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website offer not available

Yesterday (08 July 2019), I tried to book a cruise through you for a trip from Vancouver, through the Panama Canal to Fort Lauderdale on Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam, leaving on 28 September, 2019.

It was billed as special offer for the week of 4th July. It was cheap, especially as it included, apparently, Gratuities, $200 OBC and a Signature Beverage Package, provided the full cost was paid at time of booking. This was for a Veranda (VB) cabin, and the price $7, 334 for 2.

When I tried to book this, I was informed that the drinks package was not included as it was a 'longer cruise'. Admittedly, the web page did say the package was available on selected cruises, but it also said when checking on the package, that this was available on this cruise, as can be seen from the attached.

I have no complaint with Morgan Morgan, who dealt with my application and deal with it quickly and efficiently. I do, however, feel cheated by the offer details as clearly spelled out on your web site.

I had also priced out two back to back cruises on Celebrity Eclipse from Los Angeles to Buenos Aries from 20 Nov 2019, but again, despite clearly offering 2 of 4 benefits, am not convinced they will be available. I have not followed up on these after the current experience.

Usually, like many people, I book cruises on the web, and need to be confident that the information given is truthful and not misleading. Unfortunately, I am not confident in the information given on your site. This is a pity, as often your prices are competitive, but because we are retired, we often only book bargains, or good value cruises.

Regards, Alan Baldwin

website offer not available

cruise package didn't exist after we purchased it.

My mother-in-law purchased a sip & sail package last summer for a cruise to Alaska (from Seattle) on July 7th of this year. This reservation is for our entire family (ten people), and was to include the sip and sail option, along with a $100 per cabin onboard credit for all of us. My mother-in-law was given a balcony room while the rest of us were given am obstructed view room. I immediately started asking about the sip and sail package since I was not seeing it on the guest check in feature online. I also inquired about a cabin upgrade and was told, as was my husband months later, that we could not upgrade our room to a balcony view without losing the sip and sail package we currently have.

Our invoice shows the sip & sail package, but no where on the princess website does it show on our own booking (or my in-laws). Only my mother-in-law has the balcony view and the sip & sail, even though she purchase the package for all of her children!

I have been on the phone with both princess and today and I am told that we do NOT have the sip & sail package even though it does state this on the invoice from In fact, I was told that upgrading our room isn't even an option anymore…but that had we upgraded it, we could have been given the sip & sail package and the $100 onboard credit.

My husband and I have pre-purchased hundreds of dollars worth of excursions, and my mother-in-law bought this cruise package for all of us with the understanding that we would all be receiving the same package (even with the obstructed view rooms).

I am appalled at the lack of customer service by your teams. Why would a package be sold with a sip & sail option, listed on the invoice, and then revoked? Even after multiple calls verifying the status of this package, no one until today actually admitted the error. My mother-in-law paid well over $3000 per couple (that is $15, 000 total) for a package that doesn't even exist.


I am booked on a cruise to bermuda for 8-10 to 8-15 - the initial booking was made
Saturday 5/4/19 - with a very helpful agent coco williams.. I had a question regarding the obc for the cruise on monday 5/6/19 - I did not call when coco was working so another agent "vmosinski" (email name) - assisted me and told me that since there was a clitch with my credit card we would be receiving an up-grade in our room and an additional $50.00 credit.. Thank you!! I am very happy!! I then had received a coupon from royal caribbean for my husband to receive a discount or freeplay coupon of $200.00.. And could be used with current offers.. As directed, I called royal caribbean (2x) and was told that the casino royale could not help me because I went thru and agent.. I was going to have to call After calling and attempting to reach coco williams (who has yet to call me back).. I spoke with yet another agent who stated that my booking would have to be "rebooked" with the current incentives.. (btw the agent also spoke with 3 different people at royal caribbean casino royal and was advised of 3 different "excuses" as to why it would not be possible.. Or could be possible and then it was not possible.. I attempted to explain that when I originally booked I was given the free upgrade and the additional $50.00 because of an error on end.. (long story short).. The new booking would have cost me more money the obc's would have been a lot less and I would have been "penalized" simply for requesting the casino bonus ($200.00) (code 192rcl516) that states it could be used with other incentives.. I have used in the past and like their service.. I have cruised with royal caribbean before and like their ships.. However this "deal" just does not seem to sit well.. And whether I get a resolution or not I will still enjoy my 40th anniversary cruise with my husband. — however I will be less trusting of promotions..


