND SHE IS A TRAVEL AGENT, ” All we were asking was for sometime of restitution for the added costs of having to reroute our selves. Like maybe not be charged for the internet or phone calls or credit for some amount to our sail and sign card for these services. Again, NO HELP. So, you can see, we started this, our first taste of cruising with a very bad aroma. There were two other couples with us. One of them had their room registered under the wrong name. Did not get the “returning guest” items they were expecting. The meals we had been told of and seen on brochures never had the beautiful carved food or ice sculptures. Playing the game of the Ninjas, my wife and her two friends together found him the first night, he promised they would receive the two “trophies” to make up the total of three. It took a total of eight phone calls to the purser over three days for these to be seen. The second night, of this search, my wife and I met two other young ladies that were also looking, he was to be near the glass elevator. We must have missed him by a minute of two because that was our first place looking, along with the other ladies. After about 45 minutes of up and down the glass elevators and to all the floors, (looking like idiots) we finally called the pursers desk to find out if the ninja had been found or if he would still be on station. They advised he was not found and he stayed on station until he was found. We looked for another 20 or so minutes until one of the other crew members called someone and told us that the ninja was found right where we had been looking.

The next night the ninja was to be at the wine bar. We were 20 minutes early with our two other couples, and four other people we did not know. The ninja did not show up. The crewman that said he was in charge of the ninja came by and took care of getting us our trophies.

Now to the night of 11/13/08 at about 2300 hours my wife and I had been to the casino bar a couple of times but with the crowd would not afford a seat for us to be near the guy providing the country music. We could tell he sounded great. On this night as we passed through the bar we saw there was very few patrons sitting near the stage area. We decided this was awesome and sat in the couch about 12 feet from the stage. It only took about two songs to realize why no one was around. There was a white male and a white female carrying on a conversation at the corner of the bar nearest the stage. This conversation was at such a volume level that even over the music (which we were near the speaker) we could understand the content of the words the two were saying. The male was talking about his day off the boat. I recognized this gentleman as one of the Carnival Crew. This continued over several more songs. I approached this gentleman after a time in hopes that my introducing myself as a guest on this boat and that we could understand their conversation, he would cease in his actions. Another gentleman that was there with him, looked at me and told me that I “better leave here, before you piss me off”. I told that subject that “thanks to these two, I’m already there, dude.” I chose to walk away at this time rather than proceed with the confrontation. I was unsure if this second individual was a crewmember or not.

I went to my cabin, but, it continued to boil in me that a crewmember had been running people off from such entertainment. I called to Guest Services and wound up in the security office over this deal.

I later learned that we could have requested to be refunded our unused portion of our trip and been returned home by plane at the first Non-US port. Had we known this, We would have done this. This was absolutely not what we were told. The pursers stated. If we left the boat we lost the cruise and our money.

The Murder mystery, solved it and the murderer was to be the art auctioneer. When talking with the one that originally gave the story, we questioned that the art auctioneer was not a suspect. He told us that at the last minute the auctioneer had been changed. It was supposed to have been the Spa Manager. We questioned that because that was not our suspect. He again told us that the spa mgr was to have been the auctioneer. My wife even talked with him about how she didn’t see “that lady talking that fast”. So as we know, spa mgr was not the murderer. Was this a crewmember being mischievous or plain wrong.

The principle of this cruise had merit. I think under other circumstances we may have enjoyed it. But, we were not helped to overcome the things that were defeating the good. You as a cruise director appeared to do great. The ideas on here were great. The Ninja was fun, looking for an hour after he left, PISSED ME OFF. Looking for one that does not show up. PISSED ME OFF. The crew member that was louder than the entertainment on speakers. PISSED ME OFF. Pursers desk that never answered one question for us or our friends, (and they are supposed to be the know-it-alls ) PISSED ME OFF.

My question is, “is this normal actions on Carnival Cruises, and what actions were taken in reference to the crew member that created the problems of 11/13/08. I am afraid that we have been turned away from cruising again, or at least from cruising with Carnival. I know she will think hard as a travel agent, before suggesting Carnival. I know she is only a new, single agent, but, she is with a very large agency. We had hoped this trip would be the first of many for us, as we are reaching a station of life where we are much more able to take “real vacations” not just a “day at the beach” in the past eight years, we have been to and spent time in Jamaica, Hawaii, Washington DC, and now “HELL WEEK” on Carnival Glory. It definitely was a let down.

Thank You and awaiting your reply, Donnie Nichols

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