Carl's Jr. Restaurants / management negligence

Laredo, TX, United States

I'm an employee at Carl's Jr. and I submitted a complaint and I'm soon to be fired because of it. My general manager is not running the store properly we often run out of bread. When my general manager was on vacations the play was closed for a week because the a/c wasn't working and we lost customers because of that we were also left without bread for sliders and breading for our tenders and our general manager called the store and told us to use the Maseca Flour from our local supermarket which is not the proper one for our tenders, and recently I had to go to the store to buy soap because I wasn't provided any to wash the dishes. I have reached out to higher management but my general manager has convinced them not to listen to me and I don't think that's fair, just because I'm an employee my voice is put on mute? I called my general manager's supervisor but he hang up on me and he doesn't care what I have to say how can a supervisor treat an employee who is concerned about his store like that. Orders are always on 10 minutes because my general manager is short on staff and I'm expected to do the burgers and the sides on my own but my previous shift has two employees one for the sides and another one doing the burgers. I work the night shift and I have to clean everything to detail which takes more time and employees but how could it be that I have to clean everything on my own, make the sides and the burgers at the same time but the previous shift has two employees and they leave everything dirty? Nobody listen to what I have to say they hang up on me and I have pictures I would like to email to you guys of how dirty the store is my general manager makes sure the store is intact only when she knows we have inspection, when that should be done on the daily bases. Dirty dishes are left behind from previous shifts and I'm expected to wash them but how could it be that the shift before mine has 4 well trained employees but the night shift (my shift) has a shift leader, the new employees (which are barely learning), and me but how could can I find time to clean when I have to make the burgers, sides, and on top of that I have new employees asking me questions because they are lost due to the fact that my general manager never takes the time to train them. I recently spoke to my general manager regarding to this and I clocked out on her because I refuse to serve low quality food because I'm not provided with the proper supplies or the proper help the new employees don't know much and my general manger never makes time to train them at all. She tried to cover all of this by calling her supervisor and convincing him that I was lying and I'm a bad employee when in reality it's the other way around I have pictures I would like to email to you guys but I need to be provided an email. I was told I would be fired because I told my general manager a shift leader didn't know how to make inventory or burgers and it's true she doesn't know how to make a burger she is often asking me questions like "how many cheeses does this burger has" the other day I had to stay late because I had to help this shift leader do inventory she made me and another employee count everything and she asked another shift leader "how do you make inventory?" I don't think a person that doesn't know how to make a burger or inventory should be a shift leader because she is not able to answer my question if I have one. Now my question is how did a person that doesn't know how to make a Famous Cheeseburger become a shift leader? There's a lot of unfairness and it's felt within the facility. How could a general manager or a supervisor not care about what an employee has to say or hang up on him or even worse fire him for reaching out to higher management because he is not provided the right supplies or speaking about the unfairness? I am really concerned because we are the only Carl's Jr. In town the other one is located on the way out of the city which means our restaurant has more quests yet me have the most complaints from guests and we're always short on staff.
Carl's Jr. : 10519 McPherson Rd. Laredo, TX 78045
General Manager: Maria Murillo
Please email me at: [protected] so I can email you guys the pictures I took.
Thank you for your time

Oct 27, 2018

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