This company promotions are false/fake & unreal. I personally worked for in the past before I had enough sense to do my research and realize that they lost their accreditation/trust with the better business bureau (bbb) due to the overwhelming complains from both the consumers an their employees. They miss treat their employees and lies to their consumers to get more revenue. The company overall has a very poor reputation.

affiliate program

I have tried to sign up for their affiliate program to sell cruises.
My contact person was claudia ashboune, who did not respond to emails or phone calls. On one occasion I was tarnsferred to kathy samaroo, supposedly claudia's supervisor. She was rude and condescending with me on the phone. A feew days later I called, and talked with the program director of the affiliate service; stewart lowery. There was not one hint of apology, he repeatedly told me that if I have pproblems with the associates I should not proceed with the program.
I thought this program would work for me, so I filled out the paperwork, including my cc number for the price of the course of $ 349.
To my biggest surprise I found two charges from the company for $349. I tried to call claudia, who of course, was not available. I asked for mr. Lowery, who, of course, is out of the office. After several tries I talked with claudia, who had no idea why I was charged twice.
I asked for an immediate refund and cancellation of the whole program.
I feel that this program is a total fraud, and bbb should investigate it in detail.

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on hold, long time

Booked a cruise with Very poor/slow service. When I went to pay, somebody by the name of Shanih (not sure of spelling) too details and then left me on hold for 15 minutes. Finally came back as if there was not a problem. No offer to let me know in advance and possibly phone me up to confirm the transaction was OK. Asked to speak to her supervisor, another delay, then was told "They are all at a meeting". I asked for somebody to call me. Needless to say nobody did.

There are many of these cruise operations -- suggest you keep away from this one

  • Do Mar 15, 2019

    Employees are treating very badly. Don’t make the mistake to work for this Company.

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  • Do Mar 15, 2019 treats their employees very BAD and they have a very high turnover. The company is very misleading both to the employees & the consumers. Stay far from

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false advertising 0f free deposit

Booked online with a 7 night hawaiian cruise on ncl. I booked now because of the deal ending for "no deposit". Turns out I was charged a deposit and service fee. So I called to learn that I had to call the reservation in to get the deal (but the site did not say that)... I aske them to honor it and was told they can not... Now I am cancelling the reservation and have to pay a cancellation fee of $100.00. Never again will I use this site and I plan to tell anyone who can see it on social media not to use them either.

  • Sa
    Sandra Angulo Aug 05, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also was scammed with their no deposit - then they charged me $200 - when i noticed i called to cancel and they told me they were only refunding less than $100 for cancellation charges. I have been scammed

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deals not real

Booked a celebrity cruise during a 1 2 3 event. Agent told me to choose beverage package and on board credit...

false advertising of discount

I booked my wedding cruise with and was promised a tour conductor berth (discount for our room) with booking through them. Through many emails and phone calls, and a lot of communication issues, along with awful customer service. I was told throughout that I would be receiving the rate and would qualify. Now, they tell me i'm not eligible and will receive nothing. screwed up on booking my wedding dinner, had issues with every aspect we worked with them on and made my wedding far more high stress than I could imagine. I will never book through again, neither will the 24 people who joined us on the cruise, and I certainly hope your customer service improves drastically. Way to absolutley ruin what should be the best moment of my life! 11 rooms, including 4 of the most expensive suites on the ship, and I get horrible service from this company. Next time I book a $13000 room, i'll be doing it through anybody but you!

false advertising-onboard credit advertised onboard credit of $50 per stateroom - verified with heidi at x132 at booked...


