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To Whom it may concern:

On July 4th at the Carl's Jr. located at 3205 W. Hammer Lane, Stockton Ca 95209 Phone [protected], # 1100219, I had gone there to get dinner as a nice surprise, for my client, who had suffered a massive injuries to her spine after being through a triple hit and run on black iced roads in Oregon. I normally cook for her. And as such am all too aware of her arm's length list of DANGEROUS FOOD ALLERGIES. Those being to tomatoes. This includes fresh tomatoes, tomato paste, BBQ sauce (containing and or flash pasteurized by tomatoes, and ketchup). In essence and substance, grade or degree, rate or range of proximity to even one drop of which WILL ( and has ) made her throat close up on her. With her experiencing anaphylactic shock. AND YES within mere minutes of being exposed to ANY DROP of tomatoes on her food, she reacts with it is aggressively spreading( like poison) through her entire body. Much like a series of hornet stings all over her entire body, then on her nervous system. I made it PERFECTLY clear in understandable English to BOTH the cashier taking the order at the time AND the manager. Both of which had acknowledged my request. As they carried on in the routine of taking an order from the drive-through, as well. The manager ( a young man named Ruis who) was working at the drive-through as well. I had just explained this concern for her well being in mind to the cashier and he started to relay it with trepidation. Detailing her allergic reactions to tomatoes( and other foods). BOTH of the men ( cashier and manager) SEEMED to have acknowledged me in a way that made it clear about her need for the NO TOMATOES NO KETSUP NO BARBEQUE SAUSE request because of the need for an EPI-PEN IF she was exposed to any drop of tomato. Even If I ate the fruit ( because I might be in close proximity and she inhale even a particulate of it )she might get sick from that exposure to it. Or worse even Die. Then I proceeded to list off other things she is allergic to and results of her exposure-- towit the young cashier seemed to actually wince when I said, " HER THROAT WILL CLOSE UP " they both appeared to have gotten my very simple request, during our brief but detailed conversation. AND no. There was no Rush. Only one other person in the Dining area came in AFTER this order had been made. And NO one was in the drive-through ( as in the construction of the store had the exit door going right into the direction of any traffic coming out of said drive through) to gain access to the sidewalk over bushes, in this location. When I gave her( Miss Anna Lopez) the food ( her sandwich) had tomatoes in it. She then proceeded to call the store and the manager named Luis answered, and before I knew what had happened she went into the store to get it replaced. I am BOTH a minister AND a caregiver.

IN focusing on my earlier conversation with Luis, I am left wondering what part of "No Cross CONTAMINATION" is a foreign language to English speaking people, or those trained in the food industry?

What part of that indicates that is OK to make another customer's order at the same time as a person WITH DEADLY FOOD ALLERGIES?

I had watched this many times before by other restaurants. And was reassured by them in the store, that the orders were to made separately and bagged separately.

I was witness to Anna Lopez' conversation on the phone at the residence of Anna Lopez and myself. with the store manager. when it was that he had called me a liar, about the food order I had literally made less than 30 minutes earlier. That I had ordered what I had exactly as it was. I AGREE that a retraining in proper or ethical procedures for handling customer's orders is put in place when being made. Known perhaps as Food Allergies and the individual's order. I know that in certain shops it is labeled as a "Grill order". While an apology for wasting time by a customer coming back into the store an extra trip in her walker for an attempt of a corrected order that turned out she cannot eat because of cross-contamination. A simple thing to put in place is in the changing of work gloves and a simple washing down of counters ( taking an extra 15 seconds) in an order that takes about 7 to 20 minutes to make, in its entirety. In various other restaurants or ethnic food service places( Halaal for instance) a very simple thing is in place that actually has its various food items be separated by a simple plastic sheet over a simple plastic tub of veggies and meats, all separated. and covered. ( now granted that is not what I am requesting. BUT perhaps a tour of those food establishments should be in order. Lest a patron or several paying customers with allergies be boycotting your chain. Or, possibly run the risk of potential death before a thing be legally done.

Reverend Daniel T. Gorman
8429 /mariners Drive Apt, #41
Stockton, CA [protected]
ph. [protected]

Jul 05, 2018
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  •   Jul 05, 2018

    Maybe you should not let her have fast food due to allergies. Any outside food for that matter. You didn’t check her food and you point out you’re a minister. What difference does that make? God was obviously too busy to guide the burger flipper to make the correct sandwich

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