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Calgary, AB, Canada
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Phone: 403-473-7467

I dropped my truck off at the Beacon Hill Canadian tire to simply have my brakes replace, which is a simple task. I later found out from my mother that my aunts friend had got his brakes replace by Canadian Tire and they had failed, causing him to lose a leg and arm. I unfortunately had already had the work done, but Canadian tire then informed me I need to have an extra THOUSAND dollars of work done, which they later admitted was just a suggestion and not a requirement. So they do my brake and the second I get it back my check engine light is on. This truck is a 2008 and it has not had a single problem, the check engine light has never been on, and the second they are done it is on. They of course claim "It was on when we got it" because why would they take responsibility for their mistakes. I have allegedly had more problems with my truck in 1 week of dealing with my tires, than I have had in the previous 6 years. They have provided me with horrible customer service, and no apologies. I will never be dealing with this company again and I hope others have had better experiences than I.

Apr 8, 2014

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