I was giving royal caribbean gift certificates for xtmas. Contacted due to incetive (only reason - pre-paid gratuities). As requested, provided reference code over the phone to agent. She consulted with rc and indicated that I will be able to use these if book with them. I booked and paid in full... Days later she comes back saying that rc was not accepting the certificates... Not a good way of doing business... Bad bad bad... I contacted the supervisor and again... Rc was not acceting the certificates... Why I was not asked to give copies before the booking? Was she in a hurry to meet her dec goal? Year goal? Solution: they took my pre paid gratuities away and gave me a 200 credit. For this I couldve booked the cruise with rc directly... Eventually they all (online travel) going to go out of business. I am done with them.

  • Tr
    Travelle Fiona Feb 11, 2015

    I booked and I very happy, I knew there are gift certificate that you can not use to book with the Travel Agency and needs to book directly with the cruise line.

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bait and switch tactics with pre-paid gratuities uses bait and switch tactics. They showed a 'prepaid gratuity' included for a cruise I recently...

false advertising re on board credit advertised a $175 on board credit plus your choice of a free bottle of champagne or a free dinner...

did not receive shipboard credit that was verified by the travel agent

My experience booking with has been completely unsatisfactory and unacceptable. After seeing $100 SBC for Norwegian cruises on, I booked a cruise with Chrissy at ext 443 in December 2010. She confirmed at least twice during our phone call that my booking did include the $100 SBC and a complimentary bottle of wine. Other on-line cruise travel agents were also offering the $100 SBC, but I chose to book with because was the only site I could find offering $100 SBC AND the complimentary bottle of wine (the price of the cruise was the same as on other sites). I was very careful to ask Chrissy specifically about the promotion, and she confirmed verbally at least twice during the call, that my booking definitely included $100 Shipboard credit and the bottle of wine. When I reviewed my cruise confirmation documentation that Chrissy emailed me, I noticed that there was no mention in writing of the SBC or wine, and I immediately emailed Chrissy on December 22nd asking for confirmation in writing that I could take on the ship with me. I again emailed on Jan 5. When I still received no response, I started calling and leaving voicemails between January 5th and January 11th. I also logged a query on January 11th through the on-line “Contact Us” form. Today when I tried to call, I didn’t dial Chrissy’s extension but instead spoke to Angelica who happened to take my call; she indicated that she didn’t see anything about SBC or wine on my reservation. So now I am very worried that is probably not going to provide the package that was sold to me. I could have booked with another travel agent and received the $100 SBC, and I wish I had. This has been a horrible customer service experience.

  • Tu
    turtlemom Nov 11, 2011

    I do recommend My wife and I have used them several times and have found them to be the best cruise outfit anywhere. Please do your own research. For me, they have always provided top-notch service and the best prices. I am thinking about a Spain trip or somewhere in the Mediterranean and will call them first before I call anyone else. I do hope this is helpful.

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on board room credit

Web site advertised $175 on board room credit, travel agent leslie promised once we arrived on the cruise ship credit would be already on our account. Once on board ncl informed us they knew nothing of this credit and to contact and they would make it right. Day after returning home from cruise contacted and was told to prove it. My advice to all folks don't use If you decide to use them any ways make sure you get proof of everything in writing and don't make final payment to them till you get everything in writing.

  • Tu
    turtlemom Nov 11, 2011

    I am sorry that you have a bad experience with I really think that is a shame. I myself have only had great experiences with them. I would recommend them highly. I have used them 5 times and every time the service has been superb. The prices are always the best and I do check around. Their service is usually great and very prompt and corteus. In my opinion they are the best cruise agency out there. I highly recommend them to anyone thinking about a cruise vacation.

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  • Ro
    Roger Cullinane Aug 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same thing happened to me with I booked two rooms on a Princess cruise and was promised a room credit of $100 on the balcony room and $75 on the inside room, plus two bottles of wine. I never received the room credits or the bottles of wine. I contacted numerous times about this, and was able to produce their invoice showing the two room credits - all to no avail. I even wrote to the President of which only got me a call from someone else to tell me I was not going to get the room credits or the bottles of wine. Never use

    Roger Cullinane

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room category

I booked a category j on ncl jewel which is decks 5 & above, when I got my room assignment it was category f...


