Carl's thru customer service

Hi the employee working the drive thru at 2 AM at the Mira Mesa location (10745 Camino Ruiz, San Diego, CA 92126) on may 4th, 2017 did not accept my coupon to get free medium fries & a medium drink for buying ANY thickburger. The drive thru worker insisted they cannot honor it because it is not over $6, although nowhere on the coupon did it say that, it said with the purchase of ANY thickburger. I had to give him another coupon, and he still charged me for the 1/3 thickburger when I only wanted the regular one for around $5. But again, he insisted they can only honor the coupon if it's the 1/3 baby back rib thick burger. No where on the coupon did it say that...See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Diego, CAI called the store multiple times but when I said hello, there was no response. I tried calling again but the phone line was busy. If the rules are different from what the employee says and what is on the coupon then what is the use for the fine print on the actual coupon? Which did not match what that guy told me AND charged me for. When I even asked him why it has to be a 1/3 thick burger, his reply was "The normal one is not a thickburger, only the 1/3 makes it a thickburger for the coupon."... OK does not make sense, and no where on the website or coupon does it say that. I checked the website and the smallest baby back rib burger still STATED the name thickburger. Yes I'm pissed I paid more, I went to Carl's Jr. because of the coupon deal and expected I pay around $5 not $8, and was lied to.

May 04, 2017

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