Beware of when selecting an online company to book a cruise. My experience has been an ongoing nightmare. Seventeen family and friends booked a group cruise 8 months ago. Our problems began with receiving inconsistent information regarding the booking procedure, the total cost of cruise, etc. This was the situation that prompted being assigned our second cruise rep which is a supervisor and she was just too busy so she reassigned a third representative. Well, I happen to call the cruise rep a few weeks ago to find out that she quit and we are basically on our own. The sailing date is approximately 3.

  • Me
    mervynak Sep 04, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer is no better. We were promised refunds of the booking fees but never got it despite several requests.

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pre-paid gratuities

After seeing an advertisement in our local paper stating that was offering pre-paid gratuities when you booked before a certain date, I booked a 7 day cruise with them. My receipt did not show pre-paid gratuities so I called them and was told that they were included but did not show on the receipt.

On the last day of the cruise, we found that the gratuities had not been paid. We called customer service from the ship and they refused to honor their commitment.

I will never use them again.

  • Sm
    Smart Shopper Dec 23, 2008

    I must say I booked my 3rd cruise through and did not receive any gratuities either because they offerred me a discount as an option. They were very clear to me that I can choose between either promotion. I always take the money upfront whenever the option is available. If you look on their site they clearly say the promotions are not combinable with each other. I will bet you received a discount and thus you were not eligible for both promotions.

    This is a good company that does not charge the hidden travel agent fees the other guys like Cruises Only or Travelocity charge.

    I recommend in the future you read the offer before making assumptions. I find reading to be essential when using any offer anywhere.

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  • Sh
    Sheba Dec 23, 2008

    I too have booked with and they were great. Did you contact them to let them know that you did not receive gratuities? I booked a Royal Caribbean cruise and received my gratuities. You should check with them to see what the problem was.

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  • Wo
    Worst Cruise Service Aug 29, 2009

    terrible company. I was suppose to get back $100 from booking 4 rooms after the trip. Its been 3 months and several emails. In my last email, they stated it was approved and that it will arrive. Well im still waiting, and it seriously does not take 3 months to write a stinking check.

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bait and switch

I recently booked a cruise with on carnival for christmas. They were running a promotion of up to...

be careful of these sliders!

My complaint is about a company I have never been so annoyed and displeased with a company as I am with this one. I was quoted a price and told that it was canadian funds only to discover it was us funds this is not where it stops when I tried to contact them I was continuously put on hold 25-60 minutes, when I tried to pay they told me the original invoice didnt include a 90.00 document international package when I tried to complain they disconnected me and I had to wait again.

Ill pay the charges and I will tell everyone be careful of these sliders, your going to get the run around big time.

  • Sm
    Smart Shopper Dec 23, 2008

    For future reference when you see a price on the webb and the term USD near it thats short for US dollars. Also, it clearly says throughout their site that additional mail fees apply if sending outside of the US.

    I find it hard to beleive that you had such a hard time getting through being that they are open longer the the cruise lines themself...24/7.

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  • Mo
    Monica2008 Jul 16, 2013

    YES, it happens when I checked the price on their " ", then made the reservation and chose the cabin, prepared to pay in internet, the amount of the invoice was shown same as our checking before ~ cabin price for 2 persons and the govt. fees. However, I noted the mail fee of a $45 that I called for re-confirmation if we had to pay this amount ~ our mailing address is in MA US. A Miss Irene of the customer service hotline told me the total amount was $40 more than I saw in the website and she told me the offer was NO Longer available. I told her that I am in the page of the insurance / payment was shown clearly ~ . Then she held the line checking about 10 minutes, replied me she had called the Cruise company that the price which I saw was NOT AVAILABLE, it was also wrong amount on the payment system same moment I saw in internet ~ UNBELIEVEABLE ! I have screen-printed all the pages and asked her cancel that booking, I was afraid would over-charge after I provided my visa card, I will get loss. CRUISE.COM is not a reliable travel agency company. We will book the cruise by SkyMiles Cruise due to the same price but need to pay the booking fee $24.99, however, we can earn 5, 000 miles.

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